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In this article on IBuyIReview, I’ll give you an in-depth run down on what my experience has been with the Home Profit System.

Today, it’s difficult to find the Home Profit System. Presumably, it has been taken down, or rebranded to another name without publicizing the switch. It’s a common practice for illegitimate companies to rebrand to break publicity ties with an old brand.

Now, many of you may know the Home Profit System, or HPS as an online profit system that promises to help you make money by yourself, all from the comfort of your home computer.

This sounds like a great opportunity at first, but is it too good to be true?

In any legitimate business, there must be some level of struggle to achieve the kind of results this company was promising, yet they make it seem like there is no effort involved whatsoever.

Fortunately, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on a program without learning about it first.

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What is Home Profit System? Can You Really Make Money from Home, or Is It a Scam?

Home Profit System is a money scam that teaches you how to make money online from ohome , promising that you’ll earn a certain amount of money each day by following their “simple program.”

If you haven’t seen it before, this is the kind of marketing jargon that basically any course or program like home profit system advertises, so take it with a grain of salt.

I stand by what I say often about every legitimate opportunity taking at least a little bit of work in the beginning to set up, so automatically, anything that advertises “quick and easy money” is advertising a ridiculous statement, in my mind.

The profit system basically teaches you how to link spam their affiliate links online, providing you with templates and resources on how to add these links to different areas on the internet so they can make some moolah without the website marketing.

While this sounds easy and straightforward, it is a practice that has long since been discouraged from the internet, and it can get your website banned if you are caught doing it.

But that’s okay, because the profit system website is no longer up, indicating that too many people caught onto the scam and decided too make room for a more legit website. There is not even any information about what happened to the site available, from affiliate review sites or otherwise.

home profit system

Not only are you paying them to teach you a method that no longer works, almost all of these posts wind up being removed, and all you’re doing is giving them more opportunities to make money off your hard work.

There are four supposed owners of the home profit system, and each one of them sounds suspicious. I couldn’t verify any information about any one of these individuals when I searched for it: Mary Steadman, Mary Stevens, Kelly Richardson, and Kelly Nelson.

Two Mary’s and two Kelly’s? That’s a big coincidence.

In reality, the home profit system is run through multiple domains, and each of these owners are listed on the different URLs. Likely, the names are different to disguise the fact that they are running the same profit system on different domains.

Yeah – different websites for the same scam.

That’s your first taste of what they’ll be teaching you what to do.

What to Expect with Home Profit System - Home Profit Business

In the Home Profit System, they will teach you how to create link templates the same way you might create backlinks or blog comments, if you are familiar with old internet marketing practices at all.

These link spamming techniques have no real benefit, and on the off-chance they do get approved, they do more harm than good. If you try this on one of your websites or with an affiliate scam on your own, you are risking getting your affiliate account removed, or website de-indexed upon review, as link spamming goes against the terms of service for many search engines and affiliate platforms. Don’t believe me? Just review the documents.

If you ask me, this method is definitely not worth the risk even if they were giving it away for free. Also, before the site disappeared, the methods were still out of date, meaning they would have little if any efficacy.

There are plenty of red flags with the home profit system, and I would steer clear from the profit system or its affiliate scam sites if I were you. There are many ways to make money online that don’t involve these sketchy practices and taking advantage of people.

Curious about why the program is a scam? I cover that, too. Keep reading to find out more.


Home Profit Conclusion: Is Home Profit System a Scam?

Yes, I unfortunately have to agree with many other people out here and say that Home Profit System is absolutely a scam. In no way could I realistically call home profit system legit with the information I found.

First of all, there’s no reason why this profit system should work because affiliate programs have long since advanced beyond the point of being unable to detect spammy scam links. Not only would a scam like this ruin the name of the advertiser, but it’s bad press for the company hosting the affiliate program as well!

Let’s go back a minute – why do I say it’s unfortunate that profit system is a scam?

Because, as you may have noticed with the information in this review, there are so many of these types of programs out there, that it’s really not surprising to me anymore when a program like profit system becomes a money-farm scam. (1) This is only becoming more common, also, as inforomation on how to do the scam becomes more widespread because of people like this.

Despite the appearance of security on the internet with each review talking about how bad or good a program or course is, there is so little security in finding a remote work opportunity. If profit system teaches us anything, it’s that it is important for the remote worker to remain vigilant, especially in an era where remote work is becoming the norm.

It’s easy to dismiss them with a “Who could be so easily duped?” shake of the head. With a growing number of Americans eager to work remotely, though, I think there’s a huge need for people to understand the difference between legitimate work-from-home operations and phony ones.
Kerry Hannon

A scam like profit system can shake your confidence, but I promise, there are legitimate programs out there that are legitimate and really do work.

Home Profit - The Profit System Upsells

There are so many upsells in profit system that you don’t know you’re agreeing to when you sign on with the home profit system scam anymore. It’s almost like they plan for you to get caught in a net of upsells and surprise charges. If you look through some of the Google reviews for profit system, you’ll see lots of people saying they were surprised to see that the profit system charged them without their knowledge for something they had agreed to in the terms of service and contract.

Some people reported that once your initial trial for a $2.97 product runs out, they charge you a whopping $140 one-time fee, on top of a $45/mo subscription.


This is highly unethical.

The Profit System - Fake Testimonials


When the profit system site was up, there were signs of fake testimonials all over the place though those have been caught by several review sites and later taken down, because these are not legit people – something that is highly illegal. While it might be a coincidence for one or two people to show up in different courses – maybe they had a lot of money to blow on this type of course – these same freelancers appeared over at Second Income Center, Ecom Cash Code, and Real Profits Online just to name a few.

Not only does this tell me these are fake testimonials, but it really makes me wonder if Home Profit System is one of many scams in this niche! So many people have been scammed in this industry. If you don’t believe me, keep checking for a review when you find your next scam.

Home Profit BBB Complaints

Okay, so when I looked at the profit system reviews, I was surprised to see that they only had 3 scam alerts that haven’t been archived or removed. (2) Out of these 3 reviews, every single one is 1 star talking about how the program is a scam, service was rude, and they weren’t able to get their money refunded for the product despite making nothing from it. Not something a legit program would do!

Refuse to refund me when they have a 30day refund period. I make 200 a week IF that so 97dollars is a lot to me! They will not call me back or answer any of my calls. I am so upset. Scammed me.
Customer Complaint on BBB.org

If you go elsewhere searching for reviews, the story is much the same with people making just a few dollars and getting sucked into schemes from the owner of the scam website. Google, Yelp, Trustpilot – you name it. The whole internet is unified in the fact that this program is scamming people out of their hard-earned money. When everything is said and done, the home profit system is not a legit way to make money online.

That’s not anywhere near the reputation I would expect from profit system, nor anything I would want to support! No wonder they took the website down.

hps scam 4

There is even one review posted in 2018 claiming that he gave profit system the $37 fee then decided to back only, only to be charged a whopping $97 out of nowhere!

Other Red Flags from Profit System

There are so many red flags with the profit system that it’s difficult to really organize them all into a cohesive review. Perhaps one of the biggest red flags is that, once you give them you email, they ask you to confirm the subscription – and this confirmation email has spammy links that direct you to alternate websites.

Overall, there’s no way that I could suggest opting into the profit system. It’s poised as a get rich quick scheme, which doesn’t exist, and all you’re doing is contributing to an outdated SEO technique, helping others expand their spammy link farm.

Looking for a Legitimate Program That's Not the Profit System? I've Got One for You...

Believe it or not, there are actually legitimate work from home programs out there that will teach you the skills necessary to start making money online from your home computer. These programs do best when they give you all the information necessary to strike out on your own, enabling you to start your own independent marketing.

After years of searching, I’ve finally found a program like this, where there are no strings attached. The owners are up-front about what the program costs and are willing to work with their students to ensure they achieve success.

Not only that, but you are given every tool you’ll need to learn Google ads and many other skills – and turn it into a legitimate business – including how to sell clients on your own, and how to start transferring these skills to other areas of digital marketing.

I’ve never seen a program so comprehensive, and with a thriving Facebook community 5,000+ strong, weekly livestreams, and one-on-one coaching support, it’s no secret that the owners are dedicated to helping their students make the most out of their time in the course.

Now – I know what you’re thinking. What makes this course so special?

Well, you see, I believe it in so much because I started this blog to help others, and this course has helped me achieve that calling by helping business owners thrive by sending them qualified leads who are looking for their services but can’t find them because of a poor online presence.

That’s me. Professional dot connector.

This course has helped me make money doing what I love and moving up in life. This course has radically changed my life for the better, and I want the same for you.

Wait! Before you say “yeah alright, I believe that” sarcastically – let me explain.

My readers have been some of the most encouraging lot I’ve ever come across, and I’m grateful that I get to talk to every one of you and review courses that you suggest to me.

Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this. That’s why I wanted to give back to you somehow.

I managed to grab a demo training of this course so you can see what it’s like FOR FREE without any commitments.

Curious? Check it out below:


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