Job Killing Review – The Truth

I write this review as probably one of the most emotional reviews I’ll ever write, mainly because I used to be a job killer.

My story is in the video, plus more. 

Ultimately, my goal here is to help you make a decision either way, share the facts and share my opinions.

I am currently at $11,000/Month part time after picking JK back up a few months ago.

This is real, not some bullshit MLM, Internet marketing product, ebook or anything else you or I have ever bought.

Is it illegal to Sell Leads to Local Businesses?

This question has never been raised until about 45 days ago. Since this coaching has gotten so much praise around the community as well as all over the country it is common to have internet Trolls trying to capture their “review” traffic to siphon them off to another opportunity.

Folks, there is a troll and he is creating doubt in the process that is taught inside the community.

So, lets put to rest exactly what this Troll is saying in EVERY SINGLE one of his videos.

“JK is a scam because it is illegal to sell leads without a license”

So lets cut to the chase without all the garbage legal talk.

Do you honestly believe that the following websites have Licenses in EVERY STATE and EVERY type of business?

  1. Home Advisor
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. The Blue Book
  4. Patch
  5. Angie’s List

I can go on and on about how many different HUGE referral sites are out there. The quick answer is, you do not have to have a license to sell leads. It is that simple. If you have a “Terms of Service” in your websites, which is taught in JK, then within that Terms of Service, you say you are selling leads to a Company. It is simple.

All I ask is you please disregard the Internet Trolls. Having a Bad review is normal, but Trolls go deeper than just reviewing a product. They hit you personally, and for that, you shouldn’t pay any attention to people like that.

Another Solid Review of Job Killing

If not, my story and the initial job killing review is below.

The Story of me being a Job Killer Member:

I used to be a member of the Job Killers, and made a shit load of money with their process, and even though I parted ways, I still receive money from work I did over 2 years ago all because of being a job killer.

During my stint with these guys, my “financial” future was looking bright as hell.

I was making a good $2,000-$3,000 a month promoting JK, another $10,000 a month with client retainers plus my $120,000/year job plus all my real estate rentals.

All in all, well over $300K in total revenue for 2014.

What could go wrong?

How could I have make moves to sabotage this type of lifestyle?

The day of the paradigm shift

There was a new affiliate for the Job Killers in town and his shit was ranking like crazy.

Every keyword I ranked for, he ranked above me. (still does) (friend of mine to be honest)

What started to happen was my leads became his leads and the confusion between who was really sending leads to Dan (JobK.) was confusing.

The solution was simple, we both looked in our aweber account and if the new member was in mine and his, then the commission was split.

Now, to most, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it was a huge deal.

Let me explain.

I had leads coming in to this blog daily, and for some reason had a hidden urge to be on the other side of this process, the coaching side.

Somewhere within 48 hours of  leads being split, I made a decision to go off and do this on my own.

The upside would be, I already have leads coming in daily, I can push those leads to my own course, maybe.

I can be the maker of my own business, the one who was always thanked on my own private FB group, the one to change lives and make a shit load of money.

Especially since I knew the JK model works, and works so damn well!

Unlike most, I am the person who takes action.

Major major action.

The race was on, the course is to be created.

Like Brad Campbell (co-creator of JK) , I was in my own dungeon, slaying dragons but this time it was for me and nobody else.

In a month, I created my low ticket 6 module Local Lead Generation Course.

My thoughts, ah such stupid thoughts.

People come to my blog, I send them to JobKilling, and if they don’t join, I hit them was my own course.

Win win?

N o t    e x a c t l y!

Confusion set in, people not only see my course, then confuse my course with the Job Killers course and complain after an hour on the phone with the JKer’s sales team when they say their price.

Imagine being on the phone thinking they are signing up to my $197 course, and when they drop the Killer’s price the customer says wait I thought it was $197???

Man, my apologies go along way, not only to Dan and Brad but to Hal as well!

That lasted a month before they kicked my ass out. Argh, actually hurt to be honest. 

Rightfully so…it was stupid, and made me look unappreciative to these guys.

The guys that taught me to build a $120,000/Year + business.

To make matters worse, some of my sales stuff was kind of “bashing” their course price.

It wasn’t meant to do so, but it kind of still did….

Again, stupid….

To top it off, my course, my training’s were just not as good as Job Killers.

As much as that stings, because I am competitive by nature, Job Killers just have a special coaching program going and I couldn’t top it.

As hard as I tried, as many people as I brought into my own coaching, the success stories just were not coming. 

In Job Killing, these at least have 5-10 people A DAY, posting pictures of checks, cash and new deals. 

My course, once in a blue moon.

So of course, I had to shift gears. 

Life After Job Killing

What could I do?

I honestly believed in my heart, them kicking me out was the right move, and to this day it makes me sick on how I handled this whole thing.

I considered Dan & Brad as good business friends, and even recently we connected so I know they still think of me that way as well.

I almost feel, 2 years later, as if I let them down.


What I learned over the past year was worth the price of every decision I made.

First, I realized teaching is not easy.

They warned me about this when I told them I was going to create my own course.

It is filled with people who honestly don’t have any business being in business.

Hence why Job Killing is an INVESTMENT not just couple dollars to join.

They want like minded, balls to wall, 10X lifers to join them.

Not $197 tire kickers who ask for refunds.

Sorry, but that is the damn truth.

Second, running your own course is time consuming.

I honestly just didn’t have time to feed into the excuses people gave, or even the complaints they would post.

Due the time of running my own course with my partner, I lost all my SEO clients except one small monthly client.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Third, the $15,000 I made from my course wasn’t worth the relationships I almost lost, as well as the the $10K a month business I had.

Read that line above again….and then pass me a bucket!

Fourth, maybe it was shiny objects that got the best of me?

IDK but instead of honing into my already 6 figure Job Killing business and doubling/tripling it, I went for the home run and struck out immensely.

Not just a strike out but one of those complete whiffs, where I landed on my ass because the bat was to heavy to hold as it spun to my backside.

Imagine a 6 figure business traded for a measly $15K split in half.

Pass that bucket please….

July 2015 was a bad month for me.

Normally, July is a 10% of my salary, so it’s a 5 figure month for me minimum.

However, in 2015 they cut that month from the budget, and I was left with no clients, no J.O.B income and we basically closed our course months prior.

The wife and son were gone for 3.5 weeks visiting family, so I was left with a beaten ego.

Beaten, bloody and abused ego with no shoulder to lean on.

WTF happened?

Seriously, how could so many decisions I thought were right, be so damn wrong?

Getting to the point so bare with me….

How could I have given up what I had in the palm of my hand?

Weird eh?

Or downright STUPID?

July 2015 I picked myself up and decided to make a damn decision.

All my clients were gone, I couldn’t just pick up where I left off, or at least I thought I couldn’t so I made a choice I only new how to make.

Chase the fastest, shiniest object around.


I won’t go into my ecomm business because in the end this is not about that.

My ecomm business saved my ass, and we did, to this day about $690,000 in 8 months. (add about $40,000 a month to those numbers)

30% profit split in half. Not a bad part time income. ($103,500)

Although, ecomm has been good to me, I would trade that success to still be where I was prior to creating my course.

I would trade it in a heartbeat.

Many have asked me why, why would I trade my ecomm success to be back in JK, and be back to Local Lead Gen?

It’s a simple 2 Part answer.

  1. Comradery – spirit of friendship and community in a group.
  2. Sustainability – Job Killers teach a method that will last forever.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, and when you find a group of people to spend “online” time with, I highly suggest you hold on and never let go.

We all yearn for success and always want more than we have, but without a community of like-minded people, you are treading lonely waters.

Most people won’t make it in their online business venture, and most don’t want to hear this, but 100% of the time it is their fault.

If I could steer you into the “correct direction” and you have scheduled a call, get on it and say YES.

Look, at the end of the day, JK could cost $10,000 and still easily be worth that price. (Doesn’t cost that much, now)

Not because of what they teach..

Lets face the facts, what they teach isn’t rocket science, it’s a formula, that can be followed by anyone.

It’s Simple local seo tactics any monkey brain can do, and if you don’t smile at that statement and get excited, then maybe you should go buy the shitty programs.

The Comradery and Sustainability is what you are paying for….

My ecomm business was monsterous:


But it was missing the comradery and sustainability.

Two huge aspects to a long term business.

That picture above isn’t sustainable.

However, what Job Killing teaches is.

make money online

I was playing poker a few weeks ago in May 2016 and I got talking with an Electrician.

If you remember I told you I lost almost all of my clients I had from what I learned in Job Killing.

What I didn’t realize was, shit all I have to do is use my knowledge which didn’t just disappeared  just because I got sidetracked, to go out and get clients.

It started with him above. $1,500 for a website I build myself using weebly.

This guy sparked me back into what the Job Killers taught me.

He also agreed to $697/Month to keep him ranking in search engines.

Now I am on a rampage to build my JK business back up. So…

…get on a call with them, listen to them, pay the fee and put your blinders on.

I think they will break the cost out up to 6-18 Months I believe.

Learn from other’s mistakes, and when you get in, hold on to it and never let it go.

What they teach is valuable, however their community doesn’t have a price tag.

You just can’t duplicate it.

By the end of this you shouldn’t even care what they are teaching…

Helping businesses generate more business is how I always tell people.

You do that by digital marketing.

Ranking business in the search engines, which is downright easy based on the amount of cities, zips and businesses out there.

I mean does that change your decision to join?

..does that make your tinkle tickle?

Ab-so-lutely NOT

The fact is you will join for 1 reason and 1 reason only.

Outside of the potential money and cool perks…


Do you like Dan and Brad?

Did you connect with anyone else?

If you answered yes to either one of those, I can bet my bottom 80% of those people will join.

The other 20% will be back…I might be back…hell I am back!

Emotional connections fuel our decisions.

Rightfully so…

Connect on a higher level with these guys, and get in and get that money.

In the end, if you do just that:


Get into Job Killing

Work Hard

Never Look Back

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