Bhip Global Review – Does it really work

bhip global review

Bhip Global Review – Be Helping Impact People

In this Bhip global review you will how this company just launched in North American, taking on a huge growth pattern that is rapidly spreading across the United States.

Although it is characterized as an MLM, there are many other aspects of this company that you need to know about before ever joining. First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Maurice Waller and my boy James Bonadies allowed me to guest post on his blog, so I could reach more people and at a faster pace. I have been in the Home Based Business/MLM industry for over 3 years. I am a full time recruiter, or what I like to say is a full time dream catcher. It didn’t take me much time to understand that living the MLM life style was in my DNA.

I was never a busy bee and never wanted a job, so I retired from my JOB 3 years ago and took this industry by storm. Now you know a little bit about me, let me get to the rest of my bhip global review to help educate you on whether this company is worth looking into.

Bhip Global, Inc. History – 6 year established company

Bhip global is in over 30 countries with 150,000 Distributors world wide and has been around for over SIX years. For me, the greatest thing is about North America. Not because I don’t care about the success of the company, but because I care about the success of myself and my team.

You may ask, what does being in North America have to do with me and my team’s success? It’s simple, myself and everyone who joins this company is in at the top. I am smiling ear to ear as I type this because there are less than 500 Distributors in North America.

Remember the company has over 150,000 world wide, but only 500 in North America.

I’ll say that again, there are only 500 Distributors in North America, so if you ever felt like you wanted to be at the top of an MLM company that is already established and has a proven business model, I suggest you keep reading. It may be worth your while to understand more about Bhip Global.

Bhip Global Products – AC-11 scientifically proven to restore DNA

Bhip products are designed to help the aging process. What makes this product different is the compound AC-11 which is a patented compound that can only be used by Bhip Global, Inc.

One of the most common questions I get is how is this company different than Herbalife or Advocare. My first reaction is always, AC-11. This powerful compound reacts to Free Radicals, atoms,  ions and molecules that damage our DNA.

AC-11 works from the inside to help repair our DNA by attacking the free radicals so you look younger and feel younger.

Purple Plus – Energize and Revitalize – This health supplement is known to give energy and revitalize your health by adding Noni fruit, Maqui berry and Aloe Vera. Purple Plus strengthens the immune system, promotes heart health, boosts energy, stamina, boosts collagen production and the most important to me, regulates sleep!

Aedre’ – Skin Regeneration Serum – Using the AC-11 Compound, this serum helps regenerate sun and age damaged skin and has proven to work the fastest of our product line.

Activar – Day Cream – Due to the immense stress we put on our skin through life stress, UV rays, pollution and allergens, Activar goes straight to the source of the problem to help revitalize your skin. Again, through the patented compound, AC-11, the creams help with discoloration and skin dryness by locking in deep moisture for soft and smooth skin. The Activar Days cream helps reduce the natural stresses we put on our skin during the day.

Activar – Night Cream –  The Activar night cream locks in the moisture to repair your skin at night. During the night, our skin naturally tries to heal our skin and body. The Activar night cream helps with this healing process.

Purple Strips – Heal, Energize and Repair – The exact ingredients in the Purple Plus Drink, but when on the run, this can sometimes be the easiest way to continue to help your body repair at all times of the day.

Purple Caps – Again to add to the repair process, these vegetable based capsules have the added benefit of probiotics to help the body regulate it ability to get rid of the toxins.

Fusion – My favoriteFusion is a delicious shake formulated with fiber, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, protein and enzymes that is a great low calorie meal replacement. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners. In addition, it uses the patented formulated AC-11 to continue with DNA repair. Great for weight loss as well.

Fix – This blend of kelp extract, chromium, green coffee bean extract and the fat fighting benefits of Caralluma Fimbriata.  This blend will give you energy and fight fat within 15 minutes of taking it. Great for losing weight!

AIO – More for the older audience, but this is a potent formula of AC-11 made to rapidly repair damaged DNA FAST.

Bhip Global Compensation Plan and Cost

Here is how the Bhip global compensation plan works. Like most MLM’s I was scared about this company failing, however being involved directly with the President, he assured me this is just the beginning.

The Bhip Global compensation plan is killer, and the products, which contain AC-11, can only be used and sold through Bhip Global. There are 1o patents on these products and that is why the compensation plan is so liquid. Literally! lol

To become a Distributer you buy the Bhip global software package that integrates with your social media which practically runs the business for you.

The cost is $97/Year which is less than a latte per month! The earning potential is enormous. Try to follow, but I also put a video for you to take a look at below.

For every customer you enroll who buys the product, you earn $25. (not that hard) Plus you earn a residual $15/month as customers continue getting the products.

As you enroll customers who purchase the pro pack (explained above) you earn $150 on top of the other compensation. IF you enroll 6 customers, you earn a 10% bonus on all of your customers and get promoted to a 2* Manager.

Once in this position, no matter who you enroll or who they enroll unlimited levels down, you get a $20 bonus. I can see why the 18 Million dollar earners don’t even know where their money is coming from! 🙂

The real leverage comes with getting promoted to a higher level. There are other ways to earn money, but it is to complicated to explain, however if you just understand the above, you will understand how much money you can make.

You may have to watch the above video a few times. For me, I didn’t get it at first, but I loved what the company was about, and decided to just jump feet first. Thank God I did!

ihip review

b:exceptional 30 Day Challenge – Risk Free 30 Days Guarantee

Under this challenge, the company is challenging you to try their products. IF you are not happy with them, you can return them for a full refund.

No obligation, no hassles. This made me feel really good when I first joined as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying some garbage.

Once I tried their products, I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. It was then that I decided that I need to get involved and share this with as many people as I can.

Final Thought on Bhip Global

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I challenge you to “Be Helping Impact People” and I invite you to come to my own page where you can watch a few videos and join me in my crusade on impacting the world. You can always check out my wife’s and I story of how we got into network marketing.


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