Kyani Review and the revolution

Kyani and its followers are doing something right with google trends blasting through the roof which I talk about in my Kyani Review on IBuyIReview.


Let’s have a look at what’s cooking….


First, welcome to my Kyani Review even though there are like a million Kyani Reviews…

But you are here…so thank you!

Did someone come at you and pitch this to you, did you get a webinar invite or even see it on TV?

No worries, because I am going to break it down like MJ in 1998.

So, are you trying to figure out if Kyani is a legit opportunity?

Are you looking to sign up?

Maybe you just need a little insurance before pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any promotions for Kyani on here because this is so much better! 

Any hoo, you definitely came to the right place because I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan.

I am also going to tell you about some big issues with the company so pay attention and read this Kyani blog post to the end…

Kyani Review – The Company

Kyani Review

Launched in 2005 so we are going on 11 years now, which is pretty damn impressive...

Still to this day Google is sending them 27,000 visitors to their website alone…

I actually like health and wellness companies even though I don't fall into their ideal customer base...

More and more health and wellness mlms are popping up ready to recruit those baby boomers.


That customer base is reaching retirement looking for more money, supplemental income and of course healthier lifestyles.

Perfect for Kyani and the mass of other health and wellness companies.

The only issue I see with health and wellness is the products MUST do exactly what they say or the shelf life of these companies are not high.

Think about it, there are about 1,800 other health and wellness companies in this industry so you must do something right to stay in the game.

So it can get pretty competitive in this market place…

Alright, next let’s check out the products…

Kyani Reviews – The Products

1) Kyani Nitro Xtreme

This is just like Kyani Nitro with more vitamins added really.

Retail Price:  $79.95

Preferred Customer Price:  $74.95

Distributor Price:  $69.95

2) Kyani Sunrise

22 super foods providing 10 essential vitamins and 74 minerals.

Retail Price:  $43.95

Preferred Customer Price:  $39.95

Distributor Price:  $35.95

3) Kyani Sunset

Designed to help absorption of nutrients, it contains vitamins, minerals and omega 3’s.

Retail Price:  $43.95

Preferred Customer Price:  $39.95

Distributor Price:  $35.95

4) Kyani Nitro

Repair and protect your cells.

Retail Price:  $65.95

Preferred Customer Price:  $62.95

Distributor Price:  $59.95

Nothing stands out in regards to negative reviews about their products…

However I do see an issue with profiting.

How can someone build a sustainable income so you can Kill Your Job with such dismal profits.

So, lets look at how you may be able to build a big business in Kyani with their Compensation Plan.

Or not…

What is the Cost To Join Kyani?

This will depend on which pack you decide to go with.

  • Distributor Pack: $40
  • Product Pack:  $299
  • Business Builder: $499
  • Premium Business Builder:  $999

Kyani Review – My Opinion

Overall, the company is legit and is far from a scam…

I do see some issues.

  1. Profit Margins are tiny. 5 bucks profit….Woah sell like 1,000 to make anything… ya ok
  2. The Money is in the recruitment…no no no – ummm 98% failure rate
  3. Health and Welness is just so over saturated – Hard to break in.

Most people can’t recruit…hell I couldn’t when I was in Primerica…

4 years got 30 people who did nothing!!


So if you join, get ready for that!

I’m sorry but I always wondered how people continue to jump into these network marketing companies.

I truly don’t understand.

I get it. You want to make extra money online, but think about it.

Why does this industry have a 98% failure rate?

Do you truly believe that 98% of people in this World are failures or lazy?

I don’t and happen to have a more positive outlook on people and their dreams.

Hence why I built this blog.

So in the end, can you actually make money in Kyani?

Maybe, but why chance it when there is such a better way that doesn’t have a 98% failure rate…

Doesn’t require recruiting people who probably won’t succeed….(Morales)

Doesn’t require hotel parties or coffee meetups..


Doesn't require putting your financial families life on the line for a "chance"

You may not believe me when I say there is a better way, but there is...

Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I explain it all here....

See you at the top,