Hey there, my name is Elliot and I changed my life with a program that taught me how to build bridges between local businesses and the online world.

It was a struggle to get here and cost me a lot of money. I had to go through many other courses that promised me everything and cost just about as much.

Sound familiar?

I’m happy to say that I found one that actually worked and finally allows me to spend more time with my family!

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Nowadays, I like to see what other courses people have put together, critiquing the system, and exploring whether it is legitimate or not. Who knows, I may find another diamond in the rough.

At this point, I have TOO MUCH experience with MLMs and online courses that promise they’ll make you lots of money – but the question is, do they really?

Scroll down to read some of my reviews, but first here is some info on the game changing system that gave me the life I always wanted!

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Things a good course should provide:

Long term residual income

No one time wonders here. You want something that will continue to provide for you for years to come!

Life Flexibility

The only thing better than sleeping in late on a Tuesday then go for a hike is to make money while you do it!

High Demand

We want people to WANT to work with us by offering something they can’t do themselves. You don’t want to struggle selling ice to the Inuit.

Support and Mentorship

You want a group of people who will help answer your questions, help you grow, and help you make the life you want!

Building Bridges to Local Businesses:

Life Changing Long Term Income!

Learn more about what I’m talking about on the next page. I talk about exactly what I did to replace my income in less than a year.

All you need:

  • Access to the internet
  • A computer
  • The will to rise up and take control of your life

It’s not just you:
Join over 6,000 other people and make this happen!

Course Reviews

amazon selling queen

Sophie Howard’s Product University and Amazon Navigator

The Product University and Amazon Navigator are two popular courses by Sophie Howard that go hand-in-hand together. But, before you dive in, is it worth your time and money to take the course? Find out in this article.

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ecom success academy med

eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison – Scam Or Not?

A lot of people have concerns about eCommerce, and Adrian Morrison hasn’t gotten a lot of good press in the past, leaving some people to question whether the course is a scam or not. Learn everything you need to know in this article and make a decision before you purchase.

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Dropship Lifetstyle Review

Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle Review

Dropshipping has taken the online marketing and remote work industry by storm recently, so it makes sense that a lot of courses would come out on the subject to help teach and grow a new generation of dropshippers. Is the course everything it says it is? Learn more in this article.

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home profit system thumb

Home Profit System Review

This course promises to teach you how to make money online, but is it worth the risk? A lot of students claim that their phone numbers are out of date, there’s no one behind the support system, and they’re just taking people’s money in exchange for roping the student into a link scheme, presumably so the owner’s clients can benefit from old, outdated SEO techniques. Learn more about the program in this article.

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Amazonprofits.co Reviews – Scam or Legit Way to Make Money ?

You might have heard of AmazonProfits.org, a popular way to make money using Amazon affiliates. Yes, that’s right, it’s another affiliate program training course. Is it worth buying, or should you save your money for something else? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the training, the company, and where it is today.

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Second income center logo 1

Is Second Income Center Legitimate ?

Second Income Center is an affiliate marketing training course that promises you can earn anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per day just from affiliate marketing, and they’re going to show you how. They, however, have had a string of bad press in recent years for being exposed as a scam. Is there truth to that, or is the program legitimate? Find out in this article.

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hcom 1360x765 1

H Com 3030 Program

The famous Alex Becker, Matt Schmitt, and Devin Zander have teamed up to bring the online marketing world yet another ecommerce course called H-Com 3030. This 10-week online program is geared towards making your Shopify ecommerce store a success in no time. Learn more about it in this article.

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firos nv 1wBmbnvv4TE unsplash 1360x765 1

Laptopjobs.org Review

Laptopjobs.org is a website where you can find remote work and transition to working at home full-time. Or, at least, that’s what it is supposed to be. In this article, you’ll learn whether the website is a legitimate way to make money online or something to avoid at all costs.

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amazing selling machine course 1

Amazing Selling Machine Review

The Amazing Selling Machine is a training course that promises to help you “build a business today that can make you rich for a lifetime” but claims like this often go unfulfilled. Is this program just another course with false promises, or is it really a legitimate program that can help you achieve massive success? Learn more in this review.

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Endless Income book 1 1

Endless Income by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman compiled his training in a different format than the typical course, selling his experience and training in how to make a sustainable “endless” income in his self-published book titled Endless Income. In this review, you’ll get to know the book, Ted, and whether it’s worth the purchase.

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inbound closer logo

Inbound Closer Review

This program is geared towards helping you close sales and earn 6 figures all from home. This program is sold at a flat rate under $500 and promises to give you a sustainable income for a lifetime? There’s got to be a catch… Read more about the program in this article.

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imarketslive logo

IMarketsLive – Scam or Legitimate Software?

Imarketslive, short for International Markets Live, is a unique program that is meant to help you turbocharge your Forex trading. After a lot of bad press, however, the program is under scrutiny. Learn more about whether it’s a legit program and if you can make money with it, or if you’re better off with a safer bet.

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ecom elites resized

Ecom Elites Review

Ecom Elites is a Shopify-based ecommerce course that will help you replace your income through dropshipping. The man behind the course, Franklin Hatchett, promises that you’ll see results. But is the course just hype, or is it actually a legitimate program that will help you earn money through dropshipping? Learn more with this review.

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Fast Fortune Club Review

Fast Fortune Club is a subscription newsletter run by Tom Gentile which is supposed to help you make better trades. The course is intended to teach you how to identify money-making potentials in the stock market by learning the patterns of other successes, and you’ll get access to monthly recommendations from Gentile himself. But, is the course worth it? Check out the Fast Fortune Club review today to learn more and see if it’s the right choice for you.

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wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that promises to teach you how to build a sustainable income with affiliate marketing. A lot of people are concerned about the training program, claiming it’s out of date and secretly an MLM. Are these claims true? Find out in this review.

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Website ATM Reviews

This program says it will give you the sun, moon, and stars when it comes to churning out websites fast, almost as if you were generating online ATM machines containing an infinite amount of cash with your name on it. It sounds too good to be true, but has the program improved since it changed ownership? This review will reveal the truth.

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modern millionaires img

Modern Millionaires – Scam or Legit Program?

You may have heard about Modern Millionaires, a get-rich-quick program that can supposedly take you from 0 to thousands in no time by starting your very own digital agency. Unfortunately, this program has a few red flags. Is it too good to be true, or is the program actually a legitimate way to make money? Learn more in this review.

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LMV Logo

Local Marketing Vault

This course is step-by-step training for delivering leads to local businesses through proven funnels that the owners have personally tested. It is one of the most supportive programs I’ve come across. By far my top recommendation.

That, plus an amazing support group with near-continuous live training sessions in the exclusive group, the Local Marketing Vault has changed the way I look at courses. Now, it is what I compare every other course to.

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amiee ball 1

Bossless Forever

This course will teach you how to start your very own marketing agency to replace your boring 9-5 job and start living the life of your dreams. With Bossless Forever, you will learn how to perform and sell local search engine optimization services.

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awol academy logo

Awol Academy

This program is a self-proclaimed comprehensive internet marketing and mentorship platform. Awol Academy is geared towards providing a large hub of internet marketing training resources under one umbrella.

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wealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program is designed to help affiliate marketers of any level learn how to get into affiliate marketing. They provide a website builder, hosting services, and access to a supportive community to help get you started.

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job killing 1

Job Killing

Job Killing is an online course focused on performing local SEO on a new website to generate and sell leads to local businesses. The course features an extensive array of resources and an active social media community for support.

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ultimate home profits logo 300x86 1

Ultimate Home Profits

This training program follows in the footsteps of other work-from-home courses, promising that you will earn enough money to quit your day job and start working from home with a few simple steps. Can you really earn as much as the program promises?

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infinii review 1


This program is dedicated to helping you use ecommerce websites to earn from online shopping, rather than being consumers. Depending on the course tier you sign up for, you gain access to multiple tools, as well as different types of training for eBay and Amazon.

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Ipas2 has been marketed as a “business in a box” which can have appeal for the time-constrained entrepreneur. The system provides sales funnels, a website creator, several online training videos, and features weekly newsletters to keep you in the loop with the system.

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empower network

Empower Network

The training provides you with several done-for-you resources such as sales funnels and squeeze pages to help you sell their products. This course takes a polarizing voice with a lot of MLM language mixed into the fray, but does the course material prove otherwise?

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prosperity team

Prosperity Team

A part of the Empower Network system, the Prosperity Team program provides you with a pre-done sales funnel, an additional training area for those who have already gone through the Empower Network materials, and a sales team to help you make sales.

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rod stinson program

Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula

This program is presented in the form of a series of webinar videos, teaching what is called the “Pizza Box Formula.” It is built to help you learn how to perform direct marketing on big-ticket items with a wide profit margin.

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tube cash code

Tube Cash Code

This program teaches you how to make money while creating and monetizing your YouTube videos. While the platform is popular, it is often missed by marketers as a way to make money. This program will teach you everything you need to know about video creation, getting traffic, and monetizing videos.

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Inbox Blueprint 2

Inbox Blueprint

This course provides a unique offering, teaching individuals how to start their online business with nothing but an email address. Email marketing is considered a difficult industry to get into, however – so is it worth it?

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Famous People

Screen Shot 2019 09 10 at 1

Jason Capital Net Worth

The man made his early career by writing about basketball and selling his course to those who wanted to get better, but he made most of his impressive net worth by teaching people how to pick up girls. Talk about an interesting way to become a millionaire! In this article, you’ll learn everything about Jason Capital, including

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House Kevin David

Kevin David Net Worth

This man is one of many “eCommerce Kings” that have made it big on the internet, but has his venture into Amazon FBA really made a splash so big that he would be showing off such an impressive net worth? Find out more about his career, his course, and his success in this net worth article today.

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Producer Michael Net Worth

The aptly named Producer Michael is a famous music, TV, and film producer who has worked with famous artists across all of these industries. He has even started several of his own record labels and has made a splash in the music industry by becoming a composer and session drummer. He might have won five Grammys, but how much is he worth? Find out his net worth and learn more about the man here.

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10 pillars of wealth alex becker 1024x686 1

Alex Becker Net Worth

How much is Alex Becker worth? The man has made his career as a multi-faceted digital marketing entrepreneur, author, and speaker, but he is best known as the founder of Konker.io, a popular SEO marketplace. All secrets are revealed in this article.

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david goggins

David Goggins Net Worth

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL who has previously held the Guinness Book of World Records for the most pull-ups completed in a 17-hour period (hint, it’s 4,030!) Now, he is a motivational speaker and one of the world’s best endurance athletes despite his humble beginnings. Learn about his life and current net worth in this article!

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CEO RagingBull.com

Jeff Bishop Net Worth

Jeff Bishop – popular stock options trader and owner of Weekly Money Multiplier and Raging Bull, programs and blog advice dedicated to helping you become a better trader whether you are new or experienced at financial investment. How does his net worth match up to his expectations? Learn more about Jeff Bishop’s net worth in this article.

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Teeka Tiwari Net Worth

An ex-hedge fund manager and Wall Street financial advisor, Tiwari made his debut in the online world in 2016 when he began advising investors on the cryptocurrency boom. The man claims he can turn $1,000 into $1-million, so surely he invests this way for himself as well. Does his net worth prove his wise financial advice?

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kevin zhang

Kevin Zhang Net Worth and Rise to Fame

This early 20-something has made his debut as a multimillionaire from humble beginnings by running an ecommerce store out of his college dorm room. Supposedly, his first million was made in under one year! Curious about what Kevin Zhang’s net worth is? Learn more in this article.

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MLM Advice

Instant Cash Solution Review

As a general rule of thumb, if something seems too good to be true, it often is, which is why Instant Cash Solution has come under scrutiny in recent years. It turns out, the company is a Ponzi scheme, and success is rare with these business models. Learn more about it in this review.

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Top 25 MLM Companies

Are you looking to join an MLM company in 2021? In this article, you’ll find a list of our top choices for the best MLM companies of the year, including some that are just barely considered MLMs. Some of these results might surprise you!

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You might be surprised to see a section on MLM advice in this blog, especially with so many products and programs reviewed.
I couldn’t sit around while I watched other people waste their money on these products even after reviewing them, so I started writing about MLM advice topics as well, which you can find on the blog.
Which companies can you trust that have made it to the top tier in trustworthiness? In this article, I share some of the top MLM companies I’ve found on my search for the perfect program or course.Read Full Article Here

MLM Program Reviews

kyani logo


Providing nutritional supplements on a standard MLM retail model, Kyani rewards distributors with a commission base, but there could be some problems with their profit margins. Want to learn more? Visit the full review below.

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neobux 2


Neobux has an interesting business model, offering advertisement space where users will click on ads to provide traffic to a certain website. Users are recruited to click on advertisements and earn based on a per-click basis. It sounds good, but is it profitable?

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goDesana Organics Products


Based in Ohio, goDesana is a product that sells essential oils, nutritional products, and home care products. Membership to the program is free, but is it profitable? The company follows the standard sales plus recruitment business model as many other MLMs.

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origami owl reviews

Origami Owl

This company attracts many customers with its fun name and designer logo, often appearing at trade shows. This company sells custom jewelry products, and “designers” can purchase access to their starter kits. To climb the ranks, you must recruit others into the business.

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truvision health 1


This company provides nutritional supplements that claim you will achieve a healthier, more energetic body with the help of their products. The company sells their products by strict retail, discounted autoship, or by providing a hefty discount for sales associates.

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My Lead System Pro

This program is geared towards online marketers who want to make a splash in the industry using Attraction Marketing to obtain leads. The program costs money to enroll, but you can also purchase premium versions of the training.

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limu review 1


This company follows a standard MLM structure, specializing in healthy energy products that autoship to your home. The member may choose to sell these products or recruit members for further commissions. Is the profit worth the price? Find out in this review.

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life leadership 1

Life Leadership

The Life Leadership model offers three main products to professionals looking to develop their corporate skills through several development coaching programs. Members are recruited to sell the product for the company.

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be you nique


This company is centered around cosmetic products for different skin types and members are ranked based on the number of sales they make in a certain period. Members climb the ranks of this company through sales.

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Jeunesse Global Review 1


This company is fairly standard, selling beauty products that promise anti-aging effects instantly, with continued use. Is it worth joining, or should you stay far away from this one? Read the review to find out.

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global moneyline logo

Global Moneyline

This company sustains itself by merging the affiliate and MLM model, helping you build and market to an email list, centered around recruitment into the program. They have no physical products to market, so is it too good to be true?

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global affiliate zone

Global Affiliate Zone

Once a novel idea in the emerging world of online marketing, Affiliate Zone has utilized the MLM structure to provide a done-for-you service, with additional costs along the way – but is it worth it?

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Amway logo 1 1


Amway is a popular MLM company focused on health and beauty products. It was founded in 1959 and continues to be one of the longest running companies that follow this business structure.

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This is a company which sells different types of edible products meant to strengthen the immune system and increase workout efficacy. They follow the standard MLM business structure, but do they stand out in terms of how they treat their members, and how much profit members can make? Read on to find out.

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team national

Team National

Team National, also called National Companies, is a multi-level marketing business based around volume purchasing from retailers. They make their money from members recruiting others to join the paid program.

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pure haven essentials logo 1 335

Pure Haven Essentials

This company relies on its members to sell organic home and body products. It is a rebrand of the Ava Anderson company, however, so it is really as good as sources claim? The truth comes out in this review.

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dubli review 1


This company provides a unique cash back offering for shopping online. While they have an affiliate program, they primary make money by recruiting new sales members. Read the review to find out whether it is worth it.

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purple plus

Bhip Global

Bhip Global is a company that promises to help you achieve a healthier you through its health supplements and beauty products. You may have heard of their products before – but is it worth becoming a member? Learn more with the full review below.

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my vegas business las vegas sign

My Vegas Business

This business is built on the idea that you can easily make money with a turn-key online business promoting deals in Las Vegas through their own website. Unfortunately, there is a lot of uncertainty around this business as well. Curious what I mean? Learn more in the full review.

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herbalife logo


Another company that has risen to fame in recent years based on the quality of its products and the treatment of its members. Are you considering joining Herbalife as a reseller? You better read this first.

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avon 1


Avon is a popular company geared around selling cosmetic items to women. With its popularity, you might be curious about how profitable the company is, and whether it’s worth joining something well-known. In this review, I reveal everything about Avon and its structure.

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Affiliate Program Reviews

clickfunnels 1


Clickfunnels is a great tool for helping you achieve the best affiliate commissions possible, providing you with a huge network of affiliate opportunities and an easy, user-friendly platform. Where is the catch? Learn more about clickfunnels in my full review.

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legendary preferred

Legendary Preferred Destinations

This membership is another vacation program that makes its money primarily through sales to other members. Is it worth the price, or should you back out while you still can? Read how my experience with the company went in this review.

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commission engine

Commission Engine

Commission Engine is software that helps you create mini websites around your affiliate niche. Is it worth the big price tag, or is it another online scam? Learn more by reading the full review.

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global resorts network

Global Resorts Network

The Global Resorts Network is all about timeshares, allowing you to travel for much less than other timeshare and travel programs, and they also have an affiliate program so you can sell to others. It sounds too good to be true – is it legitimate? Read to find out.

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Online Marketing Tips

Business to Start with 10K – Startup Success Tips

Are you looking for a way to invest 10K in a startup that is sure to make a splash in your chosen industry? Then look no further than this list of easy businesses to start up with a low capital amount, and how to make it a real success.

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Business to Start with 50K – Easy Small Businesses

50K is no number to sniff at, but it’s still relatively easy for an entrepreneur to achieve through a small business loan or their local bank. If you’ve recently secured a loan or are looking for something to invest your savings into, take a look at this article for some entrepreneurial inspiration.

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Cash Flow Businesses

Interested in learning about different businesses that give you a sustainable standard cash flow? This article covers several options for resourceful entrepreneurs like yourself. Read more to learn about these business models and find the perfect one for you.

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Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Are you looking for new affiliate programs to take advantage of? In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of several programs that are currently paying their commissions out DAILY – something that is hard to find in the current industry!

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Hot New Business Ideas

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a hot new business idea to start? Look no further. In this article, you’ll explore a variety of new business ideas that are trending or about to start trending in the next few years.

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Future Business Ideas for 2021 and On

The future holds a vast variety of unknowns, and for many of us, it’s our life’s story. What business will you start in 2, 3, or 5 years from now? It might all start with an idea. In this article, you’ll explore a variety of future business ideas of 2021 and on.

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How to Make Money Online Fast

Making money online doesn’t have to be a secret. You might be surprised by how these top earners make their money online. Hint – it’s about teaching you how to make money online. Read more in this article.

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How to Avoid Bad Affiliate Products

There are a lot of affiliate opportunities out there, so inevitably, there will be bad affiliate products. Learn how to avoid these products and keep your online business a success with these tips.

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5 Quick Steps to Earning Money Online

Tired of searching for the perfect answer and just want a way to quit your job? Here are 5 quick steps you can take to regain control of your life and become your own boss. It’s really as simple as it looks!

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Rank Fast SEO Silos

Do you know about SEO silos and how they can help your website rank fast? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about silos, including why they work and how to implement them for your website.

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Focus on Leads Rather Than Ranking

Are you performing SEO to rank better for more terms? Your customers want leads, not rankings because that’s how they make money. This article will teach you more about why leads are so important, and what you can do to obtain them for your clients.

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How to Find Products to Dropship

In this article, you’ll learn 4 simple rules on how to source products for your dropshipping business and finally make your ecommerce business a success without having to purchase inventory.

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