Global Affiliate Zone Review

My full IBuyIReview Global affiliate zone review is below, and I stand by it, however do you really want to join another MLM???

I chased like you, just a few years ago, and chased every shiny object that was available…then I ran into something special.

Let me explain:

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I ended up leaving everything I knew to start building an actual real business.

You know, the ones that don’t include

  1. Recruiting
  2. Hotel Parties
  3. stuffing envelopes
  4. Building downlines
  5. cash back rewards
  6. etc…

You know that list can go on.

…but if you really want to know about GAZ, then read on my friend.

Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ Marketing System

“GAZ Marketing System or Global Affiliate Zone, the only system that automates 90% of the online marketing strategy, allowing the newest most inexperienced marketer to start making full commission within days while performing only 10% of the work.”

global affiliate zone review

Well I can tell you this review will be weird, but look at the trends above. GAZ is trending way up….but remember what goes up must come down.


Let’s begin.

Global Affiliate Zone has like 4 videos about their company, so to say that they are being very hush hush is an understatement.

Let me explain why.

See GAZ is not a company, it’s a spin off of different “characters” in the online world jumping from one organization to another and pushing “the best opportunity out there” down your throats using webinars and automated webinars.

Project AWOL with Eric Carlson made its way through Empower Network and now Global Affiliate Zone.

Eric Carlson – Project AWOL and GAZ – Sales Pitches

  1. Best online opportunity out there, 90% of the system is done for you.
  2. 5,000 people in our Facebook group, this is a community where everyone helps everyone.
  3. $99/Month gets you a 1 on 1 coach to hold your hand the entire way.
  4. Just plug in and make money.

Run fast, and don’t look back. Is It A Scam???

To my readers, I urge to stop and look in the mirror and ask yourself one question.

“Do you believe people when they say you won a vacation? Do you not hold some sort of skepticism against things that look to shiny or not normal?”

Look, if you have been on my blog before, you know very well I have been involved with a lot of systems that work, and a lot that don’t work.

I have been online for 8 years now, and I have seen it all. Everything from Zrii in 2005 to Empower Network in 2009 to My Top Tier Business in 2011 to my final destination in 2014. 

Believe me there was a lot I saw in between.

Let me go on record to say this, I do not believe GAZ is a scam. To me a scam is someone who tricks you into spending your money knowing you have a 0% chance of making that money back. In this case you have a 1-3% of making your money back. 😉 (Kind of being facetious)

By Far Local Lead Generation is the fastest, scalable real business you can build online.

I don’t find GAZ or any MLM/Affiliate Marketing as a viable Full Time Business at all.

The nitty gritty of how GAZ works goes like this.

Sign up for $99, get a “coach”. It actually will be a sales person to try and upgrade you to other DFY projects. This could be a custom sales funnel, DFY traffic etc…whatever it may be the cost will be in the thousands.

Not just me saying this, Lisa went through this as well.

global affiliate zone testimonial

The dreams of living on the beaches of the world are ridiculous, and many other programs have proven this.

I understand my friends that sometimes in this online world, we buy on emotions, and to listen to the $99 and sit back and collect seems wonderful it NEVER HAPPENS!

This takes hard a**  work, and to most, they will fail.

How many people have failed at Empower Network?

How about My Top Tier Business? OR Any MLM Businesses.

Hundreds of thousands have failed with those businesses.

In a nutshell, GAZ is a MLM affiliate marketing program that pays you when you sign up OTHER PEOPLE. You get a commission on the $99, then on the $495 then on the $2,475 if people who you bring in pay those price tags. Don’t forget, you need to unlock those price levels by paying for them first.

If they bought you bottles of miracles then your garage would be filled with them.

Take this from someone who has spent over $100,000 on traffic. There is a major learning curve to turn traffic into buyers, and their “funnels” will be dried up, saturated and shriveled by the time you ever get in the game.

I feel ya, your sick of getting let down.

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