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Affiliate Programs

Online, there are too many ways to make money and lose money. This is, however, why a lot of people are turning to the internet for a change of pace in their work life.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs turn to the internet in some way for a sustainable source of revenue, whether that’s for managing their cash flow, creating new cash flow, or keeping their venture afloat.

Many new entrepreneurs latch onto the success of others as well. One example of this is Amazon, who has a successful affiliate program. (1) Another example of affiliate sales is clickbank, which hosts a large number of affiliate programs from companies across the world.

If a company like sells products related to your Web site or business, you simply point your site's visitors to a book or other product on, for example, and collect a commission on anything the users buy.

This has caught the attention of many companies, and affiliate programs have become an innovative way for companies to create offers and secure new customers by providing commission-based kickbacks to individuals who advertise their products and services.

These affiliate programs, however, can be difficult to make any money with, which is why I’ve decided to create this article on IBuyIReview covering several affiliate programs that pay offers daily.

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Are Affiliate Programs a Legitimate Way to Pay the Bills?

Now, more than ever, affiliate marketing is becoming a common way to make money online. (2) So many people have enabled affiliate marketing as a venture that some people make their entire income off of just this one tactic.

Considering most affiliate offers pay pennies to the dollar, that’s an impressive feat. 

There’s no denying that affiliate marketing is here to stay. By 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to eclipse the $8 billion mark, nearly double what it was worth in 2015.

There is a lot of potential in the affiliate marketing space, there’s no denying that. Just take a look at what Jeff Lerner has done with affiliate marketing. But one thing I will argue against is that affiliate marketing is the end-all-be-all of the internet.

A lot of influencers have started making extra cash by promoting products, and there’s no doubt that it gets the brand’s product out in the open where an impressionable public can purchase it, thinking it will make them a little bit more like their favorite internet stars.

Still, there is a lot more to the process than posting a link on your social media and calling it a day. (3) I think that affiliate marketing has pros and cons, and depending on the method you choose to utilize it in, it can have different effects.

Depending on whom you talk to, affiliate marketing is either at the peak of its game or succumbing to countless serious flaws.
Danielle Sabrina

One of the biggest flaws I find in affiliate marketing is that the brand has complete and total control over your commission structure.

Amazon, for example, changed their terms in 2019, cutting affiliate sales by 30%. Not only did this destroy several affiliate marketing blogs, but put several entrepreneurs out of work, with some declaring bankruptcy from the move.

And did it affect Amazon?

No, not really.

That’s why I will always recommend models that put you in the drivers seat over models like affiliate marketing. I strongly feel that with models like this, you are forced to comply with however the payment structure changes, or give up the sheer amount of work you’ve put into a project to market the affiliate links in the first place.

What do I mean by that?

Well, think about it – how do you get people to view the link in the first place?

A lot of people post blog articles and use SEO to rank up their website. Not only is that a huge time commitment, but it’s not cheap, either. To effectively rank up a blog, especially in a competitive niche, you’re looking at spending thousands of dollars.

For my last affiliate blog I tried, it took two years before I saw any kind of affiliate commission.

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

1. Daily Products: WarriorPlus


WarriorPlus is an up-and-coming affiliate program that highlights two main categories of products: education and software.

Their tagline, “Your Profit is Our Business” speaks to their overall brand message when dealing with affiliate marketers. They have since rebranded as a marketing automation platform and marketplace for online marketers, but they still retain a lot of their affiliate offers on site.

There are thousands of affiliate businesses and affiliate marketers on this website, and plenty of positive reviews that have come out of it. Affiliate marketing platforms are highly competitive, so earning such as high degree of respect like Warrior Plus has is difficult to say the least.

Some of the offers pay out on different time scales, but they do have a lot of options for offers that pay out on an instant or daily basis.

Pay outs are typically made to a PayPal account, so if you don’t have one, you’ll be required to create it to earn sales with these affiliate programs.

One of my favorite things about WarriorPlus is that they offer a community of vendors and affiliates that is already established in the online world. Because they focus so highly on software and educational offers, however, their platform (while it might look a little dated on the inside) is easy to use, stable, and reliable.

Their customer support is usually very responsive as well, which is not something I see in a lot of these older established affiliate program platforms.

2. Daily Pay: JVZoo


This is one of the most popular platforms for daily affiliate sales because they aren’t shy about advertising instant payouts, helping you make money online with PayPal.

For a while, instant payouts were one of this affiliate programs major selling points, showcased right in their meta description so you could see it before you even navigated to the page.

JVZoo is an odd brand name that can be difficult to spell, but it’s gained enough recognition in the online marketing space that it has established itself firmly. A large number of the programs offered on the platform are digital products, but they categorize them into several niches.

You can select from Ecommerce, Business, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, and Software products, and you’ll be navigated to a list of available affiliate programs based on those criteria.

Most of the time, products with instant sales posts will be under the Books, Software, and Online Courses section, however, so you won’t find yourself going back and forth too much. There are plenty of options to choose from in each category, with over 9 million affiliate offers and counting.

While their site is definitely dated, it works well, and they’ve listened to what the community wants to see in updates to their platform as time has gone on. JVZoo has implemented a search function that allows affiliates to lead the search and filter by their niche, keyword, and even a few other criteria depending on the category. Sellers are generally listed in order of most popular, but you can now also sort them alphabetically.

Despite the dated look, I really feel like the team at JVZoo have gone above and beyond to provide a user-friendly experience for affiliates and vendors alike whether you use PayPal or another service.

3. Highest Paying: PeerFly


PeerFly gained a lot of popularity in recent years because they offer a unique incentive to affiliate marketers that can be difficult to come across: Cost Per Action, rather than conversion.

This means that the criteria for getting paid with PayPal is different for every vendor, but it can also make it easier for affiliates to earn sales – though they might be smaller – by just funneling traffic to a site or getting customers to fill out forms and surveys.

There are thousands of products to choose from, and a lot of people have made a successful blog by just using PeerFly’s network of vendors. The offer area is streamlined and offers a great user experience that was truly a pleasure to browse.

PeerFly does support an instant on-demand payment structure, but it is a little more complicated than most affiliate programs that pay daily. They’ve instituted a 24% fee for instant payments, making it possible but very costly to have your money sent instantly. Otherwise, money is sent out at no fee on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment basis. The monthly schedule is how I chose to be paid. Monthly just seems to make more sense to me.

Theoretically, if you wanted to show that you’ve been getting payments to your bank account or PayPal on a daily basis, rather than monthly, you could do that if you wanted to swallow the 24% fee every time. Personally, I’d rather just wait the week or two and have my whole commission check.

4. App Products: AdCraX Affiliates


AdCraX is a little less known than some of the other affiliate sales, but they do offer daily commissions for affiliate marketers who have an audience for the app market. This means, in essence, that if you have a game, app, or mobile-only website that you can send mobile traffic through, you can monetize it.

With this platform, you can monetize apps, games, and sites that are designed to appear on smartphones. AdCraX has also implemented a typical ad structure for those who want to earn Pay Per Click sales on advertisements, which can help supplement any affiliate programs you sign up for.

You can think of this method as a sort of lead generation platform for ads and affiliate programs that will pay you daily so long as your audience is on a non-desktop device. It’s really quite an interesting approach to the system that I haven’t seen before, and I’m interested in where it will go in the future.

Today, they’ve branded as an influencer marketing platform to connect advertisers and affiliates, helping “bring them ad revenue or ROI and helping grow their businesses.”

Overall, the site is a bit wordy, so don’t look too hard at what they’re saying. The overall message is “we connect businesses with advertisers to help you grow revenue.”

I did find it a little difficult to navigate the site initially, because their “view more” button is broken, and it’s difficult to see the menu bar. If you are stuck, you have that to thank. Just keep looking around on the site – and keep in mind that it is better viewed on a mobile device than on desktop types.

5. New Affiliate Programs: Dr. Cash

Dr. Cash

Here’s an interesting affiliate platform. Having first started in 2016, Dr Cash is one of the only ones I’ve seen offering payouts at such a great rate for the Nutra Vertical.

This vertical is short for “Nutraceuticals” which includes a variety of healthcare industry niches from pharmaceuticals, therapy, essential care, supplies – you name it. If it has anything to do with health care, chances are, this platform has something to say about it.

As of today on Dr Cash, there are about 50 different niches to choose from and several thousand offers available, so while it’s smaller than other affiliate sites, it offers a big incentive: twice-daily payments.


That’s hard to beat, and it’s a whole lot better than a lot of the other programs in this article. If you are trying to maximize how often you are paid on PayPal, you might want to check this platform out. A lot of people online claim that they make hundreds of dollars a week with the program, and while they are definitely top performers, the platform looks promising.

The dashboard and user experience are fairly modern, and the design is streamlined enough to help you keep track of all your affiliate stats at a glance, which is something I always look for in a new affiliate platform. Since I don’t have any audiences for the medical space, however, I haven’t given any of the offers a try.

6. TerraLeads


TerraLeads is an affiliate platform based in Russia. They take a different approach to affiliate programs, taking full control over every part of the affiliate process. They consider themselves the world’s “first CPA hub” because they manufacture their brand products in Europe.

What do I mean by they take full control over the process? It’s a really interesting method they’ve chosen here. They are the merchant, publisher, and affiliate network, but still promote products to the outside.

This is another nutraceuticals network company, but a lot of their products are based on EU clinical trials, making it more trusted throughout the globe than a lot of other areas. If you have an international medical audience, then you might want to browse this platform a little bit and see if there are any products that you would be interested in promoting to your audience.

You can even read all about their product specs and the testing that each went through. Overall, I thought their interface was stellar, but again, I don’t have a medical audience, so I wasn’t able to test out how well their affiliate sales worked. They did, however, discuss their payment structure.

Instead of instant payouts or anything like that, you can receive your payment by calling and talking to a representative.

The representative will approve your sale at their call center, ensuring the customer has gone through a full conversion. I found this to be a really cool way to handle it, actually, rather than dealing with nameless, faceless numbers on the internet.

The only sketchy thing that I saw with this company is that you earn rewards in addition to affiliate sales. These rewards, called T-Coins, are redeemable for prizes such as televisions, segways, cars, and other interesting gadgets.

I haven’t tried this out, and it might be a different story across the pond, but I feel like a lot of companies I’ve worked with in the past who have offered something like this have been a little less than honest with money.

7. Mobidia


Mobidia is another well-known affiliate network platform that focuses on helping you find and promote mobile advertisements. They also employ a Cost Per Action strategy, so you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money with other definitions of “conversion” than the traditional product purchase.

They provide a wide range of programs in different niches to select from, such as beaty, health, games, dating, videos, and fitness products.

The platform overall is nice, though it’s designed largely for mobile users and can be difficult for desktop users to navigate through. A lot of people seem to have consistent success once they have an audience in place to market to, so it seems like a legitimate place to earn a decent commission. They offer affiliate tracking stats in the dashboard like many other platforms, but one thing stood out to me: you can also change to a variety of languages. This is not something that I see in a lot of other affiliate platforms, and it really speaks to how inclusive they are in marketing to an international audience of advertisers.

The one thing I didn’t like about this platform is that you do have to be a VIP member to get paid on weekends through PayPal, but they do offer an option for daily payments on typical work days from PayPal. I haven’t tried it out, but I assume this means that you would also have to be a VIP member to get PayPal payments on bank holidays. 

8. Rapid Action Profits

Action Profits

Rapid Action is another affiliate program that promises to help make money online, and it used to be a great, popular program back when affiliate marketing was just getting started.

RAP focuses on software and learning products, and there are a few affiliates who swear by the platform today. Still, while I would encourage you to take a look at the site, it has not aged well. The dashboard is dated, and even their product image looks like something that came out of 2005.

A lot of modern affiliate marketers have given RAP a negative review because it hasn’t aged well, and it’s not a good sign that it isn’t nearly as active as it used to be. Plus, branding attracts like branding, so any offers that are still valid in the system are likely to have the same dated look and feel to them, plummeting conversions (unless you have a very niche audience who is into dated software.)

While this program was fun to look through, I’m not also sure that I could recommend it for the modern advertiser and trust that it would be valuable, transfer to modern methods, or be online for much longer than it is thanks to its look.

9. ClickMagick


This is another interesting affiliate platform. It is an actual product with its own affiliate program, not necessarily something that offers a full network of programs to choose from.

One thing I do enjoy is that this platform gives you a great bird’s eye view of  affiliate stats for that month, tracking them in a user-friendly dashboard that helps you understand where your sales stand on a keyword-basis.

This is one of the few affiliate offers I’ve seen that allows – and even encourages using Pay Per Click campaigns to advertise the product. To help enable this, they even feature a filter for bot traffic, ensuring that all of the traffic you receive to your campaign is organic, genuine traffic from real people.

Additionally, they offer a split testing feature which can help you fine tune sales funnels and ad copy.

One important note about the payment structure for this program is that it does pay daily via PayPal, but it takes 14 days for their payout fees to accrue before they are able to enable the days payments. Still, at a 35% commission, that’s hard to beat.  

If you take a look at their Adwords structure, which looks like it uses a lot of data from semrush, you’ll notice that they’re encouraging you to sell their product at full price through ads – something you have to learn how to do – and you only receive 35% back. If you were to sell leads, you’d be more likely to earn better traffic and a higher commission rate.

If you want to learn how to create and manage Google ads, as well as how to sell leads to businesses for a better paycheck, check out the free demo of the training below:

10. PaykickStart


Paykickstart is an interesting affiliate platform as well, focusing on shopping cart transactions. While this might be difficult to sell to pre-existing online platforms, you might be able to market this in with a digital marketing or website builder service for businesses who are trying to make a living on the internet.

A lot of website builders already have shopping cart solutions integrated, so Paykickstart quickly falling out of popular use. Still, it can be useful to keep around if you’re interested in providing that kind of service to your audience.

What exactly is PaykickStart?

Paykickstart is a shopping cart solution that allows businesses to optimize their sales funnels on the fly, improving their conversion process plans and helping them create more revenue traction through upsells.

They also handle global taxes for the duration of a visit, which is a huge pain point for a lot of ecommerce platforms.

There is a bit of a struggle for daily payments here that’s worth mentioning. While they do advertise daily payments, these are only made through certain payment methods. For example, if you use a Payoneer account, then you aren’t going to be able to receive daily recurring commissions – Payoneer only allows them to send one payment each month.

On the other hand, if you use PayPal, you’re likely to see those recurring commissions float in on a daily basis once you have a solid audience to advertise to.

Still, there’s a lot of risk involved with setting up an affiliate program, and it takes a lot of work per click which is why I’m an advocate for other models.

Sustainable Income

Do Affiliate Programs Pay Enough Money for a Sustainable Income?

Yes, I do believe that affiliate programs can make enough money to become a source of income. I do, however, disagree that it would be sustainable or reliable.

Affiliate marketing will always be around. (4) There’s no getting around that fact. Companies would lose too much publicity by allowing it to fade out of popular use.

Affiliate-marketing programs can provide a substantial upside to an entrepreneur through their ability to involve a cadre of influencers, someone who has an above-average impact on a specific field and can sway their social-media following.
Jesse Torres

Unless you already have a significant following on social media that says “I’m famous!” or an established blog where you can slip affiliate links in, however, you’re looking at an uphill battle in often saturated markets to get paid with affiliate programs.

This type of marketing is seen as one of the easiest ways to make it in the online business space, making money from home, especially when you have affiliate programs that pay daily.

That’s a lot of tough competition you’ve got to compete with for affiliate programs, and unless you have a serious advantage on your side, like an experienced SEO team or previous knowledge of how to run a Google Ads campaign and get paid, then you’re looking at learning a lot of digital marketing just to support one facet of the industry.

Another way you can advertise affiliate links and make a decent income is through social media offers, though that does require you to already be an influencer in a space or have lots of followers.

On average, you can expect to get paid with a click conversion rate in the realm of 1-3% for any kind of niche. Some products will trend lower, some will trend higher, so don’t expect to have it become an overnight success, even if you do have thousands of followers who will sign a check (or click on your ad) in a heartbeat. A good affiliate product really relies on consistent branding to get a click.

Are You Ready for Something Better Than Affiliate Programs?

There is something better than affiliate marketing, I promise.

If you don’t believe me, just click the button at the end of this article to check out a free training demo of exactly the method I use to make a sustainable income today.

I work 100% for myself, from home, and I’m living the life I always wanted to.

Better yet, this method puts a lot of control back into your hands. No more “publish and pray” methodology to keep you worried about your sales every day.

No more waiting months for SEO efforts to kick in, only to get downgraded in the rankings.

This model is one of the best that I’ve come across, and I’m sharing it with you because I believe it can really change a lot of people’s lives.

It also helps entrepreneurs thrive in a world where everything is going digital and they don’t have the time to make the switch.

Do you want to make someone’s life a little easier?

There’s no masquerading as a different venture, no conning your friends and family into signing up for a new program just to bail on them the next day.

It’s a legitimate program, and at least for me, it leaves me feeling fulfilled at the end of the day knowing I did a little bit of good.

Adding that little bit of security back into a business owner’s life in uncertain times.

This training focuses on Google Ads, and teaches you – from the ground up – how you can find and capture qualified leads through ad targeting. This lead generation is a great way to make profits – way better than an app campaign or ppc on someone else’s terms.

These are leads who are actively in need of a service your client provides.

Maybe your client doesn’t have a strong enough web presence, or not enough information online to really help them seal the deal.

That’s where you and your funnels come in.

Did I mention they give you the funnels, too?

They also teach you how to find and close clients, how to tweak and manage your ads, and for anything else, there is a live Facebook groups where you can ask questions and have real answers from both students and the owners of the course.

Learn more about Local Marketing Vault today by watching a free training demo:


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