Dubli Review

The "Everything" You Want to Know about Dubli


I spent about a week researching Dubli before I felt comfortable to actually write a blog post on IBuyIReview about the new craze in the home business arena.

Before I get into the review, you have to check out how I went from $0 – $10,000 in 90 Days.

All proof is on the next page!

Usually I can spend about a day researching these MLMs or businesses and able to write a blog post about them.

However, I found the information very confusing with Dubli.

After about a week, I was able to pull it all in and create this Dubli Review.

Now, I wrote this review and ranked it for three reasons.

The first reason is for people who are about to join Dubli or want to know more about it, as I believe every one deserves the truth.

Second, basically to prove how I am an expert in ranking for big paying terms, so when you read this review, you know it is coming from someone who is an expert in owning, operating and running a successful online business.

Third, I believe I have a better way to making a living online with tons of proof and testimonials.

I will bring you through the Dubli Review deciphering and slicing through the differences between owning a real online business or owning a dream to own a real online business.

However, I won’t mention that until the end, because you obviously are curious about Dubli.

Lets get it on…

Dubli – The Product Side (Customers)

By the end of this review you will get it, just read the entire dubli review.

Dubli is a cash back program for people who sign up for a free account and buy stuff online from retailers, airlines and or even utilities. Whether they are buying entertainment, booking a flight or hotel, or products, consumers can get some serious discounts on these items.

  1. Auto
  2. Books
  3. Clothing
  4. Computers
  5. Entertainment
  6. Finance & Insurance
  7. Flowers & Gifts
  8. Furniture
  9.  Grocery & Gourmet
  10. Health and Beauty
  11. Home & Garden
  12. Online Services
  13. Jewelry & Fragrances
  14. Office Supplies
  15. etc…..

As you can see there are a lot of avenues to get cash back, so if you are that kind of person, then Dubli might be a good fit for you.

However, there are 2 sides of Dubli.

The Product Side and the Affiliate Side.

Dubli Compensation Plan

dubli network review

Oh my oh my, the business opportunity. Whenever you hear about business opportunities, make sure your ears perk, and you listen close.

“I don’t know about you but aren’t you so sick of MLM’s? This is a MUCH BETTER WAY”

Anyway, I get frustrated by these damn companies, not because they are not good opportunities, but mostly because people who do not have followings will have a very hard time to make money.

Let’s break down how this works compensation plan works:dubli-compensation-plan


LOL – Yes so was I.

Let me try to help!!

The Dubli Network Business Associate has levels as seen above.

  • Team Member
  • Team Leader
  • Team Leader Accelerator
  • Team Coordinator
  • Sales Director
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice President

Here’s how a Business Associate makes money:

  • Referrals (hence recruits) Down line
  • Referrals from the generation down lines (recruits of recruits)
  • Straight commissions from people you referred who are using the online Dubli Mall
  • Partners Program

To become a BA, you purchase a Dubli Network Business Package you pay $99 once.  In addition, you can purchase upgrades:

  • VIP memberships for prospects ($495)
  • Team Leader ($2475)
  • Platinum Team Leader ($6000)
  • Elite Team Leader ($12,000)

Ok, so basically, Dubli sells the ability to save money and give cash back to those who use their “Mall Portal”.

However, notice they never really talk about cash back, they talk more about getting paid by recruiting.

That is because Dubli loses a lot of money with their cash back program, but makes a lot of money with their packages.

I can go on and on about the things I don’t like, but I don’t want to “be that guy”.

I want you to just think about this for a second.

In order to operate an MLM, you need an actual product.

The Dubli Mall is an actual product that they sell.

However, they then twist you by saying “Hey cash back is great, but did you ever see the business opportunity side of Dubli?”

They then try and sell you the business packages since that is really what the ultimate goal of Dubl is.

I can go on and talk about the overrides, the generation bonuses and confuse the living hell out of you but I won’t.

I will give you my professional opinion from someone who has made good money online, has been in empower network, ipas2 and a slew of other programs.

Stay away, build a real business, and get off the shiny object cool aide.

MLMs SUCK. They rob people of their hard earned money, because in the end, the only people who make a lot of money are the people who already have gone through the JOB of building recruits, massaging their recruits, brain washing their recruits and making their recruits like zombies. (oh yes Elliot you are the best)

Give me a break!

They then just take their tribe and move them from one opportunity to another and their Tribe listens and pays.


I have heard so many horror stories.

Graduate from the newbie syndrome. (Don’t waist 7 years like me jumping around.)

Take control of your life, build a real business.

I’m out!