Pure Haven Essentials Review – Is it a Legit, Trustworthy or a Scam

I’m sure you have come across a Pure Haven Essentials Review on IBuyIReview, product or a salesperson trying to convince you to join the company. It trended for a while earlier this year, but now the interest, according to Google, has reduced. Any reasonable person would first research the company before joining, and I’ve made that easier for you by writing this review so that you do not get carried by the hype the join before knowing what you’re getting into.

Pure Haven Essentials Review – Let it Go!

pure haven essentials review

The company was founded just after Ava Anderson NonToxic was shut down – it is a rebrand of Ava Anderson, though on Pure Haven’s website they do not have any information on its founder or CEO (though it is claimed Ava and Kim Anderson are the owners). There are speculations that Pure Haven Essentials is just a cover up for Ava Anderson NonToxic, that the name was changed due to Ava Anderson’s previous troubles, but the products remain the same. They make and sell the organic home, and body care products that they claim do not contain any harmful products. They are also an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company.

Website: http://purehavenessentials.com/

Pure Haven Essentials Reviews – The Products

Their products are categorized into ten categories. I’ll list a few products from each category, and their prices.

i) Skin Essentials

Exfoliator – $21.95

Cleanser – $17.95

Sugar Lip Scrub – $13.95

Moisturizer – $19.95

4-piece Skin Essentials Set (Cleanser, Exfoliator, Moisturizer, and Toner) – $73.95

ii) Body Essentials

Toothpaste – $8.95

Set of 3 bar soaps – $19.95

Deodorant – $13.95

Pink Grapefruit Scrub – $16.95

Shower Gel – $14.95

iii) Hair Essentials

Conditioner – $15.95

Anti-frizz – $24.95

Shampoo – $15.95

Detangler – $13.95

Styling Cream – $17.95

iv) Baby Essentials

Baby Cream – $13.95

Baby Powder – $10.95

Baby body and massage lotion – $13.95

Baby wash & shampoo – $12.95

v)  Kid’s Essentials

Kid’s shampoo and body wash – $12.95

Kid’s Toothpaste – $8.95

Boo boo stick – $11.95

Kid’s body and massage lotion – $12.95

Monster spray with sprayer – $8.95

vi) Home Essentials

Surface cleaner with sprayer – $20.95

Scrubbing Cleanser – $12.95

Maser Blaster with sprayer – $18.95

Glass cleaner refill – $16.95

Dish soap – $11.95

vii) Men’s Essentials

Beard Balm – $12.95

Aftershave and Moisturizer – $15.95

viii) Face Essentials

Tinted Moisturizer – $15.95

Cheeky color stick – $9.95

Mascara – $17.95

Cheeky bronzer – $9.95

Lip Gloss – $15.95

ix) Oil Essentials

Jojoba Oil – $18.95

Oregano Essential Oil – $11.95

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – $9.95

Tea Tree Essential Oil – $12.95

Peppermint Essential Oil – $10.95

x) Spa Essentials

Lavender Bath Soak – $11.95

Geranium Body Oil – $15.95

Lemon Sugar Scrub – $16.95

Pink Grapefruit Scrub – $16.95

They have so many products you can choose from, and they say the products are all pure, a slight deviation from the word non-toxic that was used to market Ava Anderson products. The products are claimed to:

  • Be made of the best ingredients available
  • Have a list of all ingredients on each product
  • Contains no harmful chemicals

The products will be made in-house, which seems to take of the problem that faced Ava Anderson. It had been claimed that some of Ava Anderson’s suppliers had breached their contracts and supplied some harmful ingredients that were included in their products, leading to a public outcry, and their ultimate shutdown. Pure Haven Essentials will have no one to blame or point fingers at if their products are discovered not to be of the quality they advertise.

Pure Haven Essentials Review – Joining Fee

You are required to pay $99 to get their business kit, which also includes some products that can be sold.

Pure Haven Essentials’ Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan pays in four ways:

  • Commissions and bonuses from your personal sales
  • Bonuses from your downline (people you recruit into the company) sales
  • General Commissions
  • Executive Promotion Advance Bonus

You must have at least $300 in personal sales to qualify for this bonus plan.

Retail Commissions and Bonuses

As a distributor, you can earn 20% to 50% commissions from your monthly sales.

  • Below $1,000 – 30% commission
  • Over $1,000 – 35% commission
  • Over $2,000 – 40% commission
  • Over $3,000 – 45% commission
  • Over $4,000 – 50% commission

N.B. – All those are monthly sales. Your personal purchases are not included when calculating your commission, only your monthly sales.



  1. They do have some good products for sell, though their quality is still in doubt (the “non-harmful chemicals claim.”)
  2. You get rewards for selling products and recruiting people to the company (which is what MLMs do.)


  1. Their products are expensive.
  2. You have to purchase a membership to be able to sell or get discounts on the products.
  • Seeing as Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (their parent company) shut down due to complaints on their products, just how good will the Pure Haven Essentials products be?
  1. Are the products as pure as advertised?
  2. They had a problem with their first products, where customers received a shave cream that was contaminated with bacteria. They had to recall it. Customers didn’t get a refund; they had to wait for a while to get a replacement.

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