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Thank you so much for checking out my inbox blueprint review on IBuyIReview but before you read on, which one are you actually looking for a review on?:

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If it’s inbox blueprint 2.0 then you came to the right place.


Before reading that review, I want my readers to know that I am done with buying affiliate programs, or even selling them.

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Inbox BluePrint Review by Anik Singal – The Actual Truth

Anik Singal is a highly saught after marketer who started online 11 years ago. His story is like most, went from nothing to something back to nothing and then to something again…


Yes, most marketers have this same story because most marketers started off in the adwords space and lost all of their income when Google slapped a lot of marketers…however…

….I thought it was interesting, because the point of inbox blueprint is to teach you that building an email list is one of the most important aspects of online marketers…..

hence the word….inboxer…

By the time you read this far, you noticed a pop up on my website….cool? annoying? didn’t even notice it..? whatever you feel about that pop up, they work….and they work immensly…

matter of fact, I implemented it 1 week ago and already saw a 300% increase in my daily opt ins…

I learned this inside inbox blueprint….

Now…let’s get to what you want to know…

Inbox BluePrint Review – Cost….dollar dollar bills yo

Inbox BluePrint will run your $97 X 3 months or 1 payment of $241.

There are a few up-sells which are you should be aware of.

1. Paying for his mentorship $297 but click off and it will be $197

2. 29.99 to be in his inner circle and master mind.

Again these are not required to get the benefits of inbox blueprint.

Inbox BluePrint Review – Course Layout 

  • Inbox BluePrint Review – How to Pick a nicheinbox blueprint reviews
  1. What are the 3 hot niches in internet marketing
  2. Some ideas on niches
  3. How to research niches on clickbank
  4. How to research niches on offervault
  5. How to research niches in magazines
  6. Then a great excersie for the user to pick their niche
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – The Bait – How to catch your lead
  1. Exactly what is an opt-in Page
  2. How to design a sick opt-in page
  3. How to collect important data
  4. What is the different between a Single Vs. Double Opt-in
  5. The importance of a Free Gift
  6. What wording or what to say on your opt-in page
  7. Then an exercise on creating your own opt-in page
  • Inbox BluePrint – The Thank You Page Method (This was great…never knew this) (Made an extra $60 yesterday implementing this and took me 10 minutes to do it)
  1. What is the TYP Method
  2. Select a Thank you page offer
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – Autoresponders and click tracking
  1. Introduction to an Autoresponder
  2. Get Response intro
  3. iContact intro
  4. Aweber intro
  5. How to track clicks
  6. Excersise to setup your autoresponder
  7. Setup your campaign and get your opt-in page online
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – Email Marketing and it’s importance
  1. The 3 crazy rules of email marketing
  2. Writing content emails
  3. How to build a relationship with emails
  4. Selling in your email
  5. Emails to promote your launches
  6. Excersise – Write your first 7 emails and get them in the autoresponder
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – Payday Secrets
  1. Tips and stats to help increase your bottom line
  2. Monetize and build a relationship with your subscribers
  3. Make money selling other people’s products (affiliate marketing)
  4. Make money with your OWN products
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – Easy Traffic – Paid VS Free
  1. Time vs. Money – Free vs Paid
  2. Guest Blogging – Free
  3. Forums – Free
  4. Blog Commenting – Free
  5. Twitter – Free
  6. Yahoo! Answers – Free
  7. Craigslist – Free
  8. Solo Ad Swaps – Free
  9. Solo Ads – Paid
  • Inbox BluePrint Review – How to increase deliverability and results
  1. Scale your business
  2. Inbox vs Spam folder
  3. Better open rates and conversions
  4. What happens if it doesn’t work

That is the entire course for you to view….in this inbox blueprint review….haha just wanted to rhym…

….as you know I am open about what affiliate program I promote on a daily basis….

as well as my opinions on this industry as a whole….

I have been around the block, purchased many programs online and offline as you can see here….

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