Amway Review

Amway Review

What is Amway?

This is an overall Amway review on IBuyIReview, to share perspective on who the company is and what they do. Amway is a network marketing company that got its start in Michigan in the 1950’s the premise of a network marketing company is that people buy products from you for all of their daily needs, and you make a commission. Instead of paying Kroger, Sam’s or another retailer, you are able to make the profit off of the purchase and then people continue to buy from you. As this happens, there is a circle of commercialism that is created that is never broken bringing you clients all of the time and continual sales. This is one part of Amway that makes it ideal as it continues to give you new sales.

The idea of network marketing comes from being able to buy in a circle of family and friends and knowing that the money that you are spending stays within the circle which guarantees that you have it all within the same community. The key to making sure that you are able to keep it in the same community is that friends continue to buy from friends.

What is Network Marketing and why are there so many Amway Reviews?

Network Marketing

Network marketing means that you get a commission for your downstream on all of the items that they sell and that you are able to continue making money on other people that you have signed up when they sell something. Although you have no direct contact with them other than to mentor them in the selling process, what it means is that if you build a network, you will always have revenue and money coming in for years to come.

Why Does This Work?

Network marketing works very well if you are able to talk to people and if you are completely comfortable with the process of going out and engaging with new people. In the event that you are shy or are not accustomed to meeting and interacting with people on a regular basis, you will not find network marketing to be very natural to you. Network marketing means that you get out and are you are willing to bring family and friends into the business with you. That means that you must be willing to open up your family and friends to being potential prospects and leverage these acquaintances. In addition to this, you also must be willing to reach out to other people and use them in the process of acquiring new contacts. For some who are in network marketing, they will sit and they will wait in a common place like a restaurant or a bar and will look for new people to talk to. What that means is that you must be comfortable with meeting and approaching strangers as well as interacting with them in strange and unusual situations. If this is not something that is for you, you may want to think about another business. This is one of the things that most people who are in Amway find to be one of the most difficult, and something that must not be left out of any Amway Review.

Network marketing does have a high level of success if you are willing to reach out to people and if you are ready to interact with them on a regular basis. When you do this, you will be assured to meet people who are of a similar mind and who are interested in doing business with you. However, the hard part about this whole process is that you have to be willing to reach out to others, and you have to be ready to be a part of the business with them.

Overall Amway Review

If you are willing to do some hard work, and you do not mind leveraging your contacts, you can make good money with Amway. However, you have to be willing to use your own family and friends, you have to be outgoing enough that you like people, and you want to interact with them on a regular basis and that you are ready to face a lot of rejection. The average rate of rejection is much higher in Amway than it is in other businesses, and that is the simple fact that there are many people who will turn you down and who will feel violated when you are reaching out to them asking if you are going to be able to work with them on a regular basis.

your plans

When you go into network marketing, you are starting your own business, but you are taking on the role of mentor, friend, and also your own boss. What that means is that you are responsible for your own success, or your own failure and you have to be ready for all of the consequences that come from that as well as what that means for your plans and your wallet. If you are not ready to have this level of responsibility, this is not something that you want to take on as you will not be able to have access to the best options in the long term. You are your own boss, and that means that you will be able to have complete control of your future.