Team National Review – Another MLM Scam?

Welcome to my Team National Review on IBuyIReview.

As always when a sales rep from any company approaches you and asks you to join their company, you should always do your research so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. After hearing some buzz about Team National, I decided to do some research and write a review based on my findings.

About Team National

The company was formed in 1997 by Dick Loehr and is also called National Companies. It uses volume purchasing to get discounts from some retailers (to save members’ money) and operates using the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model.

It is an established company, and a member of the US Chamber of Commerce and the DSA (Direct Selling Association). Since its establishment, the company has made over $1 billion in sales.

Website:, Their website, does not have much information on membership, i.e., the membership costs and what you get as a member. There is no information on how the business operates.

Membership Cost

  • Standard – $795 for two years.
  • Premium – $2195 for a lifetime.

Team National Products

They have four different membership categories that I will explain below.

  1. Team National Factory Direct – Here, you get savings up to 65% on selected items such as home furnishings and jewelry.
  2. Group Buying Power – You get savings on:
    • Rental trucks and cars
    • Insurance
    • Financial services such as debt management, wealth planning, and home mortgage
    • Travel
    • Communication services such as satellite television, high-speed internet, and digital phone
    • Vehicles – motorcycles, new and used cars and parts, vehicle service, etc.
    • Business savings such as gift cards, check and credit card processing
    • Team National products such as skin care, automotive and nutritional supplements.
    • Health discount plans – dental, chiropractic, vision and hearing
  3. Team National Business Exchange – Here, you save money at thousands of businesses, local and small, all over the country.
  4. E-Commerce – You get commissions up to 30% from brand-name and popular retail stores.

Team National’s Compensation Plan

Like any other MLM business, you get a commission for referring people to join the company. Team National uses the Binary Compensation Plan, where you have two legs underneath you, and the tree then builds itself from there. For you to be bonus qualified, you must refer two members every year. Once you get someone to join, you are their host. There are two membership packages for bonuses: Standard that is worth one point, and Premium that is worth three points.

Hosting Bonus Qualification – Once someone you referred to the company become bonus qualified, you become hosting bonus qualified.  To remain hosting bonus qualified, you have to be bonus qualified yourself, and one of the people you have hosted has to remain bonus qualified.

Membership Commission

You get between $25 – $100 commission for each new member you refer, depending on the membership they purchase and they decide to pay. This, however, does not become active till the third sale onwards.

Progression Bonus

When each leg of your binary reaches 10 points, you get $1500. This is done weekly, though if your weekly points do not reach 10 they roll forward till you reach 10. These points are from sales and that of your downline.

Presidential Director Bonus

This rewards IMDs (Independent Marketing Director – a member of Team National) whose teams are growing. It takes effect when you get three progression bonuses over time. If an IMD’s progress in the Presidential Director program is much faster than others, they earn a bonus for their effort. You get extra money for every person you host each month, stopping at the person in your downline that has equal or higher presidential rank.There are six bonus structures under the Presidential Director Bonus:

  • Presidential – Given when you get the progression bonus thrice. You earn $10 for each standard member and $20 for each premium member you have brought.
  • Bronze – Given when two people that you host become Presidential. You earn $20 for standard and $40 for premium memberships.
  • Silver – Given when four people that you host become Presidential. You receive $30 for standard and $60 for premium memberships.
  • Gold – Given when six people that you host become Presidential. You earn $40 for standard and $80 for premium memberships.
  • Platinum – Given when ten people that you host become Presidential. You receive $50 for standard and $100 for premium memberships.
  • Double Platinum – This is the highest structure. Given when eighteen people that you host become Presidential. You earn $50 for standard and $10 for premium memberships.

Big-N Marketplace

Here, you get commissions for making purchases online using your Big N Marketplace website. To get your personal website you pay $7 monthly or $75 annually. What is the Big N Marketplace? It is a group of stores where you can buy goods online, and get commissions from those purchases. The commissions range from 0 – 35%, though each store has a different structure for giving commissions. Once you make a purchase, Team National gets a report from the store, and the commission you are due. They pay the commissions to each eligible IMD. They do not keep part of the money for their services; you get 100% of what you have earned. You can also have your friends and relatives buy from your personal website, and get commissions from their purchases.


Their compensation plan is one of, if not the best, in the market, and if you work hard, you could earn good money from them. They have been in operation for more than 15 years, and their income keeps on increasing. They are a decent company to save and make money from.

I’d advise you first to write a list of all the discounts you will want to take advantage of, then compare it with the discounts you can get from other stores/websites that do not require a membership or charge less than Team National. If you find that the savings you will make are way more than the Team National membership cost, you can join the company.

recruit people

However, since they are an MLM, the best way to make money is to recruit people into the company. This may not be easy, as most people are usually able to recruit only 2-3 people. If you are not actively recruiting, you will not make much money. If you want to make good money from them, you will have to learn how to recruit members into Team National.

N.B: Their refund policy on membership fees is three days only.

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