Ipas2 Review – A Complete 2021 Review

Ipas2 Review
Check out the Local Marketing Vault review and see what is working in marketing today on IBuyIReview! Given how many sketchy businesses I’ve reviewed over the years, you’d think that I would feel right at home with something that is closer to what I have promoted in the past, yet my views have changed ever since I found real, legitimate business models in the online space. Still, I feel (and felt) extremely uncomfortable selling something that I learned is impossible for the average person to succeed at. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been introduced to programs that really teach you everything you need to know to make money from the ground up, but I’ve come to realize just how much handholding you need when you are learning a brand-new skill.

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Whether that skill is affiliate marketing, website building, or another way to make money online, it takes a lot of effort and research to make sure its not a scam.

It is true, most of the time, the average person doesn’t do what is necessary to succeed online whether in ipas, empower network, MTTB or any other “how to make money online”reviews like Wealthy Affiliate or another marketing system..

The average person I say, as if I am above average. Which I am not. Not even close. However, my results are far from average.

I got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people when I tried to make money with MLMs, and got sick of selling system after system so other people can sell the same system… I call it the “revolving door to hell!” That is what it is…the revolving door to financial ruin.

Still, I never really understood how this business model could translate to affiliate programs or an online company until I started getting involved in a lot of these kind of programs.

If you have heard of Empower Network or any other type of online company like that, chances are, you have heard of this one as well.

Please also be aware that this system is no longer carrying the original creator as he left so not sure how much more you want to research it.

However, if you want to keep reading, the original review is below.

If you’re ready for a better way to make money from a website, then keep reading until the very end, because I have to introduce you to this business model that has consistently helped me earn a six-figure income for years, allowing me to live the life I never thought I would be able to. (All without giving into a scam, selling to friends and family, or pretending to be a business I’m not.)

What is Ipas2? Is the System a Scam or Legit Way to Make Money?

Today, I will review an affiliate website that has onboarded thousands of people. This system is marketed as a selling machine, meaning it is supposed to have everything you need to run an internet marketing business.  

  1. Dashboard with all the affiliate style tracking you need from traffic.
  2. Full blown traffic sources, and “done for you traffic.”
  3. A tested offer, that is supposed to convert like crazy
  4. A trip wire offer (a very low offer to get people in the door)
  5. An upsell offer (again it’s said to be proven to sell, though I never saw any proof)
  6. A profit maximizer (once in the system, people have a choice to increase their chances of success. It is important to note that you don’t get to find out what this is until you’ve purchased, however.)
  7. Trainings, coaches and phone sales teams to keep you in the program as an affiliate.

There are different levels for people who have not gotten into the program yet. The levels are based on what products you own in Empower Network.

Let’s break it down below for a better understanding:

A Business in a Box?

Business in a Box

While I can’t review this and say it never worked, because it certainly did in years past, this system no longer works. Making money in a digital world has progressed far beyond what this system can offer.

Plus, a lot of the “offers” you receive in the program come off as a scam, because they are only there to make money for the Empower Network system. For example, in the Silver level, you must purchase a monthly subscription and a lifetime pass to one of their academies just to earn additional commissions from your “profit maximizers.”

Essentially, there’s no way to make any real money with this system, causing many a review to label it a scam.

IPAS2 Silver Membership

  • Full Access to the System
  • Empower Network Viral Blog
  • Empower NEtwork Viral Blogging Academy
  • Ability to Earn $225 + $25/month from Profit Maximizers
  • Mastery Coaching Course – Training
  • Live Daily Training Webinars With 6 & 7 Figure Earners
  • Live Phone Support & Online Chat Support
  • 30% Commissions on IPas Trip Wire, Core Offer & Upsell

Yes, while this offer might sound completely convincing as they boast a total value of $1,512, the Ipas Silver pass is $322 and promises to make a lot more money for you in the long run, I can’t say I believe in the system anymore.

IPAS2 Gold Membership

As a Gold Member, You’ll get all the benefits of the SILVER, as well as some additional perks to help you earn money: Access To Traffic Training and Resources: Ability to get the exact same traffic sources the team has been using during their testing.

  • Ability to Earn An Additional $1600 Per Customer: At the Gold levelyou will earn 4 times more than the Silver.
  • iPas Mastery Coaching Course – Advanced Training: Video course on exactly how to drive hungry buyers to your website, avoiding the ones who never make you any money. This course alone is worth a review because it boasts so much, I need to see if it’s really worth it, or if it’s another scam.
  • 50% COMMISSIONS on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell: The gold level increases your front-end commissions from 30% to 50% when you make a sale. Unfortunately, a lot of the funnels that you could make money with have now been depreciated so you are on your own now with the new system.

Total value: $4,946, Offered at $1,600

Like with the other level review, there is a monthly fee associated with this, but this Inner Circle pass is $100 per month. Plus, you will need to purchase  a $500 (one time fee) High Ticket Academy and a $1,000 (one time fee) $15K Formula.

Again, all of these programs are designed to make you feel like you are going to make it big any day, but they are actually there to make the main company some extra revenue.

IPAS2 Black Membership

As a Black Member, You’ll get to review all the benefits of the SILVER & GOLD,  plus the following:

  • One-on-One Business Coach Assigned To All of Your New Team Members: If you sign up someone, they get a business coach, you get a business coach. While it sounds great to be able to turn to someone when you are confused, it also feels like a scam because a lot of people are just in it to keep you in the program, no other reason. Quite frankly it makes me feel like I’m back in the MLM days where I’m being bullied into staying.
  • Black Card VIP ACCESS: As a Black Card member, you will literally get a black card in the mail so you can attend live events, dinners, entertainment, private masterminds and discounts on other product releases
  • $3000 Extra Per Customer From Profit Maximizers: As a Black member you will have the ability to earn $3,000 extra from anyone who also becomes a black card member. This is such a big red flag to me because this is exactly the kind of commission set up many other affiliates I review have, and a lot of them turn out to be a scam.  
  • iPas Mastery Coaching Course – Expert Training: Trainings from 7 figure earners on traffic and marketing strategies. A lot of people say this works, and I’d like to give it a thorough review to make sure it’s not a scam.
  • 70% COMMISSIONS on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell: The Black card allows you a front end commission of 70% on all front end offers. That is up from 50% as a Gold member, but the system isn’t good at explaining exactly what this means.

Total value: $13,993, Offered for $3,500


Since this is the thing of the past, why not get into a coaching program that teaches you how to generate leads for local businesses in your area, and get paid a lot of money to do so?

There is literally no competition (just think of how many cities and businesses there are in the entire country, heck world) and you can understand there is no competition to worry about. As I like to say, there are plenty of fish in the sea for two fishermen.

Plus, you get to avoid feeling like a scam artist – you are helping real, live business owners get qualified leads who are already looking for their product. All you have to do is a little ads magic.

Curious About Other Ways To Make Money?

There are so many other ways to make money online without wasting your time on defunct marketing systems and sifting through upsells.

You need a training program that really digs into the nuts and bolts of what makes the internet move forward – a legit company that truly believes in the product they are selling.

Local Marketing Vault is one of the most legit training programs I have ever been apart of. I have been making money left and right for years ever since I got this business model down. It has truly shown me what it’s like to be a part of a community of online marketers who value their time, energy, and resources just as much as I do.

Better yet, everything in the training is directly applicable to other areas of marketing, helping you make money anywhere on the internet, not just with the business model they teach you from the ground up.