Pure Haven Essentials Review – Is it a Legit, Trustworthy or a Scam?

I’m sure you have come across a Pure Haven Essentials Review on other sites that claim Pure Haven is a top MLM company, with plenty of opportunity to grow.

Fortunately, this marketing is overdone and not many people fall for it, but still the Essentials name is growing in popularity as an organic skin and face care company.

On IBuyIReview, I am not selling a product or a salesperson trying to convince you to join the company. In this review, you will get an unbiased and legit rank of the company.

It trended for a while earlier this year, but now the interest, according to Google, has reduced. Any reasonable person would first research the company before joining, and I’ve made that easier for you by writing this review so that you do not get carried by the hype the join before knowing what you’re getting into.

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Pure Haven Essentials - Let It Go!


The company was founded just after the Ava Anderson NonToxic group was shut down in total – it is a rebrand of Ava Anderson, though on Pure Haven’s website they do not have any information on its founder or CEO (though many reviews claim that Ava and Kim Anderson are the owners).

There are speculations that Pure Haven Essentials is just a cover up for Ava Anderson NonToxic. Many reviews suggest that the company saw it as an opportunity to change the name due to Ava Anderson’s previous troubles, but the products remain the same. Though Pure Haven attempted to refresh their company with this move, it is a classic scam move that has put their program on the table for questioning if they are legit or not. Pure Haven is known to offer organic home essentials and body care products. Pure Haven claims these organic items are some of the best on the market and that they do not contain any harmful products, though this has not been verified by the USDA. Pure Haven is also an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company with an affiliate program at the time of writing, though it is difficult to make any mooney with it as the affiliate commission is not high. The company is eager to enlist distributors who are comfortable selling the Essentials products directly, rather than through a program.

Pure Haven Essentials Reviews Products (Where Do They Rank?)

The Pure Haven products are categorized into ten categories by rank of their best selling items, particularly skin care, eye creams, and hair products. I’ll list a few products from each category, and their prices.

i) Skin

Exfoliator – $21.95

Cleanser – $17.95

Sugar Scrub – $13.95

Moisturizer – $19.95

4-piece Skin Essentials Set (Cleanser, Exfoliator, Moisturizer, and Toner) – $73.95

ii) Body

Toothpaste – $8.95

Set of 3 bar soaps – $19.95

Deodorant – $13.95

Pink Grapefruit Scrub – $16.95

Personal Volume Shower Gel – $14.95


iii) Hair

Conditioner – $15.95

Anti-frizz – $24.95

Shampoo – $15.95

Detangler – $13.95

Styling Cream – $17.95

iv) Baby

Baby Cream – $13.95

Baby Powder – $10.95

Body and massage lotion – $13.95

Wash & shampoo – $12.95

v) Kid's

Kid’s shampoo and body wash – $12.95

Kid’s Toothpaste – $8.95

Boo boo stick – $11.95

Kid’s body and massage lotion – $12.95

Monster spray with sprayer – $8.95

vi) Home

Surface cleaner with sprayer – $20.95

Scrubbing Cleanser – $12.95

Maser Blaster with sprayer – $18.95

Glass cleaner refill – $16.95

Dish soap – $11.95

vii) Men's

Beard Balm – $12.95

Aftershave and Moisturizer – $15.95

viii) Face

Tinted Moisturizer – $15.95

Cheeky color stick – $9.95

Mascara – $17.95

Cheeky bronzer – $9.95

Lip Gloss – $15.95

ix) Oil

Jojoba Oil – $18.95

Oregano Essential Oil – $11.95

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – $9.95

Tea Tree Essential Oil – $12.95

Peppermint Essential Oil – $10.95

x) Spa

Lavender Bath Soak – $11.95

Geranium Body Oil – $15.95

Lemon Sugar Scrub – $16.95

Pink Grapefruit Scrub – $16.95

They have so many products you can choose from, and they say the products are all pure, a slight deviation from the word non-toxic that was used to market Ava Anderson products. The products are claimed to:

  • Be made of the best ingredients available
  • Have a list of all ingredients on each product
  • Contains no harmful chemicals

The products will be made in-house, which seems to take of the problem that faced Ava Anderson. It had been claimed that some of Ava Anderson’s suppliers had breached their contracts and supplied some harmful ingredients that were included in their products, leading to a public outcry, and their ultimate shutdown.

Fortunately, this does leave Pure Haven Essentials to be more responsible with their ingredients, as the executive – whoever they are – will have no one to blame or point fingers at if their products are discovered not to be of the quality they advertise.

Pure Haven Review - A Joining Fee Forbes Would Be Proud of

If you want to join Pure Haven, youare required to pay $99 to get their business kit, which also includes some products that they sell. You become a consultant of sorts, learning each level of marketing to reach a new audience, giving non-professional advice based on skin conditions and what kind of care each organic product promises to provide.

Unfortunately, because Pure Haven is an MLM still, the main way you can earn money is by scam tactics used too commonly in the industry.

Uplines and downlines exist, and the amount of money you can make based on these direct reports is directly tied to how much they are marketing, meaning it is up to you to rope these Essentials distributors in, then push them along in hopes of climbing the hierarchy yourself and becoming more than just a consultant.

Ultimately, in these types of businesses, only the highest rank will earn any money, meaning the executive and perhaps three or four people below him.

Pure Haven - The Company Compensation Plan

The Pure Haven compensation plan pays in four ways:

  • Commissions and bonuses from your personal Pure Haven sales
  • Bonuses from your downline (people you recruit into the company) sales
  • General Commissions
  • Essentials Executive Promotion Advance Bonus

If you want to qualify for the Essentials Executive Promotion Advance Bonus, you must have at least $300 in sales to qualify. Of course, the more money you make, the higher rank you are considered, but there is no clear way to actually climb the hierarchy, as there are no promotions or further bonuses.

If you’re hoping to make it big in a place where you can potentially get promotions within a month or two, this is not the place for you.

Retail Commissions and Bonuses

As a distributor, you can earn 20% to 50% commissions from your monthly sales depending on what level you are on each month.

  • Below $1,000 – 30% commission – the Standard Pure Haven Commission
  • Over $1,000 – 35% commission
  • Over $2,000 – 40% commission
  • Over $3,000 – 45% commission
  • Over $4,000 – 50% commission

Keep in mind that these numbers are your per month sales. You must make at least the same level each month, or else your commission will drop. Your personal purchases are not included when calculating your commission, only your monthly sales, which brings the idea of “commission breath” to a whole new level.

Let’s take one of the lower-priced items for example at $8.95. Let’s assume you are new and only making the standard rate. For this organic skin care product, each sale nets you \$2.68.

That’s… not a lot. If I were selling these, I would feel like I was in the middle of a scam. That means Pure Haven gets $6.27 off that single sale, and you take home a little under $3.

Now, because you are new, you are only able to sell one of those a week, and you’re already starting to exhaust your network, bringing in $10 for all that effort.

Maybe 1% of your customers will use the organic essentials as often as recommended, but most people at least wait a few months to buy again.

To put it into another perspective, you would have to sell roughly 400 of this item each month to even break through to the next level of commission.

There are so many other business models that you could be spending your time working on – ones that have much better reviews than the Pure Haven MLM model. Just because you want to work from home doesn’t mean you have to get caught up in something like this.


Like any other review, I have to end with a final verdict of my experience with Pure Haven and their Essentials line. This review has definitely provided some insight into the business model, and I hope that it helps you make a decision about whether it’s worth joining or not.

Now, I always have to discourage the joining on MLMs because the business model is so predatory, and they make you feel very dependent on the small commissions, whether you are or not.

My final verdict is that, while there are definitely some pros, there are also cons that make me wary about the company, and the evidence is fairly strong about the rebrand that I can’t say I totally trust their line of products.


  • Pure Haven does have some good care products for sale in the Essentials line, though their quality is still in doubt (the “non-harmful chemicals claim.”)
  • You get rewards for selling products and recruiting people into Pure Haven (which is what MLMs do.)


  • The Pure Haven care products are expensive.
  • You have to purchase a membership to be able to sell or get discounts on the products.Seeing as Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (their parent company) shut down due to complaints on their products, just how good will the Pure Haven Essentials products be?
  • Are the Pure Haven products as pure as advertised?Pure Haven had a problem with their first products, where customers received a shave cream that was contaminated with bacteria. They had to recall it. Customers didn’t get a refund; they had to wait for a while to get a replacement.
  • No one knows who the Pure Haven executive is, or if the executive is putting their trust in the quality of the product. The incentive for the executive members to care about further recalls is fairly low, because if the review of Ava has told us anything, and if this is truly a rebrand, the founding members have already proven that they can just re-start a new version of their company anew.

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