A New Jersey SEO Company – Make Money in Any City

New Jersey SEO company Focuses on Leads rather than silly rankings.

Four Years ago I was sitting at a lunch table in a High School selling school uniforms for a business I used to own. I remember this as if it was yesterday. As I patiently waited for the buyers to walk in I got an email.

You know, the emails we all get. Make a million dollars in 24 hours, JUST CLICK HERE! I hate it, but I fall for it every time.

However, this one was different. The email read something like this:

“Subject: Build a real business by ranking local businesses”


Learn how to build a real business that every local business needs. Stop trying to make money online, build landing pages, lead pages, lead magnets and a slew of other programs you need. Stop the hassle of understanding sales funnels and sales videos.

Learn how to help businesses generate leads, and the money will flow. 

SEO for short…

I bought it, matter of fact I still have the emails in my inbox. Funny, I didn’t even realize it was a Ryan Deiss’ product. This was back in 2011. Now I follow him religiously.

Can you guess what I did with that program? Nothing! Just like everyone else, the 99 percentiles. I bought it, didn’t ask for a refund and did nothing with it.

Keep reading as my point is very important.

I bought this product on June 29th 2011. The concept of the course was how to rank local businesses in their niche by using secret strategies on linking and content creation. It is important to know those strategies have changed, but the point is the local SEO business has been around for years and will never change, while SEO Agency Gold Coast can offer more innovative methods.

The crazy thing, nobody is freaking doing it and the market is enormous.

This is a recurring payment I got from one of my local SEO clients.


That’s $1,000 a month. $12,000 a Year and a lifetime of $1,000.

This is a run down on how I got this client. So easy, and so natural.

Hi, I’m looking for the owner of your fine establishment.

Hello, owner, I run a local SEO business in your area and we are running a huge special for local businesses.

Are you interested in getting more traffic, more leads which would lead to more sales?

Great, then you would love this new offer.

I will take a look at your website, which I can see you aren’t ranking for certain local keywords.

I’ll rank it for free, and if I deliver results, we can talk about how to make this worth it for us both.

Sound fair?

Great, I’ll call you in a few weeks and check in.

Easy huh? Obviously it’s not that easy every time, but it’s just a numbers game, and what we teach is value/results first then find someone who needs it. Look at the results I was able to get this local business on page 1. Not only was I able to get him to #1 for a few keywords, with 1 hour of work, I increased is business 300% and changed his life.


Have I sparked your interest at all?

Good, then your next question is how the heck do you rank local businesses?

NJ SEO – Leads not rankings

The answer is “It is so freaking easy, if you know what you are doing.”

The concepts are easy to understand and you can easily plug into the coaching program that teaches it all. Just because I started my New Jersey SEO company doesn’t mean you can’t start a New York, Phoenix, Florida or any City in America. Our training shows you exactly the steps on how to do it in any City or Country in the World.

So, you are probably salivating at what your reading, and I don’t blame you. I, too, was salivating, but this was 3 years ago.

Whether you want to start a New Jersey SEO company, New York SEO company or any part of the country SEO company, the opportunity is bigger than ever!

I myself have created a NJ seo company part time, and it is growing exponentially.

We are now specializing in Lawyers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents among the higher end clients. Check out this my business course to get tried, tested, and trusted methods for improving your search rankings.

My company name is Visibility Cloud.

I’m sure you have those thoughts, no? The thoughts if I would have just followed through with that product I bought 2 years ago or even 6 months ago.

That is why 99% of people fail this business. The 99% don’t get results within a certain amount of time, so they quit. You know the feeling?

I know this business is different. I know within 30 days you will have a completely new outlook on life, and your life won’t be the same.

How do I know?

I’ve been in your shoes before I started IBuyIReview.

I spent 7 years struggling online until I started learning the exact strategies your will learn in the group.

For example, in 2 months I made this amount in Empower Network just because I ranked my Blog for that keyword.


That’s about $7,800 give or take and I passed up over $8,000. Just 1 company, I did $15,000 in sales in 2 Months.

Just by Ranking for a few keywords. The Coaching teaches you exactly how to do this.

I have other products I promoted to the tune of over $10,000.

I did this all by ranking for keywords. Nothing less, nothing more.

Get a website.

Write some content.

Rank that content.

Rent the space or sell the leads you bring in.

Local businesses will salivate if you tell them you will get them leads. These people know nothing about online marketing or local search engine optimization. They have a business to run, and most of the time waist thousands of dollars online “trying” to rank their websites. Looking for optimization tactics may be less time- and money-consuming.

You can now be the authority you’ve always wanted to be, without the headaches of:

1. Writing emails everyday to your tiny non-existent list.

2. Learning copy write or sales copy.

3. Buying traffic and “hoping it will convert” before you go broke.

4. Building lead pages, followup emails, email marketing campaigns.

5. Buying product after product “hoping” this will be the last one.

6. Learning what the ascension series is, or engagement series.

And this list can go on and on and on. I have a headache just coming up with it.

I am grateful for internet marketing, but I’m done with it. I’m done with empower network.

I finally built my own seo company in new jersey, and I am proud to say I now have 7 big clients.

I finally decided I’m done selling other people’s products.

I now sell my own.

I now sell my self.

I am the king of ranking, and I’ll be damned if someone could tell me there is a better way to make money.

Come join me, learn what 99% of people DON’T know, or even understand.

Join the elite, join the minority and make a boat load of money too.

I’ll leave you with this:

I asked myself if I started a New Jersey SEO company, would I be able to find clients. Then I asked, “How many businesses do I walk into a day?” 1, 2 or even 5. How would you like to walk in into a sporting good store and just grab a cool jersey off the rack, like I do after I got this client? Go to pay for it, and the owner says, don’t worry Elliot, you’ve changed my business, whatever you want, the store is here for you to grab it. I’ll never charge you or any of your family members again. Thank you!

I came into empower network to change my life and the lives of many people. I learned quickly all I was doing was negatively changing their lives by taking their money.

Starting my local SEO business, has changed my life and the lives of business owners around me. The very same people I drop my dry cleaning off and the same person who cuts my grass, etc…

The market is huge, join me in my crusade to putting a lot of money in your pocket as well as the local businesses around you.

Spots are limited!