H Com 3030 Program

H Com 3030 is an ecommerce program created by the famous Alex Becker, and it has gained a surprising amount of popularity in recent years as ecommerce profits have skyrocketed. (1) We are all increasingly reliant on the internet for daily activities, so it only makes sense that we would go to the internet for our shopping needs.

eCommerce sales grew by over 30 percent in 2020, driven by unprecedented consumer demand during the global pandemic. As stay at home orders shifted from weeks to months, many consumers were forced to adapt to shopping online, which has fueled tremendous growth in the sector.
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In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll learn everything you need to know about H Com 3030, from an overall program review to an introduction to ecommerce as a business model. Is it worth the price or should you take your hard-earned money elsewhere?

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eCommerce Course Overview

This program is geared towards people who have never seen the backend of an ecommerce platform before and don’t know where to start.

It’s rare that you find a program that is so beginner friendly, but Becker and his colleagues have honed in on the right market for their efforts, especially in this booming ecommerce society.

The program consists of a 9-week training session over 88 lessons. The total watch time is a little sparse, with a little over 15 hours of material, but that doesn’t include any written content or time spend re-watching and taking notes.

I don’t usually mention that, but the program is absolutely packed with information.

This program is presented by Becker, Matthew Schmitt, and Devin Zander. Each one of these notable figures have some screen time in the program, presenting their expertise, so you not only get Becker’s take on things, but you also get to learn from Matt and Devin.


Who Is Alex Becker?

Becker is a well-known online marketer and entrepreneur who has made his fame as a successful program creator and author.

He has collaborated with plenty of other big names in the online marketing space, and he has even made it big on YouTube.

The man has an estimated net worth of $15 million, and if you’ve been in the online marketing space, you might know him better by a project he founded and later sold called Konker.io, a marketplace for whitelabel SEO products.

He has gone on to create several programs, namely in the ecommerce space, and has become known as an SEO and ecommerce guru. His YouTube channel also notes that he is big into Pokemon, so you know on some level he’s a huge geek like the rest of us, too.

His most recent hit on the video platform is him announcing that he is going to become an extreme minimalist. He sold his expensive cars, furniture, and even his house. It shocked a lot of his followers, and he has since dedicated quite a few lessons to his experience so far.

You know, my first thought when I heard about this was “that’s a lot of dedication to the fame,” but he strikes me as a really down to earth sort of guy who really means it.

In fact, he later announced that he was contemplating letting his YouTube channel die so he could better focus on being a good CEO for his software company.

Who knows what the future has in store for Becker, but given his previous accomplishments, we can all expect it to be something incredibly surprising and equally as grand.  

What Does H Com 3030 Offer?

The H Com 3030 program offers a lot of value spread out over 9 weeks of course work, or 88 lessons with a little over 15 hours of pure video runtime. It might be more sparing than some other programs act.

Week One

This section, presented by Becker, contains 11 lessons all focused on your mindset when starting an ecommerce company. You also get a little bit of a welcome video in row, but it’s not as extensive as it would be in other programs (thankfully.)

Week Two

This week contains 15 lessons and is presented by Matt and Devin, who will be taking you through all the basic steps of setting up a Shopify store. They really only cover the basics here, but it’s enough to get you started and familiar with the backend of an ecommerce store.

Week Three

The third week is split into three sections with 13 lessons total. A large portion of this video content is about product selection and choosing supplies, adding designs and products to your store, and scaling your business as you go.

Week Four

Finally, we are into the section on how to make sales in week 4. There are a total of 6 videos in this week, and it covers some interesting topics here, like conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your entire store, from products to individual pages, checkout screens, and even how to improve sessions metrics (and what that means!)

Week Five

Week five covers ads. Now, it’s not nearly as extensive as I would like to see in a program, and it largely focuses on Facebook advertising, which I’m not convinced is the best option. There are 16 lessons in this video, and each one teaches you about some aspect of FB advertising, such as setting up a pixel, how to target an audience, and when to re-use or discard old ads.

Week Six

This 6 video section is all about scaling your ads and start ramping up store progress. This section is a little over an hour long. I felt like it could have been a lot more in-depth, but I also recognize that it’s not their main focus.

Week Seven

This week is all about how to maintain your ads to keep your store’s profits going. Matt provides an over-the-shoulder look at how their ads manager is run and what they do to set up the account.

Week Eight

Week eight is jam-packed with 17 lessons about tactics: how to use their proprietary software, email marketing, advertising and more.

Week Nine

Finally, at the end of the program, week nine is a 6-video series all about scaling your business.

h com 3030

Conclusion: IS H Com 3030 Worthwhile?

Personally, I am not a fan of ecommerce and I think there are plenty of other business models out there that could better line your pockets with a lot less risk and hassle.

For example, Google ads is a great way to acquire leads for local businesses (or, fine, augment your current ecommerce efforts.)

The H Com 3030 program itself, however, is very well put together and he really drives the point of his training home by talking about having the right mindset.

If you don’t try, you won’t succeed type of thing.

And darn it, it’s good.

It’s worthwhile, but I really would recommend augmenting this with a good Google ads training as well, because it will be difficult to succeed without it. 

Want a Better Business Model?

There are so many great business models out there, but I have only found one that really outshines the rest for both its legitimacy and the revenue potential.

This program will knock your socks off, teaching you everything you need to know about targeting highly qualified leads through Google ads.

It’s really the best I’ve ever come across.

This business model has allowed to me start living the life I wanted to live. No more living paycheck to paycheck, but I still make my own schedule and spend more time with my family.

I believe in this business model so much that I’ve even secured a free demo of the training for you, so you can see a sneak peek into the program and decide if its what you’re looking for.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the business model that can help dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs to work from home or help business owners augment their business success in a trying world.

There are always businesses who need help thriving in an increasingly digital world, so it makes sense to step up to the plate and offer that help.

Not only its it meaningful, but it’s sustainable – I’ve been using this business model for several years with much success.

Ready to learn more? Watch the free demo of the training below. It’s good for your health 🙂


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