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There are literally a thousand ways you can earn income on the side by making videos and posting them on the internet or making jewelry or basically anything.

The real challenge is finding something that you’re really passionate about. Starting your own business is a good idea, but have you ever imagined how much of an investment you’ll need to just get started with a business of your own?

And not to mention, entrepreneurs put in hundreds and hundreds of hours to bring their small startups to the break even point.

LMV FB Group 2

The thought of accumulating such an investment and putting in the hard work can easily put people off, especially if they’re also working on a 9-5 job. This is why a better alternative is to create a small business on the internet instead.

Making a sustainable income through the internet is by far the most affordable way to add a sustainable side income to your monthly cash flow, however, given the fact that there a lot of things you can do on the internet, it can often be quite confusing and overwhelming to pick the right business model.

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Course Title :Local Marketing Vault
Rank :#100 out of 100 (BEST!)
Content :One of the best courses I’ve gone through. Solid training that is always being updated, and the owners are super responsive to questions in the group
Rating :Star rating 2 65 out of 5
Price :Fluctuates but possible payment plans

• I have tried and tested a lot of different business models in the past and what I’ve learned is that no matter what business model you pick, if you’re not passionate and determined about it, it isn’t going to work for you. Picking a business model that doesn’t work well for you will only add more stress to your life and will most probably burn you out until you finally give in and quit.


I am sure you have heard of online business models like affiliate marketing, copy writing, MLM, network marketing, and more. All of these and other popular business models claim to help you build a gold mine on the internet that makes lots of cash while you sleep. I’m sure you’ve heard of these claims before and have even tried learning a few skills to get started, only to realize that things are completely different when you are actually working.

  • People easily give in to false claims of making an income fast and automatically. They willingly spend thousands of dollars on training and buying other tools but never actually make it big.
I believe the only way you can actually make a sustainable income for yourself is to find something that you can easily understand and work on.
  • If you’re looking to hone your skills or learn new tips and techniques to make good money in today’s world, then you have come to the right place. I am going to show you a simple and workable method that you can learn quickly and easily and to start making sustainable income on the internet.

My review will be focused on an online course called the ‘Local Marketing Vault’, a course that enabled me to not only make a good income but also put everything in auto gear so that I earn while I focus on other things in life.

There was some skepticism along the way, but I will reveal exactly “what is the Local Marketing Vault“, if it’s a scam and how can or maybe can’t it help you make money.

Who Are James Bonadies and Jason McKim?

James Bonadies

Before I begin, I want to talk a little more about James Bonadies and Jason McKim, the owners, founders, and teachers of the Local Marketing Vault Course. In my opinion, this is one of the most useful sections of this review because you’ll get to share a bit of perspective into why they began training students on their strategy, both in the Facebook group and in each Local Marketing Vault module.

  • I like to put it this way. If you’re thinking about starting a business, whether on the internet or on the street, having a mentor/s on your side who understands the system and have actually made a sustainable income through the very same course they are teaching, is very important.
  • It may sound funny and surprising, but I have across so many online courses where the teachers (the gurus, mentors, etc) are teaching a course but do not make their incomewith the same methods they are teaching you. How is that even possible?
  • It’s simple really! Take for example the AWOL Academy online training. Its author and founder actually allow his students to sell his course once they have learned about the things he has to say.

This raises a very important doubt. Is the founder of AWOL actually making an income by doing all those things he teaches you in the course, or is he actually making it with the sales his students make through promoting the course? This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever heard about MLM or network marketing, what the author of AWOL is teaching is basically MLM disguised as affiliate marketing.

When it comes to Local Marketing Vault, both the co-founders Jason and James are actually making money using the same methods they teach you in the course. They do not force you to promote their product after you have completed it, nor do they encourage anyone to do so.

  • The two founders of Local Marketing Vault are very active with their members, they even hold facebook conferences where they invite their students and other people interested in making an income on the internet and they actually talk to them and try to motivate them. This isn’t about lead generation – it’s also about training a new generation of sustainable income. Now I’m not sure about you, but meeting your mentors in real life is the best feeling ever. It boosts your confidence in these people.

The course is only successful because Jason and James combine their skills and provide you with the perfect combination to win the internet: one well thought out training for people who need a client base to get started. That’s right – no pre-existing client needed.

Jason is pretty good when it comes to all things Facebook, Google Adwords, and building awesome funnels. While James is all about doing internet marketing the right way. When you combine the skills of epic internet marketing with the ability to create compelling Facebook and Google Ads, you get the Local Marketing Vault.

Training Module Review: The Vault

The bold claims about this product reveals the ability for someone to come in and:

  • Land Clients MUCH faster?
  • Land Clients MUCH easier?
  • Make More Money when landing a client?
  • Add $10,000/Month to your business in 30-90 days?
  • Never worry how to actually get results for existing clients?

But how…?

See in the era of the online world, so many people have gotten into Local Business Lead Generation.

and as cool as that is, and as amazing it has been to me, a lot of people struggled to make enough money to actually change their life. The reality is, you need to capture a lot of lead generation properties if you’re doing it the slow way, and that’s one difficult sales problem.

The issues were always the same. When pitching to a Local Client, they need to know when will they see a return on an investment.

For so many years, most people pitched SEO (search engine optimization) which worked well for a while.

However, the issues that arose were:

  1. It takes a long time to Rank Local Business.
  2. It takes a long time to actually get them results.
  3. Even if the site ranks, will the leads live up to the hype?

There are also so many variables when pitching SEO to a Local Businesses, even tech savvy sales trainings haven’t been able to make the cut. This has proven over the years to force people to quit this type of business, as they are coming in with a need for stability and think that lead generation is going to give it to them.

Then what happens?

It doesn’t end. People leave, and the horrible venture down the sales rabbit hole continues one at a time.

Google Ads Lead Funnels: The Alternate to SEO

  • According to James and Jason, the one remedy to SEO sales is Paid Traffic. I know, you must also be thinking, dang! Do I need to spend money to make money? I know it can sound a bit discouraging at first, but hear me out.
  • The idea is to quickly send leads to small businesses so that they can convert and help you make sales. The same can be done by acquiring organic traffic, but do you know how long that can take?
  • Hence the paid traffic. Now I am sure some of you have tried and tested the Facebook ads and Google leads in the past to drive traffic to your site. But I’m sure that you know that going through the paid ads model is actually a hit or miss thing.

Somedays your ads do good, some days they don’t. Lead generation is something that depends a lot on luck. At least that is what most people believe. The Local Marketing Vault training is here to change that mindset.

  • The Local Marketing Vault training provides you with a “done for you” market place of all the things you need to succeed when running paid traffic for Local Businesses.


To help you understand why paid traffic works better than organic traffic in today’s digital age, I need to show you the whole lead generation process. View the flow chart below and study it very carefully: Do you think this lead generation training process works anymore?

old process

The Free Traffic Flow to get customer flow for local businesses seems exhausting.

Build a site, create content, find an actual address, then build citations, then links, then hope leads come in etc…

That’s a lot of work for lead generation.

You get the point.

So, these guys make their point by showing now their new lead generation training process:


They say to build a 2 Page Site (funnel), use an adwords coupon (free advertising) to send traffic using Adwords.

  • Since it’s Adwords, leads will come in rather quickly, so you can send your potential client FREE lead generation services to impress them. (And no, facebook ads aren’t as complicated either, but the big focus here is adwords!)

Usually, when I sent free leads to a client they loved me for it, and the sell was a lot easier.

However, there are some issues!

  • I mean, how many times has it been that you had to go to a client and convince them of the benefits of lead generation? How many actually believed in you and went with your idea? Old SEO techniques are phasing out because people don’t want to become a salesman. They started their business so that they could control things from their computers and actually make results without begging someone to become their client.

With Local Marketing Vault, the model lets you send leads to target business beforehand, just like I have mentioned above. When you have sent them enough leads to impress them, this is when you talk to them. But this time, you’ve got the upper hand. They know they are getting valuable leads from you. So there is no way they are going to refuse free business, right?

  • And even if you come across a pesky business owner who refuses to pay for any further leads you send him, just start sending the same leads to another business. There are always good businessmen out there who pay good money for these leads. With the training from Local Marketing Vault, you don’t have to hard sell to clients anymore.

The Issues With This Business Training:

I will start off by saying, every product or training has its issues, so lets see if this course has the solutions:

  • Most Don't know how to run Adwords without training
  • Most Don't know how to run Facebook Ads
  • And...Finding the right targeting, landing pages, keywords takes a lot of:
    • Time
    • Money
    • Experience
The first thing I would say is, finding the right combination of:
  1. 2 Page Sites
  2. Keywords
  3. Targeting
  4. Ad Copy

takes time and a lot of money.

Take it from someone who has spent over $2,000,000 in Google Adwords and $300,000 in Facebook Ads.

This process is not easy.

The cool thing is their answer to these issues is the training itself. The Actual training Vault Contains everything you need to run a successful campaign.

You GET with the Vault:

  •  Access to the EXACT Landing Pages THAT CONVERT?
  • The Exact Step by Step over the shoulder process to launch PPC/FB Campaigns THAT WORK?

They give you EVERYTHING! From facebook to adwords and all the funnels between.

Check Out This Video of Chris: A monthly contest winner and user of the Local Marketing Vault system. You can watch from the beginning or FF to about 2:12 to see the full review of the local marketing vault start!

Looks pretty amazing to me. Matter of Fact they already have dozens of testimonials to back up their claims.

Local Marketing Vault - The VERDICT!

My verdict is, KILLER Product. I have used this process before, and it works better than any other process I have ever been part of.

You can absolutely run paid traffic yourself without the Vault, and succeed. However, having access to the Local Marketing Vault training and facebook group, will 100% cut the learning curve and the amount of cash you have to spend to find winning campaigns. As they say themselves, just plug, play and profit from already proven campaigns that work. The cool thing is, they keep adding more campaigns that you will have access to as well!

Amazing product done by amazing people. 😉 lol