Kunal Desai: How U.S. Stock and Cryptocurrency Trader Earned Millions

Earned Millions

Kunal Desai is a U.S. stock trader and founder of Bulls on Wall Street, an online trading academy that Kunal has been operating since 2006. Kunal also trades in cryptocurrency and teaches people how to trade it at BullsonCryptoStreet.com. He capitalized the new trend of digital currency after he saw the success his friends were having with Bitcoin investments.

Kunal’s net worth is estimated to be about $8 million, but Kualan says that his true net worth can’t be measured by money alone. Instead, it’s about what you do with your life and who you help along the way.

Kunal also believes that if you are living your dream, then money will come. Kunal Desai’s success story is one of the motivation many people need to work towards their dreams and make them a reality!

Kunal was born in 1977 in Kolkata, India – where he lived until the age of 16 when his family immigrated to the United States. Kunal graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Marquette University and earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification at age 23.

Kunal became increasingly involved in trading after he lost all his money on penny stocks when he was 21 years old, studying everything about trading that he could get his hands on. He became a day trader and opened up his own investment firm.

Kunal’s first job after college was as an account manager at Morgan Stanley, where Kunal worked for two years before he quit to start Bulls on Wall Street in 2006. He says that even though the money wasn’t great when he started out, Kunal finally felt like he had found his true calling.

Kunal also invests in cryptocurrency trading, which offers higher potential returns than traditional investments such as stocks or bonds. Kunal teaches others how to trade cryptocurrencies at BullsonCryptoStreet.com.


Digital currency trading is a new trend, and Kunal says it's going to be huge in the next five years. He sees cryptocurrency becoming an easy way for investors of all ages to make money by investing small amounts at regular intervals instead of trying to pick out winners and losers. Kunal says that the more you invest, the easier it becomes to make money with cryptocurrencies because of its automated nature. He believes in digital currencies so much that he's even had his house valued based on Bitcoin prices.

What is Bulls on Wall Street?

Bulls on Wall Street is Kunal’s Online Trading Academy founded Bulls on Wall Street in 2006.

Bulls On Wall Street is an online training academy for day traders, swing traders and investors who want to trade the US stock market. Kunal teaches his students everything they need to know about day trading stocks on Wall Street including how to open an account with a broker. Kunal shows beginner and advanced level strategies for making money through the buying and selling of securities in publicly traded companies.

Bulls on Wall Street

What is Bulls on Crypto Street?

Kunal founded Bulls on Crypto Street in 2017 to teach people how to make money with cryptocurrency trading. He shows beginner and advanced level strategies for making money through the buying and selling of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple, etc. He also teaches his students about blockchain technology which underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

What is Kunal Desai’s advice?

Kunal believes that if you’re living your dream, then the money will come. His advice to others is to figure out what you are truly passionate about and then go after it 100% – even if it means quitting your job or taking another risk. Kunal Desai says that he always knew he wanted to be his own boss, and that’s why he quit Morgan Stanley immediately after college. Kunal believes in taking risks now because you won’t always have the opportunity later on down the road. He says it is important to make your dreams a reality instead of letting them slip away. Kunal Desai has inspired many people through his own story of overcoming adversity, and Kunal says that the most important thing is to never give up.