10 Steps to Take Before Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

How do I make money online is a very popular question. We have always dreamt of that one magic product that will make us rich. We have dreamt of that day where we can just sit on the beach and watch the money flow in and some of us actually believe this can be achieved through a magic potion, or just a magic product on how to make money online. Heck, I still get those emails and they are so darn enticing, I can see why people fall for them so much. I have been in the online world for years running IBuyIReview and these products still give me that fuzzy feeling. I have listed 10 steps you MUST take before you you can think about making money with affiliate programs.

  • Stop signing up for free information – Most of the time it is garbage and those “sales” products will start flooding your inbox like a bee to honey. They can be so enticing, and I don’t want to see them in my inbox. Worst case, setup a separate email account that you never check. At least you won’t see the promo emails. One caveat, if you yearn for free information, at least know who your requesting it from. Do your research!
  • Google it – Yes, Google everything but be careful because not everything on the internet is honest. DUH! Instead, Google the person behind it. Who sent you the email or how did you stumble upon this product? If you start running into BBB complaints, then run for the woods.
  • Be careful with your reputation – Nowadays a good reputation is a valuable asset for any online company.  You will  need a good review program. There’s so many review software’s out there, if you looking for the best affordale service click here.
  • What is the product – How to make money online is one of the largest niches in the world, and most of the people selling products are not rich, rather those people who CREATED the product are making money online, because you are buying their “how to make money online” product. John Chow says it the best, “I make money online by teaching people how I make money online.” I love that, and it is the truth. Does the product sound to good to be true? If
    it does, then it is.
  • Buy information – Before you take that plunge for the product, search for other products that marketer might be selling or have sold. IF they are selling informational products like an eBook, spend the 10 dollars for it. At least you will know prior to purchasing their product if this marketer is full of garbage or if he/she actually gives out good information. I love informational products, and I buy them all the time. The eBook market is huge, but for good reason. Think about it, if you are being sold on informational products then you know you will at least get that information. If you are being sold on how to make money online and don’t make money online then you’re out of luck. I like to get what I pay for.
  • Warrior Forum – Warrior Forum is a huge place that all the marketing experts hang out. Sign up for it and ask around if anyone has used that product before. What were their thoughts? Did they make money online using the product? Also, ask about the marketer promoting it. If the marketer has a bad reputation, you can find it there.
  • Social Media – Check to make sure the marketer has a Facebook page, twitter account or Google plus account. If they do, you will be able to find out a ton of information about that product. Most likely they have posted it to their social media outlets. Then you can look through the comments.
  • Does the product seem to easy – If the product is to easy to use, then it is garbage. I am sorry but making money online is not easy, no matter what you hear. It takes time and energy to make money online and build a business. No matter how you slice and dice it, how to make money online software will never live up to the hype. NEVER!
  • How much does it cost – Here me loud and clear. Information is usually never sold for more than $50.00.  Internet money making products will always have you buy in for less than $50.00 and have you buy and buy again. If you are buying a product that is less than $50.00, nine out of ten times you will get sold again two more times before you even get to start using the product. It’s like the initial product is not good enough, you always need more. They will always upsell you. If you think the product is only $50.00 then you are fooling yourself. Once you purchase the “first part” of the product, they will try and sell you again and then probably once more. It is called a sales funnel and for good reason. Once a buyer falls into the first part of the funnel, it is hard for them to say know or climb their way out! 🙂
  • Understand how affiliate marketing worksIf you understand the process of affiliate marketing, then you will most likely be able to spot the traps. Building a list is the first step to making money online, so once you get on a list, you will be marketed to. Internet Marketers will continue to sell you things until you get off their list. Understand, that even when you buy, up sells are around the corner and at some point you will be hit with a large ticket item. They will start you out small and eventually get you up to the thousand dollar products. It has happened to me and get this. I recently bought a high ticket item to “review” and didn’t even notice they didn’t offer a money back gurantee. Guess what? I am out $997.00. MAKE SURE their is a money back guarantee!
  • Join a reputable membership group – That is right, pay the money and join a membership site if you truly want to learn how to make money online. In addition to learning how to make money online, you can have access to asking questions, posting comments and asking people if they have ever used certain products. By joining a site, you can eliminate most steps above, since a lot of the times most of the members have either used the product or have done research on it.

As always, keep the dream alive and be careful out there. There are a lot of people trying to make a quick buck. It just happened to me, and I would hate to see it happen to you.

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