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Commission Engine Review from IBuyIReview

What would you say if you were told by someone who makes $10,000 a day, shows proof and promises that you can make that same money with a software package and some hard work? What would you say if you were sitting there waiting to make a decision on whether to buy the product for $997.00 and was told that only 15 licenses were being sold? What would you do if when you sat there trying to make a better life for you and your family and on the bottom of the page it says only ONE LICENSE LEFT? Would you act fast and purchase commission engine by some guy who doesn’t even tell you his last name?

I put myself in most peoples’ shoes and purchased the software so I can review it and let you know if commission engine is worth the ENORMOUS price tag. In order to review commission engine (I won’t even capitalize the first letters of this product like I normally do, hint hint) I need to give a quick background of where I ran into this package.

Scam list

I added Jani GMoney to my Scam Alert Page, because, well you can click that link and read about it. The product, commission engine came through my email from Jani GMoney, because he was so devilishly excited to share this product with “his list” I decided to just watch what it was about. After all, that is my job! On a side note, I can’t believe this guy makes a big living as an internet marketer. I haven’t seen any value from his products yet. I had to take a look at commission engine just because Jani G was so excited. I sat through the webinar a few nights ago and like I always do, got excited about this software package. I know I have Jani GMoney on my Scam Alert page, but I said for my followers, they deserve to know what products are out there since this guy “James” will obviously be selling it through many avenues on the internet.

What is Commission Engine

Commission engine is a software package that allows you to build micro sites around a niche market. Within the package you have 3 steps toward “financial freedom”.

  1. Research
  2. Website
  3. Traffic

Commission Engine – Keyword Research

What “James” claims is that everything in commission engine will allow you to do all 3 steps within the software. There is a research tab that allows you to do keyword research within commission engine. It actually does a pretty good job pulling out niche terms for your market. However, you can do this with a free tool like Google Keyword Tool so you don’t need this software for that.

Commission Engine – Building your website

After you find a niche that you want to market, which by the way is easy to pick but VERY hard to find something that is not saturated and still has enough searches to make it worth promoting, commission engine has you start building your website. I have to admit, this is a pretty cool tool. Anyone who has built a website would understand that a drag and drop widget would make building websites easier and faster. This software does have that feature, and I like it. Again though, there is no reason why you should have to pay all that money for that feature. I have mentioned before, Chris Farrell has the best tools on how to build a website in 1 day. I always suggest you check him out before ever buying anything else.

Commission Engine – Finally Traffic

Good old traffic. This is the heart and blood behind making money online. If you build it THEY WON’T JUST COME!! Commission engine shoes some weird, I believe illegal or at least unethical, steps on how to build traffic. I can’t really go into the details on how they do it, but I can at least explain the processes. Basically, once you pick your keyword you want to promote in your niche and build a website around it, you are going to be lead through a series of steps that allows you to pull all articles related to that keyword. In the demonstration “James” uses; he pulls some articles from the software and uses them in his website. He never mentions anything about duplicate content, getting banned from Google and all the black hat SEO techniques he uses in his software. He then leads us over to an automatic blog retriever that pulls all blogs related to that keyword. He then copies and pasts the blog posts on his website as reviews to pull more content from other people. He actually, for a quick second, says you should change the content. That is ridiculous! Reviews are reviews and not meant to be changed! Once he finishes that, he then goes on to sell his lifestyle to the viewers so they jump on this opportunity.

My Experience

I bought commission engine for my audience, so I can review it and bring it to you. It cost me a plane ticket to Aruba and back but my wife understands I need to invest in my own business. When I logged in and started to use commission engine, I went through the same steps he did. I obviously struggled with keyword research as it is the hardest step to get started in making money online. Finding a profitable niche is easy, finding keywords you have a chance to rank for, is the hard part. I ended up picking a common keyword just so I can start using the software. The software is slow, and to be honest didn’t match the results of Google Keyword Tool which scares me. I continued though. I built my website, which I said was a pretty good tool, but you can learn how to do this for much less money with being a member of Chris Farrell membership site.

I built the website and moved on to the traffic part. I started copying the content that it was pulling and felt like I was stealing. I really didn’t feel that this was right. I ended up going through all 11 training modules, just so I can give an honest review. To say the least, “James” left out A LOT of information that I would have geared many people away from buying this product. When I look back at the webinar, and then look at the this software staring at me, I just saw a man sitting behind his computer screen laughing at me and saying “HAHA fooled you”! I can go on about my experience with commission engine, but I feel like I need to conclude this with a heart to heart with my readers.

Final Thoughts

To my fellow readers. Making money online is hard and takes a lot of time and energy. It is not easy and will never make you rich over night. There are things that every internet marketer does daily and a lot of things they do around the clock. While he/she is sleeping, there are people working on his/her projects. A software like this is ludicrous. Do I believe some people  will make money with this software? Yes, I do but there are so many different opportunities out there for you to LEARN how to make money online. Commission engine will not make you rich, and worst of all it will not teach you what you need to learn before ever making money online. There is a step by step process to this art and if you don’t learn it you will never succeed. I always recommend Chris Farrell membership site, because I am a member and it was him who taught me the step by step processes to making money online. I will end with this, your dream is my dream and everyone else who follows my reviews, we are in this together and all I want you to do is succeed. Commission engine won’t help you succeed. Learn the steps that it takes to make money online, and you too can be one of the greatest. I will end with this. Commission engine is being sold by a big Internet Marketer. Like all big Internet marketers, they all follow the saying that is written on one of the biggest blogs in the world. John Chow says it like it is, “I make money online by showing people how I make money online.” I love that!!

UNBELIEVABLE! – Update as of 3/18/13. Here is the email I got from Commission Engine’s “James”.

Commission Engine does not come with a money back guarantee, which is why we did not offer or promise you one when you purchased your license.
Due to this, you are unable to return your software license.
I would however, really like to work with you to make Commission Engine a success for you.
You can contact us directly at with any questions that you do have, as I’m more than happy to assist you.
There are no additional costs when you use a sub domain. Registering domains costs money and we cannot give that for free (this was covered in the webinar).
I look forward to hearing from you soon, and working with you to make this a success.
Best wishes,

I’m sorry about to have to waist a post on this garbage but this guy is the scum of the scum. Oh and you too Jani G Money! Some internet marketers offer no value, and God I feel so bad for some people!

Keep an eye out guys!

James Bonadies