Legendary Preferred Destinations – Membership Review


I need to step out of my normal routine and give a review of legendary preferred destinations for the hard rock membership. Because of this experience, I now ONLY BOOK my vacations through the best online booking platform on the internet. 

Normally I review products like Empower Network, Chris Farell Membership and a slew of other online affiliate products for my viewers to read, however I had some experience with this membership and NEED to share my story….

Hard Rock in Punta Cana – $1,500 resort credit of crap

I truly hope this hits page 1 of Google so people can read my membership review about this company.

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Back to my story…Here it goes…

I’m chilling by the beach for a few days when I starting getting promotions thrown at me by the workers at Hard Rock in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic. Basically I was being offered the opportunity to use all my resort credits ($1,500 ) for whatever I wanted…instead of having to only use $300 for the spa, $150 for 1 golfer etc…

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They suck you in with the resort credits, however it is impossible to use as a family. I had a family of 5 including me and in order for us to enjoy the vacation and use the resort credits, we would end up spending hundreds of dollars for the other people to join because we were “capped” with the amount of resort credits we could use per excursion.

Gets worse….

If you have been to the Hard Rock in Punta Cana you understand the frustration of not being able to use your resort credits for whatever you want and as much as you want.

Keep reading…

Legendary Preferred Destinations – Selling ice to an Eskimo

Soo…..I end up going to the RCI receptionist to help me out on how I could use these resort credits as I wish.

And the selling begins…

I was told if you just sit in a 90 minute presentation about becoming a legendary member of the Hard rock Hotel, we could use the resort credits where ever we wanted up to the $1,500 they gave us…

I thought cool….I’m a man of steel, I will just walk out at the end of the 90 minutes… 🙂

Well…..not so fast…literally the best salesman I have ever come across sits down trying to close me.

Throughout the presentation he dragged me in, showed me the numbers, compared to real time prices, showed me the legendary deluxe room, brought me to the private pool, then to the private beach and on and on and on….

I was so brainwashed I truly couldn’t pass up the offer….

More on that in a minute…

As I sat there, he saw my eyes started to glaze over and right at that tipping point moment where I could have gone either way, he threw an extra 15 weeks into the World Travel RCI for no extra cost…

I’ll explain the deal I got later on…

I thought, WOW, (so stupid) I’m getting the best deal in the world…I got to have it…

However, I was smart enough to say, “James…leave, go think about it…”

So, that is what I did, I told the man I had to discuss this transaction with my family…

….he proceeded to tell me he couldn’t let me leave unless I put down a $200 deposit to “hold” the offer for 60 minutes..

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I have to say that gave me a chuckle, but as I was sweating in that room I knew losing $200 was a lot better than $18,900. God, it makes me sick thinking about it now.

I dropped the card on the table, and told the man, “Be right back, sir, please hold the offer!” Like a little puppy dog…

Somebody should have punched me in the face when I walked outside!!! Loser! lol

Legendary Preferred Destinations – How I became the salesman

As I walked over to my family and began talking about the “greatest deal I have ever seen”  I could see my mother in law wanted to smack me in my face, like a parent wants to smack their kids when they are 15 and think they are in love.

I didn’t care, I wanted to purchase this damn thing but only have 60 minutes to do so…

I knew I didn’t want to spend this kind of money on my own, so I ended up calling a buddy of mine and started selling….I was actually pretty pumped as how good I was….you know the feeling, everything is coming out right and before I could say anything else….YES!!! I got him to say yes…

As I mathematically started calculated $18,900/2 is $9,450..I started to realize…holla! I am going to buy this shit! I am actually going to be a legendary member of the Hardrock.

As I walked back to the “Slaughter House”, I could feel my body started to stand up straighter, I had a little extra pep in my step. I even walked past a group of other members and said, save me spot, I’ll be there in a little….lmao, they looked at me and was like…LOSER!

Legendary Preferred Destinations – DUN DUN…the DEAL

So…I sat there with my wife and went through the following deal with the Salesman: (18,900 usd)

15 world use weeks (RCI basically) will not receive any celebrity week
18 match play weeks (each match play week paid will grant you one celebrity week….18 celebrity weeks)
He also threw in like 3 FREE weeks to be used after the entire membership was paid.
I also get $2,000 resort credits every time I go in addition to my down payment will be transferred into resort credits.
In this example, I put down $2,800 so they gave me that in resort credits to be used for almost anything..
Not bad right?….
Legendary Preferred Destinations – I am regretfully a Preferred Member….
Ok, so this is where it all went wrong….I started to realize the following:
  • Hard Rock Hotel food sucked in Punta Cana
  • The service is so slow and they get annoyed if you want them to hurry up with serving
  • The never ending selling of this membership is ridiculous and it ruined my vacation (buyers remorse)
  • When leaving early, before anyone else, you are responsible to check out and pay for all the room charges
  • If you don’t check out, they don’t care and will hold your luggage hostage and raise a fist at you if you try and get to your luggage.
  • The resort is enormous and walking miles a day is not my cup a tea on vacation. (sure you can take the trolly if you want to inhale carbon monoxide from the fumes)
  • The cleaning services are terrible, slow and dumb. They never filled the fridge and the rooms smell like soot.
  • Did I say the food was terrible….

As I sat on the plane home, I realized I did something bad. I locked my family in the same vacation over 4 resorts for the rest of our lives. Since I hated the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, I know basically only have 3 resorts to choose from forever…

I mean how many vacations can one take to the same resort year in and year out? Variety James!!

Legendary Preferred Destinations – Before you buy, you can’t cancel!!

It is listed in the contract, you can’t cancel…

….Believe me, I tried….however I was able to downgrade to the following package: ($4,610.00)

  1. 5 World weeks compared to the 15 in current contract
  2. 4 Match/Play weeks compared to the 18 in current contract
  3. 1 free legendary week (once entire cost is paid) except dec 3rd—>Jan 4th)
  4. 2600 usd in resort credit collection exp 2033
  5. 1500 resort credit promotion exp 2018 each time I go.

I was able to downgrade my membership from an $18,900 to $4,610 package….


I am currently selling my weeks. Whomever is interested, leave a comment below. I am selling them with a small recoup fee. For example, if the week you want is $3,000 and the Celebrity week is $500, I sell both weeks with a $500 referral Fee. So you would be getting 2 weeks all inclusive to the HardRock for $4,000 ($2K/week) which is half the cost of what you could find for these hotels. You basically get the perks of the membership without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars.


 I’ll end this post with this: You can cancel your membership as the member below did, if you CANCEL WITHIN 5 DAYS OF BUYING. It is a universal law.

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