Alex Becker Net Worth

Alex Beker is a famous, multi-faceted online marketer who has made it big and continues to invest his wealth in projects that he believes will continue making him millions as he pursues his interests.

In this article from IBuyIReview, you will learn everything you need to know about Alex Becker, from his current net worth to his projects, early history, and what he does to earn a sizable income.

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Who Is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is an American entrepreneur turned author and speaker. He is behind the brands Source Wave and Market Hero, among other things.

One of the main projects that gained him his popularity are his internet marketing training on Shopify and YouTube which established him in the internet marketing space.

Many online marketers might know him as the original founder and owner of, a widely popular freelance SEO marketplace that enabled many digital marketers to source piecemeal services, turbocharging SEO engagements and client success faster than if these individuals were to stay a one-man band. This is what gave Alex Becker weight in the digital world.

Alex Becker later went on to sell the popular SEO marketplace, making him a considerable sum in the process. This is what moved him from simply being a millionaire to becoming a multimillionaire in the digital marketing space.

The man is also known for several of his other entrepreneurial ventures, such as his book titled “The 10 Pillars of Wealth”, released in 2016. This self-help book is aimed towards entrepreneurs who are looking to enrich their lifestyle, using his own experiences as a prime example.  

He also runs his own entrepreneur YouTube channel under his name which originally gained popularity for his tendency to share SEO advice, but now attracts a wider, disparate audience. (1)

“The blog craze of the 2000s and early 2010s is long gone, and in its stead has arrived a new wave of video.”
Serenity Gibbons

He uploads videos with clickbait-style titles like “My $45,000 Rolex (Worst Money Ever Spent)”, “Does a Ferrari Attract Girls? Picking Up Girls in a Ferrari” and “How I Went from Broke to Lamborghini.” His most watched video, “Rich Kid Buys 1,000 Overwatch Loot Boxes: Summer Game Loot” cashed in on the loot box craze in the video game world years ago. The video has over 1.2 million views and continues to gain him subscribers even today.

As some of his titles may suggest, Alex Becker is not just an entrepreneur, but a fan of cars. He regularly posts on his social media profile showing off his cars. One of his most popular Instagram photos shows him in his garage lit with neon signs in front of his yellow Kia Rio. Many of his YouTube videos on entrepreneurial success showcases his Ferrari in the background.

Becker's Early Life - A Lifestyle of Finding Courses, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, and Other Aspirations.

Becker's Early Life

Alex Becker was born in May of 1988 and led an overall normal childhood until he decided he wanted to join the Air Force. He spent several years in the Air Force before he resigned. His reasoning? He wanted to try out the the entrepreneur path, learning SEO. He led the typical agency lifestyle for a while, selling SEO, then selling SEO programs and coaching, before getting into the digital space through dropshipping, then developing his own SaaS companies and selling them off one-by-one.

Whenever you are looking for an inspiration, remember that it wasn’t until later in Alex Becker’s life, after he had already completed a career in the Air Force that he developed a personal brand, software, and became an all-around jack of all trades in the digital world.

The Rise of a Career and (of course) His Net Worth

Alex Becker served in the Air Force until he later resigned with aspirations to start his software company, Source Wave. He later went on to expand this business into search engine optimization with Source Wave Marketing.

After deciding that there was something better out there, he gave a new business a try, developing Market Hero, an email marketing service for people who didn’t have time to handle their own outreach. It did not last long, however, as cold emailing was no longer trending, and was quickly phasing out of popular use.

It wasn’t until years later that he created, and despite a few bumps in the beginning, the website took off successfully.

Overall, Alex Becker seems to be a refreshing success in the online space. He truly seems to care about his following and is enjoying the world at his own pace despite his net worth. Today, he continues to re-invest his wealth in projects and software that he believes is a good investment, and still tries his entrepreneurial hand at new ventures, despite having sold all of his previous businesses.

Alex Becker Net Worth (Net Worth Review)

Alex Becker Net Worth

Alex Becker’s net worth is estimated to sit around $10 million today, though he continues to strive for more. He says that his goal is to have a $500 million dollar net worth by the time he reaches 40. Though he seems far away from reaching that goal because he continues to re-invest what he earns, time will tell whether his investments pay off before the big four-zero.

One thing is for certain – to achieve an Alex Becker net worth, you should aim to achieve your goals and pursue what matters most to you. Learning search engine optimization, online advertising, and ads played a critical role in developing a business sense, and it allowed him to explore the industry and discover its pain points as all entrepreneurs do.

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