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“6 Figure Earner Online Lost it All… and is now better than ever!”

My name is James Bonadies, and I am a blogger, a former business teacher, an educational consultant, an entrepreneur and a skeptic.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision.

I need to introduce to you my wife and my son….because you need to know what drives me everyday…They are my world…..and I try everyday to give them that…oh and most of the time I fail, because we are not perfect.

My wife-myson

I have failed many more times than I have succeeded, and I was on top of the world pulling in 30-40K a month online.

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I have owned and operated large scale businesses ranging from a Sporting Goods store to an online educational lead generation business.   I was a business teacher in a High School and then Vice Principal of Data management.

I have done it ALL! I have been through it all….the best part is…

Through my failures and struggles, I am attacking the internet with a vengeance, and I plan on helping people stay away from the junk out there, and keep them focused on one task…..

find the right product, stay away from the rabbit hole, and fucking focus on making a boat load of money.

The money is there for the taking, the problem is most people don’t know how to take it.


  • A lot of moving parts, and people can’t keep up
  • Nobody knows how to simplify the process
  • It takes some time to build the business, but not nearly as long as an offline business…believe me I know!
  • To many shiny, push button, promise riches bullshit.
  • People can’t stay away from the sales letters because they are built to suck you in, and THEY WORK ON ALL OF US!
  • The barrier to entry is so low, anyone can start an online business which, if you know how, this is actually good for you.
  • People’s mindsets are not right, so they quit when they get confused…luckily, I can help you with that!
  • Everyone needs a mentor, but if your drive is strong enough you can get me to be your mentor!

and this list can go on for miles…

The best part is, I was in your shoes not to long ago, but I am not going to sit here and lie to you to tell you I have all the answers, because nobody does.

The most humbling aspect about making money online is YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

AHHH, doesn’t that sound refreshing….take that in again, take a deep breath, and repeat this for me..

“I am a smart person, I can read and write therefore I can LEARN what I need to know, as I need to know it. I don’t need to know everything all at once, I just need to know what steps to take.”

Dammit, that phrase can make you a millionaire….I’ll say that again,

That phrase right there can make you 5-6 figures a month online and more.

Why Being a teacher taught me everything to succeed online

It is simple…

In order to be an affective teacher all you had to do was be one day ahead of your students. If I was going to cover Chapter three of International Business on Wednesday, I would study it on Tuesday night and give the lesson to the students.

They had no idea I literally just taught myself this information the night before…

That is internet marketing…you need to learn a lot of things, but the learning curve is not that large.

If you can learn, for example, how to setup a blog on Tuesday and then Wednesday you actually implement that lesson, then you can make a boat load of CASHOLLA!!

If you need a mentor or just curious how this little blog generates money, check out what I am doing these days.



James Bonadies

AKA Rabbit Chaser to Dream Catcher




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