My Vegas Business Review

My Vegas Business Review


My Vegas Business

With this review from IBuyIReview, you will learn what is Troy Arnold’s My Vegas Business, and is it a fantastic opportunity or just another scam?  Hard and fast answers are difficult to come by, and require a serious amount of digging.  Conducting a Google search for My Vegas Business turns up a suspicious number of “review” sites that all have My Vegas Business as part of their URL.  Most of them are poorly written and leave some question as to the nationality and language skills of the purported “reviewer.”

Skip to the second page of the Google search, looking for supposed web reviews that have different names and URLs than My Vegas Business, and you’ll still find that all of them are endorsing the program enthusiastically, in order to rake in the commissions.

On the third Google search page you’ll find that even Yahoo! Answers has been co-opted.  And on Google search page number 4, you find what bills itself as a scathing review of “Tony” Arnold’s My Vegas Business program (doesn’t anybody proofread anymore?) that turns out to be more of a pithy sales pitch.

Here’s a clue:  If you get the “wait – don’t go!” pop-up when you try to back out of a web page, that’s a pretty good clue it’s probably not really an unbiased review.

On Google search page number 5, you may stumble on a site called “Honest Clickbank Reviews,” which positively gushes about the product, calling it “stunning” and “ground-braking” (again, proofreading?), but at least backing out of that page isn’t on a par with breaking (not braking) out of Fort Knox.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Are There Any Unbiased Reviews Out There?

Between all the My Vegas Business dot biz, dot com, dot net, dot org, dot me, or other related sites like My Vegas Business Review dot com, dot net etc., – you get the idea – and the dozens and dozens of similarly labeled SlideShare sites, it’s pretty difficult to find a website that isn’t either selling the My Vegas Business program, or is itself the My Vegas Business program.

It takes nine Google search pages to get even one review that appears to be only partially biased, and does still present a sponsored link to the main My Vegas Business site.  That’s an awful lot of review sites for a launch that supposedly only happened a few days ago, and most of them are very poorly written.  This is either the most vigorously promoted Internet marketing program ever, or someone is worried about possibly getting a bad review.  A suspicious person might wonder what they’re hiding with all the spam.

What is My Vegas Business?

Business Review

My Vegas Business is a brand new product, billed on pretty much every "review" site as a "turn-key" business opportunity, developed by Internet marketers Adam Horwitz and Winter Valko, in partnership with Las Vegas mega-promoter Troy (not Tony) Arnold.

For a buy-in price of $77, prospective Las Vegas business entrepreneurs get a personalized website, an example of the quality to expect can be found at With this, they can use to promote unique Las Vegas deals only available through Arnold's personal connections with entertainment businesses and high end Las Vegas hotels.  That's pretty impressive considering the statistics:

  • More than 40 million visitors from around the world flock to Las Vegas every year;
  • Search engines record over 24,900,000 Internet searches every month using the term Las Vegas;
  • Most hotel reservations, nightclub and show bookings for Las Vegas attractions occur online via the Internet

So What Exactly is This Product?

Purchasers receive a platform for their customized website, hosted on the private servers of Troy Arnold, along with detailed video instruction in order to build out the back end, promote the site, check commissions, support and customer service, and the opportunity to make a profit as an affiliate marketer, promoting popular shows like Chriss Angel and Phantom of the Opera, hot hotels such as Hard Rock, and exclusive events like Wet Republic pool parties, using Troy Arnold’s special connections

There are over 75 specially discounted deals or unique events available to promote, and entrepreneurs receive regular automatic updates to their site whenever they change.  The complete My Vegas Business package includes:

  • A custom-designed, attractive website;
  • A separate portable website for iphones;
  • Customer service center and affiliate assist center;
  • A fully equipped back end office with several helpful tools;
  • A large number of training tutorials and videos;
  • More than 75 special Las Vegas offers to promote;
  • Unique events and promotions that are automatically updated on the user’s website.

The training tutorials walk the user through the process step by step for a fail-safe operation.  Subscribing to this opportunity turns a customer into an instant Las Vegas business owner, which is kind of exciting considering the amount of cash that flows into Las Vegas to pay for shows, hotels, nightclubs and more, flowing from the wallets of over 40 million annual visitors.

The Best Deals and Prices Available Anywhere

My Vegas Business purportedly offers better prices than media giants like Expedia and Priceline, so that investors get the opportunity to offer substantial discounts on flights, hotel rooms, limousine rentals and nightclubs that are better than those found elsewhere.  And in a time when more and more visitors are organizing and booking their travel itineraries through the Internet, this seems like it could turn out to be a pretty good deal.

In summary, My Vegas Business is a unique opportunity for investors to set up a sort of  travel business virtually on a shoestring, and become major players in the Las Vegas tourist industry, leveraging Troy Arnold’s many pre-existing business connections and a lot of pre-developed website ground work.  This is definitely a very unusual package, not previously seen in the Internet marketing world of training programs and start-up packages.

Finally, there appears to be a lot of buzz and excitement being generated around this opportunity, and a lot of good reviews, although the product is quite new.   And that is unfortunately the troubling part; the product is entirely too new to have so many good “reviews.”


Update – March 7th 2013. I have been using My Vegas Business for a time now, and I have made no money and have driven traffic to the site…..I have had some issues with customer service and then I found this review from RIP OFF REPORT. Take a look. I am taking down my request for more information as I have been turned off by the product.

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