Global Resorts Network December 2013 Review

First….welcome to IBuyIReview.

Second…. check out my review video on WHY I switched my Legendary Preferred Destinations membership to a possible Global Resorts Network membership…Well…not switched but downgraded it and am looking into Global Resorts Network!

Global Resorts Network Review – Updated for December 2013

Global Resorts Network

As a member you are offered major discounts on airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises. You have the luxury to choose from 3,4,5 star hotels anywhere around the world and you don’t have to pay an annual fee ever again!!

As a Legendary member I have to pay RCI 100 dollars a year plus their weekly rate of $795.oo. I wrote a review on being a Legendary member…if you watch it, I get a little heated. 🙂


There are 3 membership levels to choose from & all 1 time fees:

  • SILVER ($1,995) – gives you 2 annual vacation weeks
  • PLATINUM ($4,995) – gives you 10 annual vacation weeks
  • PLATINUM+ ($12,500) – gives you 20 annual vacation weeks

Compared to my Legendary Preferred Membership Destination Timeshare:

  • Offer 1 (SILVER) ($4,970) – Gave me TOTAL of 12 vacations (I can add more for $3,000)
  • Offer 2 (PLATINUM) ($15,900) – Gave me a TOTAL of 24 vacations and 15 world travel vacations
  • Offer 3 (PLATINUM+) ($18,900) – Gave me a TOTAL of 36 vacations and 15 world Travel vacations

So….you can see there is no comparison and that is why I am about to jump over to Global Resorts Network.

For $75 Global Resorts Network is good for 100 years as compared to my timeshare, 30 years.

There is also an affiliate program you can choose to sell, if you wish, but is not necessary at all. That is a $100 fee for secretarial work to get started.

Your looking at weekly prices of $398 – $799 for fantastic hotels.

Actually, let’s compare Global Resorts network weekly prices to the Legendary membership:

Global Resorts Network – $398 – $799

Legendary Preferred Destinations – $2,381 – $3,789 ….lol

Each day that goes by, I get more angry about purchasing this timeshare. 🙁

Is Global Resorts Network a Scam

Global Resort Network Scam is searched for about 3o times a month, 360 times a year…so I want to put that question to bay.

A lot of people search this term on Google because they want to know if these programs are to good to be true…and thank God we have the ability to find out information FAST….


You need to be careful on what your sources are…

For example, if you search for Global Resorts Network Scam you will find information from a Rip off Report about Global GRN.


Who knows who this person is and who knows if this person is just trying to push people to another product.

Who know if this person is being truthful.

I believe you need to do a due diligence beyond just the first few results and go with your gut.

There will always be haters….

Let’s not forget this!


If you research the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Global Resorts Network has 1 single complaint, but that 1 complaint totally gave them a bad rating…

Remember 1 Complaint out of thousands of purchasers…

Straight from the horses mouth:

“Prices are not 80%-90% off as advertised. They are not even 50% off. Before buying make sure you get inside GRN directory so you can compare prices to expedia and other similar sites with your own two eyes. You can often find equal deals on expedia, sometimes cheaper. Due Diligence. Don’t get sucked into the hype of better life. Yes better life is important, but a product that stands alone and having integrity and honesty is important. 80%-90% off hotel prices is outright lying. Don’t take my word for it… Do your OWN comparisons.”

Yo…I honestly don’t know what this person is talking about. What this cat says is totally not true…at least from my experience…Then why would someone say this??


If I had to take an educational guess, it could be a reseller of another similar program. Sometimes people searching for GRN will also search for Resorts360 because they are similar. I can see a reseller of Resorts360 wanting to sabatoge GRN so the user then does a quick search after being turned off.

Seems like a good business tactic…shady as hell but a lot of people are greedy!

With any product/service/business opportunity/affiliate products there will be haters and lovers.

That is the market you are seeking or the products you are interested in…

There is truly no way around it, and if you don’t have your gut, you’ll end up missing out on opportunities that could change your life…

Not saying this is it, just saying the naysayers are critics and “there has never been a statue erected for a critic.” Not my quote by the way! lol

GRN - Business Opportunity

GRN - Business Opportunity

The GRN Business Opportunity on paper has a great compensation plan…

more on that later…

The Business opportunity, if you would decide to join, would make you an affiliate with no MLM attached to it.

Straight up commissions from the people you refer…

The money can add up pretty quickly as I know a few people selling this network…

…..up to $7,700 per sale….DAMN!

However, like any business opportunity, you need to work and need to learn how to make money from it.

I am not an affiliate and will probably never be, however I have seen some good results from other people.

Check their killer Compensation Plan:

Compensation Plan

The Global Resorts Network compensation plan looks like this:

Free Affiliate Route:
  • You pay $100 for your website and tools
  • You earn $250 a sale no matter the level.
  • The ability to upgrade to a paid member.
Paid Affiliate Route:
  •  SILVER – You make $1,000 on Silver Sales
  • PLATINUM – You make $1,000 on Silver sales and $3,250 on Platinum Sales
  • PLATINUM + – You make $1,000 on Silver sales and $3,250 on Platinum Sales and $7,700 on PLATINUM+
Damn son, $7,700 a sale potentially. Cha Ching… If I wasn’t involved in other high ticket blogging programs I would definitely join GRN as an affiliate. I truly hope this review has helped you in understanding what you are searching for and hope…. YOU can show me some luv with comments below… Hit me up!