INFINii Review – Legit business or a giant scam?

You’ve probably heard of INFINii or even been approached by one of its members to join them so I decided to help out my fellow readers of IBuyIReview with this in depth Infinii Review. With all the misinformation about the company, I decided to review them for you, so that you can make your conclusions as to whether it is an honest and legit business or a scam out to fleece people. I did this by joining the company so that I can give you an honest and first-hand review.


Infinii Review – About the Company

INFINii was launched in December 2015 by Hitesh Juneja, who is its CEO/CTO, Kevin Hokoana, its COO and Jason Rose, its CFO. The three founders had previously created two other successful businesses.

INFINii is a company that uses e-Commerce to help people earn from online shopping instead of just being consumers.


They have three levels you can join, and will I will discuss them here.


Its costs $49.95 per month.

In this level, you get to learn:

  • Step by step drop shipping on eBay training – this is listing an item on eBay, then going to the supplier to order that item and send it directly to your customer. The listing on eBay should be higher than that on the supplier website so that you make a profit.
  • Using the eBay listing tool – this tool lists your items for you on eBay in seconds, saving you time.
  • Shopping Party Training – using the INFINii app to scan items in stores. The app tells you if there’s any profit in selling the item on Amazon. If profitable, you use Amazon FBA, which handles the storage, shipping, returns and customer service for you.
  • Bonanza Training – You learn how to sell your items on Google, which is a lucrative marketplace.


It costs $149.95 per month.

In this level, you get more training in addition to what is offered on Prime.

  • Automation and Analytic platforms – you get to know what items sell most at different times of the year, your worst and best-selling items, and suggestions on what items to add or remove, for both Amazon and eBay.
  • Access to product coop opportunities in Tier 2.


It costs $399.95 per month.

In this level of membership, you get everything that is available on Prime and Surge, together with:

  • Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) training on how to get items from wholesalers.
  • Training on Amazon drop shipping and the INFINii marketplaces to get items.
  • Inventory Management Tool – this is for those who are drop shipping, to ensure there are no changes in prices or items that are out of stock.
  • Software that reprises all your items so that you get the buy box.

To be a partner, able to recruit people and get paid for it, you have to pay $9.95 per month.

INFINii Reviews – Springboard


Springboard is a way of starting your e-Commerce business; you don’t necessarily get rich from it. It is a co-op or partnership between INFINii and you. Normally, you would have to list an item on Amazon, including the keywords and marketing, look for the correct image to use when listing, among other tasks. However, when using INFINii’s springboard, they do all the research on products for you, buy the popular brand-name products and ship them to Amazon. You buy these products and get profits for any that are sold. This is especially ideal for INFINii members without Amazon or eBay accounts. However, the number of units you can buy is limited; it depends on your level of membership in INFINii. As a Prime member, you get 15 units, 30 units at the Surge level and up to 60 units at the Excel level. If you exhaust your units, you can pay an additional $2 per unit.

INFINii – Compensation Plan

INFINii’s compensation plan is a hybrid of a uni-level compensation plan and a binary one. To earn commission, you must be an active member who has sponsored at least two active customers and has a minimum of 50BV (Business Volume). Their compensation plan overall pays out 75%. It is high mainly because products are not stocked up in warehouses; they are online. If physical products are needed, you can always drop ship on Amazon, Bonanza, and eBay.

  1. JumpStart Bonus – This is calculated immediately at the time of your referral’s signup, and recalculated (due to any refunds) and paid out to you after two weeks. You get a bonus equal 25% of their initial product purchase.
  2. Milestone and Milestone Check Match bonuses – These are calculated once a user reaches a certain rank, then recalculated (due to any refunds) and paid out after two weeks. These are the bonuses earned for each rank:
  • Manager – $50
  • Regional Manager – $100
  • National Manager – $350
  • Global Manager – $500

Check Match Bonus:

Level 1 – If anyone you refer reaches one of the above ranks, you will get a Check Match Bonus that is 20% of the bonus they earned.

Level 2 – If anyone on your second level (someone referred by another person you referred) reaches any of the ranks, you get a bonus that is 10% of the bonus they earned.

N.B.: If you get to the Regional Manager rank straight, and skip the Manager rank, you will still get both the Manager and Regional Manager bonuses.

  • Infinity Pay and Infinity Pay Check Match – They are calculated at the end of each pay week (Tuesday 11:59 CST) then recalculated (due to any refunds) and paid out after two weeks.
  • Infinity Pay – You get a 10% commission on your generated Business Volume per leg.
  • Infinity Pay Check Match – You get between 5%-100% commission on any Infinity Pay earned by people you referred, depending on your rank. The ranks are:
  • Regional Manager: 5%
  • National Manager: 10%
  • Global Manager: 15%
  • Director: 30%
  • Senior Director: 35%
  • Executive Director: 40%
  • Presidential Director: 45%
  • Ambassador: 60%
  • Diamond Ambassador: 70%
  • Crown Ambassador: 80%
  • Global Ambassador: 100%



INFINii is good if you drop ship, or have the money but do not want to do all the leg work. They also give refunds on your initial subscription fee if you quit within the given time (30 days). Any subsequent subscription fees are not refunded.

However, their compensation plan pays to an infinite level, which serves to enrich those at or near the top. Since it is an MLM, you need to refer and recruit more people so that your bonus and commissions increase.