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Commission Engine Review

What would you say if you were told by someone who makes $10,000 a day (and shows proof) promises that you can make that same money with a software package and some hard work?

What would you say if you were sitting there waiting to make a decision on whether to buy the product for $997.00 and was told that only 15 licenses were being sold?

What would you do if, when you sat there trying to make a better life for you and your family, on the bottom of the page it says only ONE LICENSE LEFT?

Would you act fast and purchase commission engine by some guy who doesn't even think its worth it to tell you his last name?

I put myself in most peoples' shoes and purchased the software Commission Engine so I can review it and let you know if it is worth the ENORMOUS price tag today, or if its another one of those one-and-done products.

In order to review commission engines products I need to give a quick background of where I ran into this package...

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What Is Commission Engine?

Commission engines an app that allows you to build micro sites around a niche market. It is currently marketed as a done for you “instant affiliate site” generator. With each click, the idea is that you’ll get affiliate commissions from traffic.

Since I first reviewed this, it was run by a guy named James. No last name or anything. Now on reviewing commission engines products, no mention of a name at all appears.

If you go to the privacy policy, you can see that it is run by a UK company called “Doc Dollars” which is difficult to find any information about.

Within the package you have 3 steps toward “financial freedom”:

  1. Research
  2. Site Build
  3. Daily Traffic

Which, we’ll dive deeper into that in a second…

Commission Engine App

How I Discovered the Commission Engine App

The product, Commission Engine, came through my daily email from the marketer Jani GMoney way back when. He was so devilishly excited to share this product with his list, I decided to watch just to see what it was about.

(After all, that’s my job!)

On I had to take another look at Commission Engine just because content creator and known affiliate Jani G was so excited. I sat through the webinar back then and, like I always do, started diving in a little deeper into the details.

Of course, Jani G was an affiliate just promoting it to his list to get in on the commissions, but I started wondering how exactly Commission Engine worked to get Google traffic, and what made it so special.

I made the plunge because you deserve to know what products are out there and by now, this has been around for quite a while.

Step One: Affiliate Keyword Research

What the creators of Commission Engine claim is that everything in their software will allow you to take those 3 magical steps of financial freedom all within one software that can help increase your daily affiliate commissions.

Within the software, there is a “research” tab that allows you to do keyword research. It actually does a pretty good job pulling out niche terms for your market…

However, you can do this with a free tool, like Google Keyword Tool, so you don’t need this software for that.

Step Two: Building Your Website for Commissions

Once you’ve found a niche that you want to market – which, by the way, is easy to pick but VERY hard to find something that is not already saturated – Commission Engine has you take the next step of building your site.

I have to admit, while this is a mega cool tool for when it first came out, allowing you to visually drag and drop elements to create your site, that is now extremely common in almost any site builder, even open source platforms like WordPress.

This software does have drag and drop elements, which I like, but again there is no reason why you need to pay all that money for it. WordPress is free, and most other platforms like Squarespace or Weebly are either free or only charge a small monthly fee.

Step Three: Traffic from Google & Other Search Engines

Good ol’ traffic. This is the way to get rich, the heart and blood behind making money online…if you do it right.

Commission engine shows some weird unethical steps on how to build traffic through old Google SEO techniques.

I could go on for hours about how this works and why its bad, but ultimately – if you take these steps, your site isn’t going to rank in Google, it may get deindexed, and worst of all, the traffic you gain won’t even convert because they won’t be your target audience.

Basically, once you pick your target keyword that you’re  trying to promote in your niche, and you’ve build a site around it, you are going to be led through a series of vaguely complex steps that allows you to pull articles from the web that are related to that keyword.

Jack Doherty Net Worth

In this demonstration, marketer “James” pulls some articles using the software, and uploads them to the site.

He never mentions anything about duplicate content, getting banned – rather, deindexed – from Google, and all the blackhat SEO techniques he is using for these sites daily.


He’s using an automatic blog retrieving to pull all the blog posts related to that keyword, then copy+pastes the posts on his site as daily “reviews” to pull content from another creator.

He, for a quick second, says you should change the daily content up a bit. That’s all the warning you get about duplicate content in an affiliate marketing course.

Buy Commission Engine: Is It a Scam?

Yes, it appears to be so as I go through this commission engine review. Should you buy commission engine? I would not recommend it, no.

I’ve added this to my scam list because, while it is still operational, I haven’t seen anyone have any success with this system who doesn’t stand to make a dime from new commissions even if the creator goes on to create a new site daily.

There is a lot the app could do better as an affiliate engine, and the likelihood of you getting google traffic and any kind of commission is slim. In other words, reliability is low, even for a pro. The market is too saturated to automate with an app.

Commission Engine Review: My Experience

I bought the commission engine app so I can review it and bring it to you. It cost me a plane ticket to Aruba and back, but my wife understands I need to invest in my own business.

When I logged in and started to use the product, I went through the same steps he did in the app. To make sure I’d done it right, I followed some of his niche examples, too.

I struggled a bit with keyword research because of the platform, and it is a difficult step in making money online regardless. Granted, Google traffic won’t come to you just because you’ve selected the right keyword. Search engines are a lot more complex than that.

Finding a profitable niche is easy… Finding keywords that are low-hanging fruit was almost impossible.

commission engine timer

I ended up picking a common keyword just so I could start using the products other features and see if it was worth the trouble.

Overall, the software is slow, and did not match the results of the Google Keyword Tool, which made me a bit nervous. I’d like to think I can trust Google over a third-party done for you tool.

I continued, though, and built my website. Moved onto the traffic part, and started copying the content that it started pulling for my daily scheduling – it felt like I was stealing. It really, really didn’t feel right.

I ended up going through each of the products 11 modules just so I could give an honest review worth reading, but by the end of it, I really couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t ethical, stealing content. Even if it was just a click or two away. But I was finally done.

Outdated Techniques

Worst of all, the techniques he recommended are all outdated now for how search engines work. Needless to say, the website never ranked in Google or got any traffic and no commissions came through despite getting some “google traffic.”

When I go back to look at that old Jani GMoney webinar, I think about this software and all I can see is a man sitting behind his computer screen laughing at me saying “Haha! Fooled you!”

This commission engine review has really helped me get back into the swing of doing new review pieces. Sometimes, you get so burned out on the different products that you forget that its worth telling others about it.

Based on a lack of commissions and how he suggests you get traffic, I don’t think I would be able to start doing this daily with new affiliate products and all. I just didn’t see enough to make it worth the one-time price.

Final Thoughts on This Review

To my fellow readers. Making money online is hard and takes a lot of time and energy.

It is not easy and an affiliate engine will never make you rich or give you thousands from google traffic overnight. There are things that every internet marketer does daily and a lot of things they do around the clock. While he/she is sleeping, there are people working on his/her projects.

Software like this is ludicrous. Do I believe some people  will make money with this software? Yes, I’m sure it has worked for some people, but there are so many different opportunities out there for you to LEARN how to make money online.

Why wouldn’t you take a single step today to ensure your need in the future are secure? Become a creator of your own content, and you’ll start seeing a product click here and there.

In conclusion to this commission engine review: it will not make you rich, and worst of all it will not teach you what you need to learn before ever making money online.

There is a step by step process to this art and if you don’t learn it you will never succeed.

Commission engine is being sold by a big Internet Marketer. Like all big Internet marketers, they almost all just promote the thing that pays them the most, regardless of what they think about the product. I hope to never be a part of that problem, and will only recommend programs I truly believe in, like Local Marketing Vault:


After my refund request, I finally received a message back from support:

"Hi, Commission Engine does not come with a money back guarantee, which is why we did not offer or promise you one when you purchased your license.

Due to this, you are unable to return your software license.

I would however, really like to work with you to make Commission Engine a success for you.

You can contact us directly at with any questions that you do have, as I'm more than happy to assist you.

There are no additional costs when you use a sub domain. Registering domains costs money and we cannot give that for free (this was covered in the webinar). I look forward to hearing from you soon, and working with you to make this a success.

Best wishes, James
Why is this such a big deal?

Because for the longest time, I couldn’t get in touch with their support team, and no one else I talked to could get in touch with them.

It might be a no, but they at least responded.

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