Rod Stinson – Pizza Box Formula Review 2016

Pizza Box Formula Review

Rod Stinson – Pizza Box Formula Review on IBuyIReview

This Home Based Business is something very different than many of the others that I have seen, reviewed, bought and succeeded or failed at.

However, it’s not new at all and was around for a few years before it faded with a lot of other internet trends of the time.

Of course, it started a long list of others that wanted to find the same sort of success using the same (or similar) webinar method.

I don’t remember how I ran into this program, but I kept getting enticing emails from a guy named Peter Vlahos who was pushing this program.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “you would look into a cold email program?” but c’mon, it was like, 2013 or something when this was all popular.

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Peter was offering 1 on 1 training and mentor ship if I joined Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula with him. To get started there are 3 levels:

  • First level is $1497.
  • Second level is $3497.
  • Third level is $6497.

What a price on a cold email, am I right?

Each level comes with more perks, as you can imagine for such a high ticket price, but he claimed he had a 92% success rate. When I spoke to him, he made it clear to me, that he will teach me how to work the Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula, and he would be available at all times to help me succeed.

I want to make a major point here. Without a coach, mentor or partner, succeeding online or at home is impossible. Every entrepreneur NEEDS someone next to him. He/She needs someone to turn to when they get stuck. Without that, you will be part of 95% of people who fail at a home based business.

Peter Vlahos used to own some pretty large restaurants in the Chicago area, but he wanted to get out and spend time with his family. I think we all feel the same, end the rat race, sit on the beach forever, blah blah blah…

Peter actually did this and sold his restaurants, started using the Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula and within 30 days made $18,000. Speaking with Peter, he now makes anywhere from 20-30 sales a month. If you look at that and multiply it by the lowest level Rod Stinson offers, it is a pretty hefty month. I was his 26th sale in June of 2013.


What is the Pizza Box Formula?

It is a marketing system and extremely proprietary in the way of showing how to market big ticket items in a world of tiny ticket items. Let me explain this more in depth because without understanding this, you will never make any money online.

Believe me, I am your first example of someone who struggled for years.

Let’s assume you are selling an ebook for $29.99. You worked your butt off to build it, edit it, proofread it and market it. How many sales do you need in order to make $1497? The answer is 50 sales of your eBook to make $1497 profit.

I am assuming you had to pay for something so let’s say your expenses were $250 to get it out to your market. Do you know how many people need to see your offer in order to make 50 sales?

Ok, I’ll give you the answer.

In order to make 50 sales in the online world, you would need to have a mailing list of 5,000 people.

Back then, online marketing like this typically yielded a 1-5% sale rate so, going with the low end, out of 5000 people, 50 will buy.

Of course, this doesn’t include the relationship you have with your list, whether they are a buyers list or a freebee seeker list etc….That 1% could be drastically lower.

How many sales of a $1497 product do you need to make $1497? Exactly, 1!

The same amount of work to make 50 sales yields a lot less work to yield 1 sale for the same profit. Now, at the time I could tell you exactly how much it would be to market that:  $240 to make a $1497 sale with Rod Stinson Pizza Box Formula.

When this program was around, he offered 6 different marketing options. I chose postcard marketing. For every 500 postcards I send out – keep in mind this was years ago – I get 10%-20% that call me back and usually 1 sale. It takes me 2 hours to get my postcards ready, another hour or two to talk to the people WHO CALL ME.

STOP! Don’t get so excited please!! Keep reading!

Rod Stinson

Rod Stinson Dirty Little Secret

Rod Stinson has a Dirty Little Secret, like most of us. Here is the secret. The product is the business opportunity, which doesn’t bother me to much considering most online products are just a ploy to get you to learn how to market their system.

This is the real world and if you ever want to make money online, you will need to come to understand this and learn how to move away from the newbie products and get into the real money making game.

Here is my major issue. Even though I made sales and had some good months, I didn’t feel right about the opportunity and that is why I stopped promoting the Pizza Box Formula way back when.

I wasn’t looking to have to pick up the phone when someone calls, and I sure as hell hated putting stamps on the damn postcards. HAHA

Yes, we all need to understand it takes a lot of work to make money online, but leveraging the internet needs to be an asset to a program.

Putting stamps and names on postcards and sending them to people who have to then do exactly what you are doing is slightly misleading.

Almost like it was the age of MLMs, huh?

To some, this works great and more power to them. I had success with this, but as I graduated from this type of HBB, I learned what it really takes to make a great income online.

Years later, after floundering and looking for something to do, I finally got out of the game of marketing for someone else and started my own agency with the help of Local Marketing Vault.

If you’re curious and want to check out the free demo, click the button below to learn more.

To all of our success.