Endless Income by Ted Bauman

Endless Income

Welcome to my review of Endless Income on IBuyIReview. This course is created by Ted Bauman and consists more of a newsletter and book than a series of training videos or anything like that.

You might find yourself wondering if it’s the right course for you, or if you should refrain from giving away your email address so freely.

Ted has also published a self-help book titled Endless Income: 50 Secrets to a Happier, Richer Life. This paperback features a happy, smiling couple on the edge of a boat.

Which, I get it, marketing magic is happening here, but they should really consider how unsafe that is.

Both the letter and the physical copy are geared towards helping you achieve financial prosperity and freedom.

Table of Contents

What Is Endless Income?

This is both a newsletter curated by Ted Bauman, and a book written by the man as well. It covers several ways to generate income that could help you achieve financial freedom. (1) Of course, while smart spending practices can make all the difference in wealth management, one needs to first have capital to spend and save.

Being considerate about your finances doesn’t mean spending money on essentials only; it's about educating yourself on your spending.
Dmitry Nortenko

The letter is comprised of many financial tips and tricks, investing advice, and advice for financial freedom.

In some funnels, the book version of Endless Income is used as a free lead magnet to get you to sign up for the letter, which auto-renews on a subscription basis. If you just don’t want to give up your information for a free version of the book, you can purchase it for anywhere from $30 to $70 depending on the seller, isbn, and condition. 

Both the paperback and the financial newsletter are geared towards helping you “escape your 9 to 5” and “live a life of freedom,” but it leaves you to wonder whether the subscription is useless, or if you might actually get something of value out of the paper.

Ted Bauman Letter: A Way to Make Money Online?


The Endless subscription to Ted's newsletter from Banyan Hill sports several benefits that sound great when you put them down on paper, but do they hold up to their claims? The sales copy changes rapidly enough that it looks like Ted wrote parts of it, and mid-sentence, Banyan’s editors took over to keep the sales pitch going.

Here’s what you’ll get for your subscription:

  • Twelve issues of the Bauman Letter to read
  • Weekly videocast updates from Ted Bauman himself
  • Trade Alerts to hot investments happening that week
  • Access to Bauman’s Portfolios to review and study
  • Access to special income reports and archives
  • 24/7 access to an exclusive website
  • Dedicated customer service

Again, these sound like great benefits to receive on paper, but unless you have all the time in the world to jump on any of the investment advice Bauman sends your way, you might be better spending your money on legitimate business pursuits elsewhere.

The price for Endless Income has a tiered subscription model costing $49, $79, or $129 at the time of this writing. Lower options may only give you limited access.

Remember, however, that this is subscription that auto-renews, so they are counting on you forgetting about your Endless subscription, so it renews for a full year. If you're lucky, you'll find it marked down from time to time.

Some people also report that the price has gone up recently, from a flat $97 a year.

Is It a Scam?

If you reverse search their “customer service” phone number where Bauman advertises his 24/7 support line in the official sales copy, you'll see that it goes directly to the Banyan Hill customer service.

They have a handful of complaints online, but Banyan Hill seems to be adept at resolving most of the complaints. Still, there are plenty of people requesting refunds, including some who said they never signed up for the service.

I can't glean enough information to say that the Endless subscription is a scam, so much as it's simply not worth the money.

Ten years ago, I could see it working, but today, the financial market is so volatile that no investment advice columnist is going to be the difference between you making thousands of dollars a month or not.


Conclusion: Is it Worth It to Read the Letter or Books by Ted Bauman?

Overall, I would say it’s better to save your moo-lah than to subscribe to yet another financial advice column.

If you’re so desperate for advice that you will pay hard-earned money on a monthly basis, I would recommend seeking out a personal financial advisor, rather than subscribing to the letter.

I have never known a financial advice subscription to be worthwhile in my time reviewing them. In my experience, they are just good enough to keep you subscribed, just good enough to avoid major BBB complaints, but not good enough to be worthwhile or provide real advice.

If these advisors were good at making financial decisions, do you really think they would spend all of their marketing revenue on poorly-designed funnels published through a company that you haven’t heard of before?

There are too many red flags with this newsletter for me to feel comfortable giving my cash away for this kind of daily advice. I would sooner look it up online - your internet searches are free.

The funnel is outdated, the advice and sales copy seem a little too try-hard, and the paperback cover looks like something I’d find in a used bookstore for $0.99 because it’s too old to be relevant anymore.

Harsh, I know, but you asked me for my opinion, right?

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  1. Dmitriy Nortenko, Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Five Tips for Finance Management in Life And Business, https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2021/04/01/aspiring-entrepreneurs-five-tips-for-finance-management-in-life-and-business/?sh=1211db57111e