Job Killing Review – The Truth

I write this review as probably one of the most emotional reviews I’ll ever write on IBuyIReview, mainly because I used to be a Job Killer. Ultimately, my goal with this Job Killing review is to help you make a decision either way, share the facts and my opinions on the course based on my experience. I am currently at $11,000/month part time, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s not with JK, though it can certainly make that much money. The course has its downsides, too – like did you know that the JK course is a whopping 15 grand to purchase? Of course, Dan has payment plans, but they aren’t lenient, either. Most students struggle to pay their JK “tuition”, especially if the course doesn’t make it for them. It can be tough to jumpstart a site in some niches.

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Course Title :Job Killing
Rank :#5 out of 100
Length :About 30 hours
Content :It’s a decent program if you can get it for a lower price, but there are better programs out there for similar business models
Rating : 2.5 out of 5
Price :$15,000 before payment plan interest

A Note on Fake Course Reviews: Is It Illegal to Sell Leads to Local Businesses?

This question has never been raised until about 45 days ago. Since this coaching has gotten so much praise around the community as well as all over the country it is common to have internet trolls tryingto capture their traffic to siphon them off to another opportunity.

Folks, there is a troll and he is creating doubt in the process that is taught inside the community.

So, let’s put to rest exactyl what this troll is saying in every single one of his videos.

"JK is a scam because it is illegal to sell leads without a license."
Anonymous Internet Reviewer

So lets cut to the chase without all the garbage legal talk.

Do you honestly believe that the following sites have Licenses in EVERY STATE and EVERY type of industry?

  1. Home Advisor
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. The Blue Book
  4. Patch
  5. Angie’s List

I can go on and on about how many different HUGE referral sites are out there. (1) The quick answer is, you do not have to have a license to sell leads. It is that simple. If you have a “Terms of Service” in your site, which is taught in JK, then within that Terms of Service, you say you are selling leads to a Company. It is simple.

All I ask is you please disregard the Internet Trolls complaints. Having a bad experience sprinkled in here and there is normal, but trolls go deeper than just reviewing a product. They hit you personally, and for that, you shouldn’t pay any attention to drama magnets like that. Normally, that’s when I go look at the BBB ratings.

Still, it can be difficult to connect with new clients, especially as so much new business for contractors seems to rely on word-of-mouth.
Allan Smith

The Story of My Being a Member of the JK Lead Gen Program:

I used to be a member of the Job Killers, and made a shit load of money with their process, and even though I parted ways, I still receive money from sites I did over 2 years ago all because of being a job killer.

During my stint with these guys, my “financial” future was looking bright as hell.

I was making a good $2,000-$3,000 a month promoting JK, another $10,000 a month with client retainers plus my $120,000/year job plus all my real estate rentals.

All in all, well over $300K in total revenue in one year… for 2014.

Like others on the top, I made it big and it was looking great. It’s that kind of moo-lah they put on the poster for Dan to advertise it to all the new potential members looking to make some moo-lah at home.

What could possibly make these videos from Dan and Brad look bad?

Well, what they don’t tell you is – like many other programs – that’s not the typical results, and it takes a lot more time and money than you’d think to get one of these sites going.

That impressive dollar amount I scored was a few years after I started. It took me so long to get there, and I struggled in the beginning. It was brutal.

No program will show the prospective students’ the hardship and financial sacrifices it took someone me to get there, but they’ll show them the highlight reel.

How Much Does Job Killing Cost?

Job Killing costs $15,000, give or take a few dollars, tax, and any interest incurred by paying it off long-term.


This is a shocking amount of moo-lah to me. I’d bet you that anyone looking to make moo-lah online needs moo-lah, which puts them below the line of that dollar amount hurting their wallet a great deal.

Nobody just has $15,000 laying around that they can spend on Dan, so you know that they are counting on the interest coming in from those payment plans.

What they don’t tell you is that is JUST the cost of the program, and they’re going to upsell you on other things like Done For You sites, services, and branded links.

I have a problem with this – their “influence links” are just PBN links, but Dan talks about it so authoritatively and efficiently in the videos that if you were just starting out in SEO – like the program is most geared towards – then you’re not likely to know that you can get those links elsewhere for a lower cost.

It took me a little while to figure that one out, and it meant that I had to do my own research outside of Dan and his videos to learn enough and eventually connect the dots.

So a mind boggling 15 G on top of proprietary links and tools to get your site ranked that are overpriced, or Done For You profiles that cost an arm and a leg?

Don’t get me wrong. The business model works, it’s just very, very expensive, time consuming, and has its own host of problems, which I’ll get into in a minute.

The Day of the Paradigm Shift - A Job Killing Review

Until you’ve had to advertise your own lead gens, the process looks straight forward and easy to jump on. In the videos, Dan and Brad talk about it like you just pump them out and start collecting a paycheck like it’s nobody’s business.

Incremental gains, baby.

What they don’t tell you is that the turnover rate for clients accepting leads is crazy high – and that’s assuming you’ve picked a niche that actually works.

Let me tell you a quick story about a landscaping business lead gen I started. I chose a mid-sized town in Texas where there were plenty of landscapers, but the 3-pack in the Maps listings were empty. No one knew how to nudge their website in there, and only the one big player had a website up.

That’s what they teach you is low hanging fruit, competition wise.

There was plenty of search volume, so I thought I was getting into a great niche. Landscaping could be a real big-ticket item I could sell leads in.

I did everything I was supposed to. I got the website up, I did my quote form, rented a phone number, got the content all set up…

A few hundred dollars later, I bought all of the services I needed to have the site ranked up.

A few weeks later, I started getting leads in, and I didn’t have anyone yet, so I switched the numbers over.

One by one, I’d call each client after they got a few leads and asked them if they were interested in continuing these calls, and you know what each one said to me without fail?


Every one of these leads told me they weren’t interested and asked me to stop sending them leads.

This wasn’t my first rodeo – at this point, I had been following the JK process for about two years. My tuition was just about paid off (out of pocket, mind you) and I was sure it was going to be a success this time.

The real pain point? You’re doing literally everything up front.

It hurt, too. I wasn’t exactly floating in cash. I was trying to bootstrap my way to victory, because I wanted to start a family someday and have a savings account.

I spent hundreds of dollars creating the website and ranking it up, then wasted my moo-lah on a phone number and virtual mailbox over several months to set it up, just to have every single client reject me.

Hours of my personal time, stress, and frustration went into this website. This was the one that needed to win.

Living the JK life had also led me to hiring a few virtual assistants, and I knew that it wasn’t just my finances on the line if this site made it, but it was the effort, time, and financial stability of my freelancers, too. They were full-time working on site after site while I tried to make it work.

It might seem crazy to you that these clients would reject free business, right?

It was insane to me, too, especially considering that lead gen is such a crucial method in attracting new customers in modern marketing. (2)

58% [of businesses] indicated that lead generation is a key challenge business leaders face. Over 40% describe their business’ current sales and marketing efforts as “outdated,” with 59% of businesses relying on spreadsheets to track how they are marketing to leads
Kimberly Whitler

Then I started thinking about it, and I actually called some of them back up and asked why they were interested. 

I told them that the method had worked in other industries, and it didn’t make sense to me.

You know what I heard?

“We make an honest living. If they didn’t hire us, they didn’t hire us.”
“It’s too much like a scam, I can’t risk my business like that.”
“We don’t need any more customers.”
“We can’t do anything with the services you’re advertising. There’s no guarantee that these leads are qualified for me."

Clients thought that by following this business model, I was trying to scam them (or their customers.)

Eventually, in bigger cities with different niches, these sites worked, but that’s only because there was enough competition to make it worth it. These businesses would take every competitive advantage they could get.

But you know what?

That goes against the JK model.

They tell you to seek out the low hanging fruits in the industries. The easy wins.

Clients in easy win industries don’t need the help, they’re already getting enough business.

It’s the clients in the competitive industries that need the extra edge, and that’s going to cost you a lot more moo-lah.

I invested that money because I had to make sure it worked in some way, but the reality is that it takes MONTHS for any good website to reliably rank, and you’re going to sink a few thousand dollars into each site you make to really move it to where it needs to be.

Beyond that, you’re going to need a lot more knowledge about SEO to make that kind of site rank.

The turnover rate of clients is a killer, too, and not in a good way.

Clients ghost you all the time. They’ll stop paying you out of nowhere, or ask you to turn off leads because they’ve reached max capacity.

There was a carpet cleaning site I owned once where the client quit after 1 morning of taking leads because they didn’t like the idea of the leads coming from a site they can’t control.

So many clients will agree to take leads, but when it comes to paying your monthly fee, they never show up.

That’s a big hit to the ego, thinking you finally made it when you just hit another wall in the line.

Life After Job Killing

What could I do?

I was tired of building all of these sites and sinking cash into them just to have 9 out of 10 flop.

I might have been making lots of cash, but I was putting most of it back into the sites I was making just to see a failure rate that was skyrocketing. I didn’t want ot go back to affiliate sites, amazon listings, or anything like that.

That’s right – any time you see Dan boasting about his top student’s wins, remember that Dan is talking about gross revenue, not net profits.

Sure, I was working for myself at this point and running a business, but I still couldn’t afford a modest house or enjoy any passive returns.

I was struggling to pay a surprise repair bill for my water heater on top of rent.

I honestly believed it was time to move on, but I wasn’t sure where to go.

It was almost a year later when I was idly looking online for other options when I found something that really struck out to me.

This program used a lot of the skillset I had gathered in my time ranking up these sites, but instead of SEO, it focused on something much more sustainable.

It was a similar business model to JK, but instead of spending all the cash up-front so the leads are generated ahead of time, I’d use the skills I learned on ads.

Of course.


Ads targeted buyers who actively had a credit card in their hand, not someone looking to learn more about how to mow their own lawn.

Ads gave you so much more control over selecting qualified leads, you just had to tweak it.

I was sold.

I purchased this program – called Local Marketing Vault, or LMV for short – and gave it a shot.

(I told my wife that I was giving up entrepreneurship if this didn’t make it.)

Now, it was a learning curve still, to switch from SEO to Ads, but the way the videos were presented, it was set up so that anyone could learn even without a previous background in digital marketing, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I loved the friends that I had made in JK, but there was too much risk involved with the business model, and I didn’t enjoy learning that I had been buying an overpriced PBN all this time because I didn’t know what else it could be called outside of “influence.” I didn’t enjoy the fact that their “trust the process” motto was to follow outdated advice and keep trying and spending cash until you found something that worked.

I lost a lot in the JK training.

In this new training, I signed on immediately. It was worth every penny, not to mention it’s a third of the cost.
There’s no additional up-sells or obfuscation that happens in the backend, and the owners, James and Jason, are so kindhearted and honest.

You can tell they really care about their process, too. They do livestreams every week, consistently, and they’re super responsive to the members in the group (which, by the way, is over 5,000.)

But what is it?

Instead of pounding the pavement looking for some sort of sustainable salary, you close a client and send qualified leads directly to your funnel.

Instead of trying to masquerade as a real business, looking sketchy and untrustworthy, you’re just providing the funnel. That funnel is your landing page for the ads, and that sends users to your client, giving you a way to track each lead.

That’s insane.

OF COURSE there was a better way to go about securing leads.

Makes me think back on all the walls I hit creating sites when I could have been doing this instead.

I also started making six figures with this program and it took me a fraction of the time.

Better yet, the adspend was an additional cost to the client, so my revenue was a LOT closer to my net profit.

All I had to pay for were a few tools, which James and Jason are upfront about.

If you don’t believe me, check this out:


I was playing poker back in May 2016 and I got to talking with an Electrician.

If you remember, I had a hard time getting clients, and when I was following the JK method.

What I didn’t realize was, “of course – all I have to do is use the knowledge I already have and learn a few new things.”

What I had already learned didn’t disappear. For some marketers, that knowledge is personal interactions, which serves them well on the phone with a potential client. (3) For others, it’s an understanding of marketing or how algorithms work.

Above all else, I like that the LMV program is willing to teach you everything from the ground up so you don’t have to guess along the way.


Lead generation is a real challenge for many small businesses.
Melinda Emerson

Now I have a house, a savings account, and living the life I want to live.

It started with this electrician – this was the first client I landed in LMV using one of the funnels given to me in the training.

This is what sparked my renewed interest in working from home.

I didn’t have to do a 9-5 to pay for my passion.

I paid off my training in two months. That’s how easily I could acquire clients.

Not two years, like with JK.

No thousands of dollars sunk into a single site to before it worked.

No frustrating calls and having to re-do sites because a client won’t deal with you in a particular area.

What James and Jason teach in this program is valuable, helping businesses generate more business, all in a genuine way that doesn’t make anyone think you’re trying to scam them or screw them over.

PayPal Account 1 – $4,634.00


Chase Account – $6.980.80


PayPal Account 2 – $3,348.00



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