Instant Cash Solution Review

Instant Cash

What is Instant Cash Solution, and is it a legitimate program that you can make money online with?

This site claims that you can make $200-500 daily, all without any real work on your part. All you have to do is invest in their system and keep the business going a little longer.

What do I mean by that?

Well, you’re recruiting new people into the instant cash solutions venture, of course, to make money off of them.

You might not be surprised to learn that this course has its share of real rollercoaster of drama, so hold on tight and enjoy the views...

In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the platform, from a complete review of the membership levels, scam reports, about the founder, and where the business is now.

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Review: What Is Instant Cash Solution?

Chances are, if you’ve heard of Instant Cash Solution, then you’ve had views into the inner circle where a friend or family member pitch ICS to you in an attempt to get you to quit your job or join them by making some money on the side.

Escaping the daily grind might sound tempting. (1) Working from home offers so much freedom that you probably don’t get with your current job, and, haven’t you been wanting to change the way you’re living?

If you’re considering escaping your 9-5 job for something more flexible or want to work part-time in retirement, you’ll likely discover that finding a flexible job online is a challenge.
Nancy Collamer

There are also a lot of people out there posting pictures of their stacks of mad cash, claiming they earned it all through this site.

Before you set aside all of your doubts and go looking for the system to sign up, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself this: what’s the catch?

No program is going to be this good without there being some kind of catch.

The reality is, Instant Cash Solution is no longer around, and for good reason: right before it was taken down, it was exposed as a ponzi scam.  

If you don’t know a lot about what a ponzi is, then you should know first and foremost that they are illegal. Their primary purpose is to get new recruits. New members will recruit new members, and each new member must pay a sign-up or subscription fee.

There are no products to sell, like in an MLM. Their sole revenue stream comes from new recruits.

It’s a really nasty cycle, and it’s difficult to pin down, but once it is, these companies are usually banned from operating.

What to Expect When You Join Instant Cash Solutions Program

When you join, there is little in the company's structure to provide you with meaningful training. Recruits are instructed on how to recruit new members, and they are provided with a compensation plan.

Success in this kind of system is rare. Red flag! Typically, only 1-2% of all members who join a business with an MLM-type structure will see any kind of success with the program.

The others either manage to break even on their investment, or lose money trying to make it work.

Ponzi schemes are worse. It can seem like the only way out is further in, and the only people who come out on top in this kind of scenario is the owner of the system.

When you join the system, you will be expected to pay a membership fee, which is between $100 and $500 depending on the level you choose.

How do you gain new recruits?

Instant Cash Solution promotes that all new recruits have to do is post sign-up links to their social media accounts and they can start making money – up to $500 each day if you play your cards right.

Now, that's assuming that someone clicks that link, signs up for the program, and repeat.

Trust me when I say marketing isn't that easy.

The system takes a significant chunk of that money as well, so you might see a couple of dollars off of each new recruit.

It will be a while before you see any sort of return on investment, and that’s assuming you don’t burn through your personal network of friends and family members first.

When you join, you may have a mentor to help guide you through the process. Likely, though, you'll see them quickly drop off as they either get out of the program or stop focusing on your success. They need to line their pockets, and that means getting new people in.

Instant Cash

Membership Levels

All you really get when you join ICS is a few tools and a short guide on how to recruit other members. You will not be learning any new skills or going through any kind of valuable training that will help you in other endeavors.

While the online marketing space may be filled with low quality courses, at least these courses teach you something you can glean some value from.

I can’t say the same for Instant Cash Solution.

You’ll get a few landing pages, information about how to capture emails, some ads to copy and paste, and a short document on how to start cold email marketing (hello, 2008, nice to see you here.)

Before you join, however, you have to choose from a few membership levels. These are the same membership levels that your recruits will have to choose from as well.

Be aware that, if someone is trying to get you to join their level, they are probably going to push you for a Gold or Platinum membership, because those two options will provide the highest return on investment for them.

The Bronze Membership costs $100 to join, plus admin fees of $29.55. This allows you to recruit members up to the Bronze level, which is the lowest level available.

The Silver Membership allows you to recruit members up to this level and costs $200, plus $29.55 in administrative fees.

The Gold Membership is supposedly their most popular option, costing $300 one-time, with a $29.55 administrative cost on top of that.

The Platinum Membership will allow you to recruit members to any level of membership including Platinum. This plan requires an administrative fee of $80, with an initial sign-on cost of $500. That’s an incredible amount of money for just permission to sell their memberships to others!

Think of ICS like an affiliate with high risk.

Really, really high risk.

Most people who joined ICS did it because they needed to get money on the side, or were offered a guarantee on an opportunity that never came through. Now, a lot of people are just trying to get through enough of ICS to recoup their losses.

Compensation Plans

The Instant Cash Solution has three main steps that it teaches members to follow. These three main steps are really the same regardless of what you do within the scam, because the sole purpose of joining is to get other people to sign up.

  1. Purchase a membership plan

The membership plans are detailed above and range from $100 to $500. Each level just grants you access to selling new recruits on that level of membership or below. A lot of people opt for the second most expensive option because they feel like it's not quite as much risk as the Platinum membership, while still giving them the most options for their money.

Each new level of membership allows you to recruit members up to that level and earn a commission on those affiliate commissions.

There is no additional affiliate compensation for new members that your direct recruits sign on, like in other networking companies, so you are limited in what you can earn through ICS.

  1. Follow the instructions

The scam gives you sparse instructions on how to post the sign up links and get recruits. You'll learn how to paste ad copy they give you and post sign-up links on your social media platforms.

You will even be encouraged to start cold emailing and having conversations with your personal network to pitch the scam to them.

  1. Wait

Are you serious? That's one of the steps, is to wait and hope that I didn't just waste my money?

Let's hope I didn't need it.

This is probably one of the most unnerving steps in instant cash solution. Even though we already know this scam is a Ponzi scheme, illegal, and not going to work in the long run for any kind of sustainable revenue need, you are left with a high stakes choice: going in whole-hog and trying to make a return on your investment, devoting hundreds of hours of time, or going out by cut your losses. (psst, that second one is my recommendation.

A lot of people are motivated by loss, meaning they will do whatever necessary to avoid losing something tangible, even if it means they lose more time or money in the process. I'd say, cut your losses there! You've already given the scam money, so they don't care what you do from there.

Do Copy and Paste Ads Really Work?

A large part of Instant Cash Solution’s instructions involve a “Copy & Paste System” which they “teach” you to help you start earning money. (2) While it might not seem like a big deal at first, this kind of system is a big contributor to the amount of spam online.

By now many people are used to the way advertisements follow them around the Web […] Online marketing companies are already focusing on the next generation of targeted advertising.
Tanzina Vega

First, there is no “system” to the basic ad copy that instant cash solution will give you. They just provide you with written ads which you then copy and paste onto your site. Done. No system involved whatsoever, no data to back up their claims or results, and no way to track the performance of these ads or opportunity to improve.

In order to make any kind of money with this “opportunity” you will have to start recruiting dozens of people into the system, which means spamming your links and duplicate written ads anywhere you can.

Not only does this run the risk of ruining your personal reputation, as you are encouraged to use your own social media for this purpose, but the chance that someone will click on those ads and sign up is very low.

A lot of people know what to look for to avoid scams online now, and the ad copy screams scam.


Instant Cash Solution: A Ponzi Scheme Exposed

A lot of people have turned to working online as a way to get out of the daily grind. (3) In turn, pyramid scams have responded by redoubling their efforts to promote their product (the business) and recruit new people and take advantage of this new market.

Now that office workers have proven they can do their jobs effectively from home, we’re at a turning point for what the future of work looks like.
Eric Johnson

There is little documentation to dig up about instant cash solution as it has been effectively buried on the internet.

Even the original instant cash solutions website is down, possibly rebranded to something else, or taken down forever. No one knows for sure.

Still, with the structure they were advertising, there is no doubt that instant cash soltuion is a pyramid – and a poorly disguised one, at that.

Essentially, instant cash solution was attempting to emulate an affiliate program and charge people for the opportunity.

While I’m not a huge fan of affiliate marketing for the financial risk you assume compared to the amount of effort it takes, real affiliate programs are completely free and give you the tools necessary to make it worthwhile without charging you up front.

About the Founder Rich Meyer

There is very little information available online about the founder of Instant Cash Solution, Rich Meyer. This also suggests that there was very little information about him when instant cash solution existed.

It is possible that Rich Meyer never existed and was instead an alias used to hide the real identity of the founder. There’s no way to know.

When you search for him on the internet there are several instances of a business called Premier Marketing Academy on Vimeo and YouTube, both of which have fairly recent videos published, in late 2020.

This could be Rich Meyer, the founder of the original ICS that has since been taken down.

It could also be an unfortunate soul who happens to be trying to make his name known in marketing without any clue that the business used to exist.

I believe it is the first one as some of these videos are blatantly promoting Instant Cash Solution, talking about new workshops and new training materials to help you make it big with the program.

The name is only mentioned in the description and meta information of the videos. The name is not mentioned in either of the About sections on Vimeo or YouTube for this marketing business.

Can You Make Money with Instant Cash Solution?


I don’t have any doubt that you could potentially make money with ICS, but it’s important for me to note that, in no way is it a legitimate way to make money.

By promoting their product knowing that it’s a Ponzi scheme designed to scam others into giving instant cash solution money, you are scamming them.

You might be trying to make ends meet, but there are better ways to do it for a lot less work and fewer social repercussions, too.

I cannot, in good faith, recommend trying to make money with Instant Cash Solution in any way. You stand to lose your money immediately, and you will only be scamming others out of their money for the benefit of a system who scammed you.

It’s a ridiculous concept, and I wish it wasn't successful. Obviously, people fall for these schemes and they prove to these business owners that they can make money off of others’ ignorance.

If you want a sustainable source of income with a legitimate business model, you are better off looking elsewhere for it.

I have some places you could start looking, but you should also know that no legitimate business model is going to be an overnight success. Real financial success takes real effort, even if it’s just in the beginning.

What Happened to the Company?

The system has since disappeared from the internet. There is no trace of them in recent results, and no one seems to be talking about them anymore. Well, except for me, apparently.

Their website domain is down, there is no way to contact their customer support, and all of their social media accounts have been taken down.

The only fragments of the business that you can find left are people who used to promote the program and haven’t updated their articles or taken them down, and reviews like this one telling you to steer clear from the program.

If the system rebranded and continued business elsewhere, I couldn’t find any trace of it.

It’s almost like the system never existed in the first place. If there weren’t such extensive reviews and promotions of previous members, I might be inclined to believe it.

Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is known for taking these companies down whenever they are reported or discovered. This business model is highly illegal in many countries, including the United States, so it is possible that this is what happened.

Often, instead of fighting any court cases, the system will simple declare bankruptcy and fold, taking with them all of the money they’ve scammed from helpless members.

Ready for a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?

Now, I know it can be disappointing to find out that the program you found isn't going to pan out. Over the years, I've searched for a training course that I could reliably recommend without feeling queasy about sending people into a scam.

I had a few requirements.

This program had to be legitimate and teach everything from the ground up, because most people don't start out with the skill that makes them the most money.

Furthermore, this program had to be worth the price. How would I recommend it, if I knew it would be past most reader's budgets? This meant it either had to be low cost or offer payment plans.

Lastly, it had to be reliable and sustainable. You had to be able to quit your job in a legitimate way to make money with it full-time. This was my ultimate test.

I knew that I had to be the test subject for all of these qualifications, and perhaps because of the necessity of finding it, I came across something that met every single criteria on my list: Local Marketing Vault.

This course is about online marketing, but not in the way you usually think about it.

There is no SEO, dropshipping, ecommerce, or even Amazon FBA attached to it.

What does this course teach? How to capture and send qualified leads to clients through Google Ads.

Let me say that another way: this course teaches you how to find customers looking for a solution to their problems to a real business who needs the help.

Best of all, the training is updated all the time, and they help you every step of the way, with livestreams in the Facebook group, answering questions, and legitimately helping you make the process work for you, because, let's face it – a real business takes real effort, and it's not going to be an overnight success.

With the right help, however, it can really become something big.

This is how I've made my money in the past few years, and I don't know what I'd do without it.

I believe in this program so much that I've secured a free demo of the training for you.

If you're interested, there's no risk to trying it out. Learn more below:

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  2. Tanzina Vega, New Ways Marketers Are Manipulating Data to Influence You,
  3. Eric Johnson, Why Has the Great Work From Home Experiment Bene so Successful?,