Global MoneyLine Review – Is this a scam or a good business opportunity?

Thank you for reading my global moneyline review on IBuyIReview!

You have probably heard of Global MoneyLine or been approached by an affiliate to join moneyline and are looking for a review on whether the company is legit or not.

You have come to the right place, as this article has everything you need to know about moneyline, from its products to its compensation plan.

I subscribed to moneyline so as to give you a first-hand review. This review is completely unbiased, as I am in no way affiliated with moneyline. In fact, you’ll probably get the most realistic answers here than anywhere else on the internet because most of the articles I see are constantly mitigating the cons just to sell it to you and earn a commission on their free subscription to the site.

Nowhere in here will you find a link to their material – if you’re interested, you can search for it yourself! My goal is to provide you with a completely unbiased review of the material.

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About Global MoneyLine


There is not much information about moneyline from its website or social media, including information on the owner, which is a bit suspicious. Anytime a company has to employ smoke and mirrors around the details of their business, I feel a little nervous, but you can blame my time in MLMs for that, I suppose.

Generally, if I’m going to trust moneyline as a program or course, I want to be able to see the real owners face and name plastered all over the site. I need to know that someone is sticking their neck out and vouching for the security and viability of the information inside, especially if I’m going to pay good money for it. This site, unfortunately, does none of that.

An investigation on their domain name, however, shows that it was purchased on 4th February 2016 and the registration set to private. It is, therefore, impossible to know who is behind moneyline. This raised a red flag, as legit companies do not hide their background information.

From the terms and conditions, though, I found out that moneyline is based in Minnesota. The ‘Contact Us’ page takes you to their support page, which offers no information on the owners.

Worse than that, it doesn’t seem like I can get a clear answer if their support team ever does decide to respond to legitimate questions about the process and functionality of the site. You could submit an array of tickets about the site functionality, or about the process itself, and you might get a couple of answers here and there. They could take seemingly forever to come back in, however.

This might be due to poor site functionality, but if I’m paying money for a system, I want the system to work well. In other words: update your site!

Global Money Line Products

Global MoneyLine has no tangible and sellable products; as a free affiliate, you are only able to sell the affiliate membership itself only. The website does not offer much information beyond that unless you sign up.

Once you do sign up, you’ll find out that the free rank isn’t part of the compensation plan at all, but purely affiliate. What this means is that the focus isn’t on sending out messages like you might think, but on getting other people to sign up.

Doesn’t that sound strikingly similar to a pyramid scheme scam?

Of course, they can get around it with the excuse that it’s not their focus. After all, they do offer messaging. As a free member, you can message up to one person at a time, and you can’t message any single individual more than once to prevent you from “spamming the individual.” But really what this means is that you can’t build any longterm relationships to start a casual conversation; it’s all about high-pressure sales straight from the start.

It is simply a messaging service where you sponsor an opportunity to join moneyline then email them your products and offers, i.e. market your products to your mailing list. Global MoneyLine builds a subscriber list for you. Any member who joins moneyline is placed directly under the member who joined immediately before them, i.e. once you join, every person who subsequently joined is placed under you. This becomes your moneyline.

For example, I joined this morning at around 9 am and sponsored only one person into moneyline. By 9 pm I had 897 reply notifications in my Money Line. Since I had only sponsored one person, the other 896 were an opportunity to reply to those who were joining moneyline from anywhere around the world.

MoneyLine lets me email and market my products to these 897 online users. Basically, you join the company, they build an email list for you and let you market to the moneyline.

As a free Global MoneyLine member, you send messages to one member at a time, while as a paid member you can send up to twenty at a time.


Joining MoneyLine

Global MoneyLine’s affiliate membership is free, though if you want to be paid in its compensation plan, you have to purchase the paid membership at $20.

Essentially what this means is that the free membership is there to hook you in and show you the possibilities of a paid membership that lets you message more than one person at a time.

When you first join Global MoneyLine, it can seem like a great deal, but unfortunately there’s more to it than what’s on the surface.

Yes, the one-time $20 fee will give you a couple of dollars if you’re consistent with the process and work hard at it for long enough as necessary, which only entices you to spend more money to send more daily messages – this time at a recurring annual fee. So, even if you don’t use the platform and you forget about it, a year later you’re going to get a charge that you might miss if you’re not careful, letting it renew for another year.

If you’re looking to cancel your membership, that must be done up front before the charge goes through. Often, disputing it through the bank won’t get you the money back because you have an account and authorized the charge. If you ask to cancel, however, and they don’t respond or refuse to let you cancel, you can show that as a way to get out of the charge ahead of time.

Now, the reason why it’s so important to be able to message so many online users at once is because you basically gain access to messaging anyone who joins the program after you. What that means is that it is a cyclical program where online users join this program, then ask other subscription members who have joined the program to upgrade into a larger membership, where they can message more people who started even before them.

This moneyline is boasted as some great money-making scam, but in reality, it’s subscription users spending money to ask others to spend money within a closed system. It’s not useful at all despite what another review might lead you to believe.

Within a single day, your messaging moneyline could grow over 1,000 users available for messaging. It can be difficult to manage those reply notifications at once, so of course you’re going to upgrade if you see some sort of victory (or possibility of) with the smaller membership, right?

In the end, this is not a sustainable way to make an income.

List: MoneyLine Membership Costs

The Global MoneyLine business model starts you out a free membership so you can start sending out messages for free, earning a few cents here and there to get you hooked on the affiliate commission, but their platform is so difficult to use as a free user that it makes it nearly impossible unless you decide to upgrade one tier at a time.

  • Free – costs nothing.

This plan level is primarily focused on affiliate-level compensation because it won’t actually get you into their true compensation plan. You can, however, still send messages out. You will be able to send out one message at a time, reloading the page each time as your messaging moneyline grows.

  • Bronze – costs a one-time fee of $20

This plan provides the same level of access as the free subscription, with the additional bonus of being able to message 20 people at a time, rather than just one. You can also receive a small commission as part of their compensation plan. This means that you need to recruit people to join the program. For each person who signs up to an upgraded tier, you will receive $5, and your sponsor receives $5. It is similar to an MLM scam structure in this way.

  • Silver – costs an annual fee of $50

The silver plan must be upgraded to from the Bronze. Like with other tiers, you can’t skip straight ahead; you have to climb the ranks and spend the membership due at each stage. This is the first tier that costs a yearly fee, rather than a one-time fee. At this level, you can reply to up to 50 people at a time and the kickback for upgrades are boosted to $50 for you and $50 to your sponsor.

  • Gold – costs an annual fee of $100

The Gold plan is where most people stop, but you can still keep going beyond this point if you’d like. This is an annual fee of $100, and you can contact up to 100 people at a time. This tier of membership also allows you to have a personal funnel list box to manage your contacts, adding ease of use that is apparently unavailable before this point. Kickbacks for this tier is $100 to you, and $100 to your sponsor.

  • Platinum – costs an annual fee of $250

This plan is similar to gold in that you can message up to 250 people at once, and your commission and your sponsor’s commission goes up with each new upgrade as well.

  • Diamond – costs an annual fee of $500, though it still has not been implemented

Similar to platinum, you can now message 500 people at once and your commission level rises. This has not yet been implemented as of the last time I was online.

  • Double Diamond – costs an annual fee of $750, though it still has not been implemented

Sticking with incremental gains for even more money, double diamond is the same as diamond but with more people to message at once and an even bigger commission for getting someone to upgrade to this level for you and your sponsor.

Once you join, you get options to upgrade your membership from free to Bronze. Once you are a Bronze member, you get an option to prograde to other levels: Silver, then Gold, then Platinum.

At these higher levels, you can reach more members in your downline (Global MoneyLine calls it your Money Line), and you get more ads than members in lower levels, hence your advertisements can reach more people.

How the Global Membership Works (Free and Paid)

When you first sign up, you’ll be able to sign in for a free membership, and only then can you upgrade to Bronze for the one-time fee of $20. You can’t jump directly into gold or platinum even if you wanted to – which allows global money line to accumulate as much money as possible.

Think of it this way: if you go in knowing you want to be at Silver, which is an annual fee of $50, then you’ll have to first sign up for bronze. So, you will spend $70 with an annual fee of $50.

Let’s talk about platinum then: if you upgraded immediately from the day you signed up, you will spend $420 with an annual fee of $250. Following me?

It’s definitely not designed with the user in mind, but it certainly makes a great cash crop for the moneyline, giving them plenty of money with each new sign up or upgrade.

Since it starts out as a free membership, of course you would sign up, right? And then little by little, you’re sending your money out left and right for the chance at making a few more pennies.

In short? It’s a great business model for moneyline. For you or anyone who you get to sign up with them, however, not so much.

Global MoneyLine Global Compensation Plan

Global MoneyLine pays kickbacks to the paid members (purchased at $20) whose sponsored members purchase the $20 membership. If you qualify as an Independent Representative by making three Bronze sales at $20 each (your own purchase counts as a sale, hence you have to make two more to other people) you will get 100% commissions up your uni-level team. This also works in a similar manner for the Silver, Gold and Platinum membership levels.

The plan is uni-level and pays up to an infinite depth, though it as a 2-up system built to it. This means that the first two people you sponsor get sent to your upline, i.e. your first two commissions are passed up to the person that recruited you into the moneyline.


If you recruit someone into moneyline. you will also get their first two commissions.

If you sponsor a third one or more affiliates, you earn $5 per sponsored member.

Though you can make money from the marketing you do to your email list, Global MoneyLine puts much emphasis on recruiting and sponsoring as many people as you can into moneyline.

Is MoneyLine a Scam?

I would absolutely call it a scam considering it’s a closed system where people are asking other people to spend money and upgrade. No products are sold, and the only incentive for upgrading is that you can message more people.

This company tows the line hard as a pyramid scheme, but they are able to get away with it for some reason that I still don’t quite understand.

The FTC clearly defines a pyramid scheme, and if you’re not familiar with the difference between a pyramid and an MLM, MLMs are product-focused with a side dish of recruitment, while pyramids are primarily focused on recruitment. Clearly, Global MoneyLine falls into this category, but for some reason they are able to still operate today. Perhaps they just haven’t been caught up to yet, but I’m certain that some day we’ll see moneyline taken down.

Today, because of HTTP security blocks, you can’t really get into moneyline anymore unless you want to click past the “potential security risk” splash page. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

My advice to you would be to stay far away from this program and seek out other methods of making money from home from a more legitimate company.

Anything that even so much as skirts the line of being a pyramid scheme is generally something I would advise staying away from, but there’s just so much about this that screams “scam.”

Yeah, you can make some money with it, but it’s not going to be sustainable, and it’s not going to be any significant amount for the work you put in recruiting new people and messaging other members on moneyline.

Beyond that, the fact that there is so little information on the site about moneyline in the first place rubs me the wrong way. Hiding owner information about schemes and scams is a classic way of trying to stay out of trouble, whether it’s with regulations or with a previous reputation. MLMs are famous for doing it all the time – gain a bad rep? no problem, just rebrand! At least, that seems to be the motto for this kind of business model.

In short, if you’re looking to find a job where you can work from home, or work remotely as we’re calling it nowadays, then you’re going to have to put in hard work. Not “message 2,328 people in one day” hard, but critical thinking hard.

If you want my recommendation, stay tuned to the end of this article.

Site Experience and User Friendliness: A Time Sink

Overall, the moneyline is clunky and difficult to navigate, which gives it an F in my book for user friendliness, especially if you are at lower levels and unable to send out as many messages. Now, I also understand  that’s the point – they want you to spend as much time as possible going around their purposefully clunky design so that you get frustrated and fed up, and finally sign up for their higher tier programs.

Still, to design your website like that is a bit crummy and it definitely doesn’t speak to the legitimacy of the moneyline or its business model (which, there was very little to begin with.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the massive amount of scrolling.

To send out any messages, you have to scroll down to the very bottom of the website, as the page reloads each time. This is fine for one or two messages, you might think, but once you get more established with the platform, you might have several hundred new messages to send to downlines daily. Yikes!

This is especially difficult as a free member, which is why I say it’s designed to make you sign up, because paid members can send multiple messages at once.

I’m not trying to be harsh, but somewhere along the line, someone made the decision to make the moneyline design bad to up their chances of making money because they know they can feed off the desperation of people just trying to do something online from home. It’s a time sink, and not one I’m fond of.

For the longest time, money line didn’t have HTTPS on their member link either, which was troubling because this was even after the shift to HTTPS as the standard was important.

Beyond that issue, money line is definitely not mobile friendly, which means you have to be in front of a PC to send any messages out, which is difficult in a world where we are always on the go.

MoneyLine - The Final Verdict for a Global Site

Overall, global money line is not a company I could recommend in this review as a legitimate way to login and make money, and this is a company I wouldn’t advise you on joining in the first place unless you are big on getting a subscriber list and not on recruiting new members, for several reasons.

I’ve covered a little bit about why the site sounded the scam alarm throughout this article, but overall, it’s not even an effective way to make money, and it’s contributing to a large amount of spam on the internet that doesn’t do any good in the first place.

My takeaway from researching moneyline and its structure is this:

  1. Moneyline is not transparent about its background information, including its founders and leaders, and its physical location.
  2. The 2-up opportunity structure means you have to pass the commissions on your first two affiliates to your upline.
  3. The commission, $5 on each new member, is little money for anyone who wants to make much money from moneyline. Remember there are no products to sell, hence you cannot make retail sales commissions.

They say you have access to an email list, but the only person who has access to all the email addresses of the affiliates is the system administrator since all the emails are sent through the system.

Global MoneyLine is centered on recruitment, which is what pyramid schemes do. The likelihood of this company collapsing like other pyramid schemes before it is very high.

Looking for an Alternative to Making Money at Home?

I know you’re probably just as sick of looking through these reviews of scams and pyramid schemes as much as I am. I’ve spent years searching for a legit program that would help me build a business, not pitch lame products to my friends and family while bleeding money – and I finally found it.

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