5 Quick steps to start earning money online


5 Quick steps to start earning money online

I woke up today to a few emails about what initial steps can someone start right now, to start earning money online. As I always do, I thought about writing about it, but then I decided to break it down to 5 quick steps just to get you in a groove and of course write about it! 🙂

  1. Pick your niche – What do you like? Do you have a hobby? Do you have a passion? Pick something that you will enjoy writing, reading or promoting daily.
  2. Google Keyword tool – Once you choose your niche. Use the Keyword Tool to see if you can profit with this niche. Traffic is key, and if you don’t get enough searches in your niche you will never be successful.
make money online
  1. Purchase a domain name – I like to use these tools because it is just easier to do everything is one stop. The key to choosing a domain name is to keep in inline with your niche. For example, I want to write about how to make money online. The best website name I could choose is www dot how to make money online dot com. Obviously this was taken a long time ago, but if you find a niche and use proper lead scoring, you can figure out what to name your website.
  1. Build a website OR BLOG– I always like to recommend empower network, as it teaches you how to build a blog very fast. It is much easier than you think, however owning your own blog is much better than using a standard blogging platform.
  2. Promote a product – You can find hundreds of products on clickbank to promote. You can sign up for free and it takes minutes. OR you can join a high converting business opportunity to sell like I do.
converting business opportunity

I know you are probably wondering how to get all this up and running. It is much easier than it looks. I recommend taking a look at Inbox BluePrint to take that next step. If you spend a few days on this product, you will be making money online in no time by then joining me and the other members of My TEAM. Just remember, it takes a lot of hard work but it can pay off tenfold once you get it started!