Global MoneyLine Review – Is this a scam or a good business opportunity?

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You have probably heard of Global MoneyLine or been approached by an affiliate to join the company, and are looking for a review on whether the company is legit or not.

You have come to the right place, as this article has everything you need to know about the company, from its products to its compensation plan. I subscribed to the company so as to give you a first-hand review. This review is completely unbiased, as I am in no way affiliated with the company.

About Global MoneyLine

global moneyline

There is no much information about this company from its website or social media, including information on the owner, which is a bit suspicious. An investigation on their domain name, however, shows that it was purchased on 4th February 2016 and the registration set to private. It is, therefore, impossible to know who is behind the company. This raised a red flag, as legit companies do not hide their background information.

From the terms and conditions, though, I found out that the company is based in Minnesota. The ‘Contact Us’ page takes you to their support page, which offers no information on the owners.


Global MoneyLine products

Global MoneyLine has no tangible and sellable products; affiliates are only able to sell the affiliate membership itself only. The website does not offer much

It is simply a messaging service where you sponsor people to join the company then email them your products and offers, i.e. market your products to your mailing list. Global MoneyLine builds a subscriber list for you. Any member who joins the company is placed directly under the member who joined immediately before them, i.e. once you join, every person who subsequently joined is placed under you. This becomes your email list.

For example, I joined this morning at around 9 am and sponsored only one person into the company. By 9 pm I had 897 people in my Money Line. Since I had only sponsored one person, the other 896 were people who were joining the company from anywhere around the world. MoneyLine lets me email and market my products to these 897 people. Basically, you join the company, they build an email list for you and let you market to the list.

As a free Global MoneyLine member, you send messages to one member at a time, while as a paid member you can send to twenty at a time.

Joining Global MoneyLine

Global MoneyLine’s affiliate membership is free, though if you want to be paid in its compensation plan, you have to purchase the paid membership at $20.

Global MoneyLine membership ranks

  • Bronze – costs a one-time fee of $20
  • Silver – costs an annual fee of $50
  • Gold – costs an annual fee of $100
  • Platinum – costs an annual fee of $250
  • Diamond – costs an annual fee of $500, though it still has not been implemented

Once you join, you get options to upgrade your membership from free to Bronze. Once you are a Bronze member, you get an option to prograde to other levels: Silver, then Gold, then Platinum. At these higher levels, you can reach more members in your downline (Global MoneyLine calls it your Money Line), and you get more ads than members in lower levels, hence your advertisements can reach more people.

Global MoneyLine Compensation Plan

Global MoneyLine pays commissions to the paid members (purchased at $20) whose sponsored members purchase the $20 membership. If you qualify as an Independent Representative by making three Bronze sales at $20 each (your own purchase counts as a sale, hence you have to make two more sales to other people) you will get 100% commissions up your uni-level team. This also works in a similar manner for the Silver, Gold and Platinum membership levels.

The compensation plan is uni-level and pays up to an infinite depth, though it as a 2-up system built to it. This means that the first two people you sponsor get sent to your upline, i.e. your first two commissions are passed up to the person that recruited you into the company. If you recruit someone into the company, you will also get their first two commissions.

If you sponsor a third one or more affiliates, you earn $5 per sponsored member.

Though you can make money from the marketing you do to your email list, Global MoneyLine puts much emphasis on recruiting and sponsoring as many people as you can into the company.

Global MoneyLine Review – The Final Verdict

This is a company I wouldn’t advise you on joining, unless you are big on getting a subscriber list to email to and not on recruiting new members, for several reasons:

  1. The company is not transparent about its background information, including its founders and leaders, and its physical location.
  2. The 2-up compensation plan structure means you have to pass the commissions on your first two affiliates to your upline.
  3. The commission, $5 on each new member, is little money for anyone who wants to make much money from the company. Remember there are no products to sell, hence you cannot make retail sales commissions.
  4. They say you have access to an email list, but the only person who has access to all the email addresses of the affiliates is the system administrator since all the emails are sent through the system.

Global MoneyLine is centered on recruitment, which is what pyramid schemes do. The likelihood of this company collapsing like other pyramid schemes before it is very high.

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