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Kevin David was another nobody who wanted to learn how to make a living online. He blogged, he created apps, he learned how to code – yet nothing struck out to him as a sustainable way to earn money.

Nothing he tried seemed to work. At least, that was until he hit the jackpot that made his desire for success tangible: Amazon FBA.

In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll learn everything about the Ecommerce coach Kevin David, including how he made his business successful and why he continues to teach his students how to find success with the ecommerce method.

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Who Is Kevin David?

Kevin David is a serial entrepreneur who has made his fame and fortune online and continues to do so today, teaching others how to follow in his footsteps.

He realized from a young age that he enjoyed business and found himself playing the part of an entrepreneur in school, selling knickknacks to his friends. That dream always nagged at him in the back of his head, but job after job, he needed to make ends meet once he graduated college.

Kevin was tired of the idea that you had to secure a cushy 9-to-5 job to be successful. (1) He knew there was another way. He had seen it work other ways. He just had to find the way that worked for him.

57% of workers say they are interested in freelancing, with 77% of millennials interested in freelancing work rather than full-time work.
Jia Wertz

Little did Kevin David know, he was set to inspire a whole generation of entrepreneurs once he broke free from his own rat race.

All it was going to take was a lot of hard work, dedication, and being a good guy – something he had been working on since his first session of middle school soccer practice.


Kevin David's Early Life

Kevin David grew up in Oregon to a middle-class family who taught him good personal values. While there isn’t much information about his family life, he speaks fondly of his parents. Unlike some other millionaires, he seems to have grown up in a quiet, normal Oregon household that supported him as much as possible, encouraging him to pursue his dreams.

He had a strong passion for soccer in school and, above all his other classes and mentors, credits the sport has having taught him valuable lessons about hard work and the art of winning.

Kevin David became a businessman of sorts at age 14, selling baseball cards and candy bars to his fellow classmates in school. He got into every business opportunity he could, finding the game of business fun.

Just as with soccer, he was perfecting his strategy and skill. He had competition, and he knew a thing or two about the art of winning. It was a perfect storm.

Or so he thought, until he decided to graduate as an accountant and start his career working for someone else. It was the right thing to do at the time; he needed something stable to learn back on, and the opportunity seemed prestigious, with 500 applications for one position.

A Start to His Online Career

He graduated top of his class in Oregon State University, but as an accountant, he saw rich clients day in, day out. He was spending his life making other people rich, wasting away 80 hours a week when it came close to tax time.

Kevin David Net Worth

He had to find some other way out of the rat race, so he turned to online marketing.

Kevin David tried blogging for a while, writing about a variety of subjects to see if one stuck, but nothing ever did. He created a few gaming apps, did a little bit of freelance work, but it wasn’t enough to justify quitting his cushy accounting job to chase after what still felt like a pipe dream.

Instead, he switched careers, using those internet skills to achieve a privacy consultant position with Facebook. The job had great hours, good pay, and perks that made it worthwhile.

Still, he knew deep down that he was in the same position as before, making someone else rich while he worked long hours without any scalable progress in sight.

He knew that he could achieve the same things as the people he worked for.

After all, he met many of those rich successful men who came into his accounting office before. He knew that they were people, just like him, who happened to take a leap of faith.

His Venture Into Amazon FBA, Courses, and Online Advertising

Kevin David finally found something that worked. Despite several failed attempts trying to build something out of his time online, only achieving mild successes that wouldn’t turn into anything sustainable. Finally, he hit the jackpot with one of the fastest growing ecommerce businesses in the world. (2)

Amazon was a platform where he could list products that he sourced, sending it to their warehouses so their team handled all shipping and customer service.

“At this current point in time, Amazon accounts for over 50% of all e-commerce sales made daily.”

It was a dream come true: sit back and relax while a big company works for you, instead of the other way around?

Sure enough, Kevin David found success with the process time and time again. Amazon FBA had been the thing that he was waiting to find since he first started looking for an entrepreneurial path at the Portland accounting firm.

Kevin David Review: All About His Course

All About His Course

It was time for Kevin David to start his training course, That Lifestyle Ninja, as a way to teach others how to achieve the lifestyle they wanted through the Amazon FBA model.

His course has won several awards and has a large Facebook and YouTube community, providing a course and platform for support and comradery for students across the world who are trying to achieve success with Amazon FBA.

Kevin David teaches his students everything there is to know about the business from the inside out, from sourcing the right products, to scaling the business, and some frequently asked questions about the Amazon FBA platform and how the fulfillment works.

He explains that FBA just means “Fulfillment By Amazon” – all you have to do is pick a good product, show up, create your product listing, and ship off the products. He has outlined a sales funnel as well, for people who feel uncomfortable creating their own FBA strategies. It's a new version of dropshipping that is revolutionizing the ecommerce industry, and it's growing at rapid pace.

Is Amazon FBA A Good Business Model?

If you’ve read anything else on what I have written about Amazon FBA, then you know that I have a problem with how the business model is run. The course itself is laid out phenomenally, so in no way am I criticizing it, – just the base sales model it follows. While the sales structure is based on dropshipping, providing many who area familiar with ecommerce an easy win, it’s too volatile for my tastes.

Yes, it sounds great on paper: “Buy it, ship to Amazon, make the listing, and let Amazon take care of the rest.”

Essentially, it is a one stop shop, and you don’t have to keep inventory at home anymore.

I believe that Amazon has too much control over your success while you’re using their product, their warehouse, and abiding to their strict rules that change often enough to be annoying.

I’m not personally comfortable putting all my eggs into one basket.

Still, for some people, it works, especially if they learn from a course like this one.

It’s a lot of work, and I would argue that this course teaches a business model that is a lot more work than I currently put in to earn my money, but it can provide you with a reliable income if you play your cards right.

Of Course, How does Kevin David Make His Money?

Now, as a part of his personal brand, Kevin David makes himself known as “the unemployed CEO.” He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and author, and prides himself on his net worth coming from his masterclass ecommerce course which teaches people how to leave their own 9-to-5 rat race with little online marketing outside of Amazon FBA.


He likes to brand his course as “from broke to successful in 90 days”, which is, surprisingly, as lofty as his claims get. One thing you can usually count on in the course creator industry is grand claims and promises, which he seems to bypass mostly.

Kevin David says he makes his money online in a variety of ways, but his current Amazon sales only make up a fraction of that revenue. He doesn't necessarily follow the methods he teaches anymore. While it may have made his fortune originally, he has instead chosen to focus on his course.

He does have a few listings still on Amazon, so he hasn't given up on the method. Time, however, is a resource, and not one that Kevin David finds himself with an over-abundance of.

He has even created a few courses outside of his ninja masterclass for Amazon FBA: Clickfunnels mastery. This clickfunnels course ahs earned plenty of reviews on Udemy and other course platforms.

Outside of marketing his FBA and clickfunnels course, he is bringing in a few thousand dollars each month in ad revenue, both from Google and YouTube.

A lot of money Kevin David earns in a month is funneled back into keeping the financial engine fueled and maintaining his success. After all, we live in an age where success can be a flash in the pan if you don't keep the fire fueled with money.

Kevin David's Net Worth: On Course to Success

Currently, Kevin David’s net worth is estimated to be around \$10 million.

That’s impressive, considering how much spend comes with the ecommerce territory, not to mention he’s constantly marketing his course.

Kevin David has enough money to make it big and keep the engine running at the same time. He’s got everything that typical wealth could buy: a good home in a nice neighborhood, fancy cars.

He’s got it all, and his success is nothing to scoff at.

A lot of people seem to believe that Kevin David net worth could actually increase if he wanted to make it happen, because he’s not putting as much marketing effort into his course he once has or could still.

Right now, it seems as though he’s riding out what he has and focusing on making his group better. After all, there are responsibilities that come with owning a course that extend beyond “keeping the material up to date.”

If you want to run a masterclass course like Kevin David, you have to be an expert in the field, dedicated to your students’ success at every step of the way. Responding to questions, creating engagement in the group.

It’s a full-time job to keep up with all of those students.

Want to Make a Net Worth Like Kevin David?

You might be looking for a way to skyrocket your net worth to match Kevin David’s and I have news for you: it’s possible, all without the trouble of starting an eCommerce store.

Instead, try taking a part of the marketing strategy and precisely target leads for businesses who need them.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather help a business in need, rather than start another business and get lost in the competition.

It takes hard work and determination for any business to work, but it is possible. This course teaches everything you need to know from the ground up, assuming you know nothing about digital marketing or algorithms to get started.

They even provide you with a few tried and true funnels!

Best of all, the skills you’ll learn are valuable in many other areas of marketing, so you’ll get value out of the course even if you move on to other industries.

I’ve got a little sneak peek of the training so you can see if it’s the right choice for you. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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