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Kevin Zhang

If you’re similar to me before I started IBuyIReview, you might have been convinced there was no such thing as quick way to success. Most of us, when we get out of college, we enter some dead-end job that helps us pay our bills, and only years later do we start striving for a higher income.

Zhang has done quite the opposite, becoming a multimillionaire only a few years out of college.

Curious about Kevin Zhang net worth? In this article, you will discover his stunningly quick rise to fame as an early 20s-something, as well as his true worth and backstory.

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Who Is Kevin Zhang? A Review of the Multimillionaire

Kevin Zhang is the son of Chinese immigrants and he grew up and lived most of his life poor until he made his first million. (1) In 2000, his parents moved from GanSu to provide their children with the opportunities that came with the American Dream.

“Zhang cites his parents as motivators: growing up in poverty they moved to Miami, took low-paid jobs and were only able to stay in America due to an immigration amnesty order.”
Forbes 30 Under 30

At 23 years old, Zhang launched a brand-new eCommerce business with a mere $3,000 – and it wasn’t something he had managed to save during college, but pure debt racked up on his credit card.

This was the moment where it was truly sink or swim. Zhang would either lose everything he had worked for over the past few years and fall into debt, or take the chance and make something big out of his investment.

In the first 12 months, his eCommerce business was purported to have made $20 million in 12 months, making it a wild success among most startups.

This business was focused around dropshipping, and while he may not have made $20 mil in profit right away, funneling the money back into the business, it gave him the fuel necessary to keep the monetary engine running and continue his success in new ventures.

Oh, and he zeroed out his credit card debt, I’m sure.

How Old is Zhang?

While he does not advertise his age publicly online, some publications claim that he is a shocking 25 years old in 2021.

Born in January of 1996, the millionaire’s rise to fame was quick and precise, as if he knew the right path towards a wealthy lifestyle straight out of college.

Doing His Best - A Rise to Fame That Even His Parents Doubted

After Zhang’s junior year internship, he realized he wanted something useful and different than the classic American Dream. Unfortunately, when he first started on his ambitious business idea, he had racked up thousands in credit card debt and business was not looking good. No sales were coming in, and he was beginning to worry if it was all a big mistake.

His parents caught wind of this, and like loving parents concerned for their child, tried to dissuade him, and convince him to go back to his stable corporate opportunities.

Zhang has quoted his mom as having said to him over a text message, “Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg. You need to be responsible too.”

The words echoed in his mind and for the first 6 months of the venture, Zhang doubted his chances of success as well, worrying if he had made a mistake he wasn’t going to be able to recover from.

After all, he had turned down an internship with the top management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company to sell jackets from his dorm room. It wouldn’t make sense to his parents after all they had sacrificed to immigrate.

But why did he go through all of this fear and uncertainty?

Quite simply, he didn’t want a life like everyone else.

He didn’t want a cushy corporate job as a general manager that only let him live in freedom two weeks out of the year.

He didn’t want to be surrounded by fake gurus and peers who flaunted their success like it was an accessory, and he felt like he could make that change.


Zhang's Backstory - The "Self-Made Millionaire" and Ecommerce Mastery Program

Like many other multi-millionaires, Zhang’s backstory is one that has inspired many to jump into the eCommerce space unafraid.

If a college kid could make it big overnight, then they could too, right?

Well, that’s the problem – Zhang didn’t make it overnight. He doesn’t even claim that he did.

The credit card debt was stacking up, and 6 months into his venture, he had cranked out 5 stores in a variety of niches and he says every single one of them failed.

He recalls that he was ashamed of the debt and of his actions; his parents had given up everything so he could mess around online for half of a year, rather than pursuing the American Dream they had fought so hard for.

Still, Zhang did not back down. He started scouring the web for new marketing techniques to test and began utilizing photoshop to design new product and facebook ads and revamp his website.

It wasn’t until then that his sales and share metrics started picking up. The market was noticing his products after the new development. He was starting to see around one sale a week, until a month later when his revenue exploded, and sales started coming in furiously throughout the day.

Over Black Friday that year, Zhang’s business net a little over $430,000 in sales, making him more than he would have managed to secure in a full year working for McKinsey.

Somehow, somewhere along the way he figured out the secrets to success, and he repeated it until his success became a habit.

He cites his best accomplishment as paying off the mortgage on his childhood home and starting a college fund for his younger brother, helping give back to his parents, who sacrificed everything to help him achieve the success.

While Zhang’s achieved success might not have been what his parents initially imagined, it still became a reality that he could not have pursued without their help and dedication.

A Review of Zhang's Net Worth (From Ecommerce?)

Since Zhang’s rise to success which began in 2018, there have already been rumors about the young entrepreneur’s worth. He has decided to keep his worth private, along with any information about his love life.

The entrepreneur has made millions internationally and through his efforts he built an organization with 60 team members across the world, providing stable revenue for others who help him run what is now Kreator eCommerce and Ecom Millionaire Mastery. (2)

“[…] everything completely changed when he was able to scale a new eCommerce website to $20,000 a day in sales within just 11 days of starting.”
Yahoo! Finance

It is rumored that Zhang’s worth is anywhere between $4 and $20 million, though this number might not be accurate.

My best guess is that the true answer is somewhere in the middle. We know Zhang didn’t stay frugal after making his first multi-million-dollar website, having zeroed out his parents’ mortgage and starting a fund for his younger brother.

He also moved to Hollywood and bought his dream car, so while he has the money, I would estimate he is probably floating somewhere around 5 to 11 million in worth at best.

Keep in mind that it only takes one or two of these websites to call it a success and start a module based program, and if he has moved on to teaching others how to make money with eCommerce, he is likely making most of his money through the program content or student consultations now.

A Questionable Lack of Social Media Presence for Him and His Program

Some websites have called out Kevin Zhang’s lack of social media as a red flag, asking users to be careful when considering his paid program because of it. While Zhang’s program isn’t for everyone, there’s no clear sign why his social media accounts have disappeared.

There is evidence that his Instagram account previously existed, though there is no way to tell how many posts or followers he had while the account was active. His YouTube channel is still fairly active, with over 67 thousand subscribers and the latest videos published nine months ago.

The account, however, has since been deleted or banned, which is a common problem for many celebrities who do not verify their accounts or post sensitive information that flags algorithms.

His LinkedIn appears to be active, though it hasn’t been updated in a while. An inactive social media presence could be a red flag, but according to his Twitter, he is also a big advocate of mindfulness and leaving technology out of the day as much as possible.

Simply put, it seems as if Zhang doesn’t make time for social media during his day, and he doesn’t try to follow the trends of other internet “gurus” and fake it with social media managers who pose as him. An admirable trait as we continue to live in a digital world.

Kevin Zhang-lifestyle

His LinkedIn appears to be active, though it hasn’t been updated in a while. An inactive social media presence could be a red flag, but according to his Twitter, he is also a big advocate of mindfulness and leaving technology out of the day as much as possible.

Simply put, it seems as if Zhang doesn’t make time for social media during his day, and he doesn’t try to follow the trends of other internet “gurus” and fake it with social media managers who pose as him. An admirable trait as we continue to live in a digital world.

How Does Kevin Zhang Make His Money Now?

Kevin Zhang has abandoned the ways of the past. He no longer starts and refines eCommerce websites from scratch, dropshipping projects out of his college dorm.

Now, he is living the life in Hollywood, teaching students how to do exactly what he did, with several mentions in notable publication companies like Forbes.

There’s a catch to that – now he isn’t making his money with eCommerce at all, and the online world has changed significantly since the young entrepreneur started in 2018.

On some level, I am certain the program is made out of the good of his heart, but mostly, the only reason a stable-minded businessman would create a program and abandon something that makes him several million dollars is if it was more profitable to do something else, such as teaching others how to make money.

What Does Kevin Zhang Own?

Kevin Zhang owns multiple businesses as a serial entrepreneur. Most notably, his flagship agency, Kreator eCommerce and program with Millionaire Mastery are what he focuses on now.

He also has a program on how to make money through eCommerce called eCom Millionaire Mastery. The names aren’t the best – a bit on the nose, but Zhang seems to be a fan of simplicity.

For many people, these courses are enough to keep them pre-occupied and earning some additional pocket cash, but his featured student testimonials and results are not typical. These top earners worked their way to the top.

As far as belongings, he has managed to keep his private life as private as possible, though he did mention that he purchased a house in Hollywood and bought his childhood dream car.

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