Empower Network Review – Project Titan and Failures

Empower Network Review

Hey there. Name is Elliot, and before IBuyIReview, I was a top earner for Empower Network, ipas2 or as some would say empire network, later Project Titan!

Yes, I used the word WAS.

You may be interested in my review or you may just want to know if you can make money with the network.

Either way, the core reason you are searching is the same core reason why I created this blog.

To help YOU find a better way and make some extra bonus income or Fire Your Boss!

I was into the local lead generation and made a lot of money for example…


I…Turned to this….

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Empower Network Review

While Empower Network was around, it and it’s eight products have done nothing more than cause controversy in the online space. I’m not proud that I used to be a part of it.

In my Review I will help you learn more information about commissions based companies and allow you to make the choice about whether their sale is good or a complete ponzi.

Up until about August of 2017, Empower Network has stayed relatively quiet in the internet and network marketing space. What once started out in a hotel room as a quick sale with 50 people has grown to over 300,000. A biz that focuses on the sale of “Empowering Customers to Make Their Own Money”, and proving that by generating 100 million dollars in commission over 3 years for themselves.

That is…until they went bankrupt. (1)

In a Facebook Video Founder David Wood announced, Empower Network has filed for Bankruptcy
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Of course, with any biz that is successful, there are plenty of naysayers and people always yelling empower network scam when they put out a new sale. With the number of fraudulent sale websites out there based on commissions, I don’t blame em…but were they really predicting Empower Network’s downfall? There’s some debate on that. A lot of folks claim that’s exactly what it is.

The Network may have been a booming business, but, there are many who still don’t know what it was, and that’s the purpose of this Empower Network Review.

Details on its history, how it works, and what it can do for you are included below.

Empower Network Founders

Before reading the rest of this review, let’s learn a little bit about the history of the two primary founders, which will give some insight on why they started this kind of commissions-based biz.

In 2011, David Wood and David Sharpe joined together to create an opportunity. Both had to overcome struggles in their past.

  • David Wood – for several years, he was homeless.  We all know the story…bottom line, he had nothing and built an empire…great for him…but what about us eh! 🙂
  • David Sharpe – Also overcoming huge obstacles…broke and a drug addict, he helped David Wood build this empire…if it inspires you, great, it did me, but some people just want the meat and potatoes…working on that!

Some may hate David Wood and David Sharpe, and some may love them and their example. To be honest, I still can’t say I would bump fists with them, but I can say they are two of the most crazy salesman in the world, and it worked for them.

"In business, when selling, you need to do these things. Understand your audience, find out their pains and frustrations and provide them with a solution and an irresistible offer on why they should buy your product to solve their pains and frustrations"
Elliot Berard
Empower Network Review

History of the Company

The Network was an online money making opportunity that shows people how to overcome the common issues that get in the way of business success with each example and offers in depth training that most search for on the internet. Empower Network was a commisions based program that focuses on helping individuals find financial success through marketing training, commission based direct sales, multilevel marketing and more.

The biz began operations on October 31, 2011 as a small biz. By November of 2012, it was paying out millions of dollars monthly through direct sales. The biz has become known for two things in addition to its direct programs – blogging and training. This Empower Network review below will explain each:

The Network's Blogging Formula

The online blogging system allowed each user to have their own website set up exactly for them and their small business.

This was based on the idea that most people don’t find success from their own blog, because they don’t know how to properly optimize it and generate leads that will turn into direct sales, however this can be done if you choose.

Because Empower Network is in direct control of the system, optimization is made easy, but you’ll find that it’s limited. Direct lead generation is a part of the system, which means affiliates will be given a head start at building a successful business without having to go through all the mechanics of setting things up. This was a great idea, certainly, but it did come at a cost!

Network Product Pricing

  1. Viral Blog System (ENV2 or Blog Beast): $25/Month An easy to use already setup blog for the extreme newbie. Personally, I prefer my own blog, but it was a product geared towards newcomers who wanted to get off the ground and start selling asap.

  2. Viral Blog Academy: One Time Fee of $297  Finally a product that backs the Core product of Empower Network once activated. This “academy” covers how to make your blog work and a 90-day action plan. Of course, the material is well outdated by now.

  3. Inner Circle:  $100/month Downloadable MP3s of great stories, uplifting testimonials and some training mixed in. Incredibly expensive for the material if you ask me!

  4. High Ticket Academy: One time fee of $497 Something that has been around since the beginning. This includes three Webinars packed with how to get sales on high ticket items. What most people don’t like is that these trainings require making phone calls to close your sales.

  5. Internet Traffic Formula: One time $997 Went through all the modules in 1 night. This piece used to give folks some success online before algos changed. It Got me a 70% optin rate, and 4 sales at the time. Wouldn’t cover the price, but the product was decent!

  6. Costa Rica Intensive: One time $500 Footage of a mastermind in Costa Rica. Some great content and some golden nuggets. Still on the pricey side if you are on a budget, but if you’re a die-hard fan, chances are you would have bought it anyway. It was at least less expensive than airfare out there.

  7. $15k Formula: One time $1,000 Best product by far in the back office, and surprisingly inexpensive based on their other prices. This includes a ton of webinar replays packed with the secrets we have all searched for. I used to find myself going back to this often.

  8. Masters Course: One time $3,500 High Level advanced training, fully shot in HD (which was a big bonus back then!) Now that the network is down, it’s hard to get much more description than this.

Unfortunately, in a big breakdown from David Wood after he took time off and announced that the company was going bankrupt, he acknowledged that none of the products he created were hilarious, and he spent “more time selling than creating.”

“It’s hilarious to me looking back now at how fake and bull[…] it all was.”
David Wood

Empower Network Compensation Plan and Sales

 Compensation Plan

The Empower Network compensation plan had most recently changed as of June 2014. The compensation plan change took place in order to direct and motivate the sponsor to help their recruits more, as they had a bit of a problem with uplines abandoning their downlines once they were recruited on.. The new compensation plan is every 1st, 3rd and every 5th sale was a pass up

This new compensation plan enables the sponsor to go out and show the basic membership recruit exactly how to get their first few sales and customers. It is worth the time and energy for the sponsor because they get the 1st sale passed up to them. Some might say this compensation plan is not that good because a new member should get their first sale. I'd be inclined to agree with them, but what are you going to do- it was an MLM, so chances are experienced folks were expecting something along those lines.

If you look at the compensation plan of every other biz like this MLM out there that is successful, the first sale ALWAYS goes to their sponsor. Matter of fact, in Primerica, their compensation plan details that the first 3-4 sales from a customers purchase goes to the sponsor. That is how people build their organization deeper rather than shallow. It was a normal long term compensation plan strategy for Empower Network.

The Bad

  • I hate the network marketing structure about yelling and screaming and talking about changing lives through sales. Although this will change many peoples lives, I’m not convinced it was for the better. I am a behind the computer on the phone guy as far as the empower network comp plan goes. Not into all the hype.
  • A lot of haters to deal with. When a biz is big, there will be haters. Also happens when a biz is bad.
  • Difficult to navigate all their “done for you” funnels. You never stop getting pitched to, and you’re better off teaching your own team to do it.
  • Lastly, of course their products’ commissions. Ask anyone who has come and gone, MLM commissions in general are a bad deal.

The Good

  • Obviously the ability to sell and gain commissions across the world, but in the age of the internet, it’s easier than ever to do this with your own business as well.

  • While either David wouldn’t have been my high school friend, you can’t deny their ability to sell and lead!

My Final Thoughts on Empower Network Comp Plan and Structure

A lot has changed with the network before they finally folded in my personal opinion. They went from being an all online recruiting biz to branching into offline customers, and finally going bankrupt while David Wood had a breakdown and told the world it was all a sham. Leading up to this end, everything changed about their commissions.

This was part of the reason why I found a new way to make a lot of money online without the commissions. A new way that has not only changed my life but the lives of business owners around my town.

Thank you for reading my review, and if you want to learn more about the legitimate business I now make my income with, check out a free demo below: