Earn With Mike Review – Winter Valko & Craig Davidson

Earn With Mike Review

 Warning, after going through earn with mike myself, my opinion has changed….please read the full review below!

Earn With Mike – Summary

Prelaunch review is located below the “official earn with Mike Review”:

Launched December 16th

Bought December 16th

For a in-depth visual review watch the video above.

  • Cost – $97 click off 3 times and get the product for $17 dollars
  • Upsell 1 – $197 click no thanks & Mike Anderson give you a $50 discount. (not required)
  • Upsell 2 – $97 click no thanks & Mike Anderson gives you a $50 discount. (not required)
  • All in cost = $291

Quick Overview of earn with mike by Winter Valko, Craig Davidson and of course Mike Anderson (the fake robot)

  • Basically, Earn with Mike is a slew of tools for the seasoned Internet Marketers or for a complete newbie…..
  • Tons of free information (well not really free since you paid for it) but considering how cheap it is..basically free

First Start – Millionaire Mindset Videos

  1. How to Build your financial IQ
  2. Earn Money
  3. Finance Tips
  4. Thinking like a Millionaire
  5. Financial pointers

Home Business Expansion Videos:

  1. Marketing Basics
  2. Emails, Sale Letters and Lead Capture Pages
  3. Social Bookmarking and Networking Sites
  4. How to start a Blog

Video Guides

  1. 7-Day E-Coach Videos
  2. Easy Re-Sell
  3. Idea Generator
  4. How to Create Membership Sites
  5. No Money down business – Creating money online for free, ie clickbank, blogging etc…
  6. No Income Stream

Product 4 Profits – Upsell 1

Marketing other earn with mike products


Automated Traffic System – Upsell 2

How to create traffic using the internet as leverage

Article Marketing Bonuses

  • 10 Internet Marketing Articles
  • 25 Marketing Articles
  • My internet marketing newsletter
  • Newsletters in a Box
  • Wealth Building

Audio  Bonuses

  • 10 Motivational Audios
  • Auto Responder Tricks
  • From Music to Marketing
  • Music for your Videos

Product Bonuses

  • Newbie guide to Internet Marketing
  • Mentor Cash Unleashed
  • Traffic Full Blast
  • Viral Traffic Secrets

Software Bonuses

  • Fast Content Producer
  • Freebie Cash Generator
  • Keyword Tool
  • Traffic Splitter
  • Viral Article Products

Video Bonuses

  • Easy Resell Videos
  • Free Cash Generator
  • Idea Generator Simplified
  • Make Money With Membership Sites
  • Make Money no Money Down

Website Bonuses

  • 12 Niche Sites – Done for you
  • 12 Niche Website Kit
  • E-Bay Cashflow Site

pheeewwwwwwwwww….that is a lot of stuff in here….an internet marketers dream Tool Box?

My Final Thoughts about Earn With Mike

So…my final thoughts are this. If you are new to internet marketing then you can find some useful stuff in here but don’t expect THIS to make you money. If you want to buy it, expect it as a good learning tool. The reason I say that, and I often don’t say that, is because everything you need to start an online business is in earn with mike BUT BUT BUT BUT….it’s so poorly laid out, you have to be careful if you want to try to make money with it. Forget about how much money you will or will not can make, think about the education you need and for $17 bucks…it’s good info but won’t make any money with it…

You may learn how to make money, but that course WON’T make you money…that is just silly!!

Since a lot of people don’t have the start up capital to join me in my money making program, I think it would be only fair to have a few other products that people can afford. Although I think nothing beats empower network, and although I would rate this a 4/10; for $17 you can find some useful information within earn with mike.

This to me, is an OK  product for the cheap price but in no means will you make money with it….you will learn a lot but doubt you’ll make money just because of this product. (unless you resell it)

Since I am not 100% happy about this, I can’t promote it with my affiliate link.  If you are curious how I make money with this little blog, shoot me a comment below and we can chat…


Cool!! 🙂

Official Earn

Prelaunch Review – Official Earn with Mike Review above this…..(before I actually saw the product)

Your boy here from NJ….I got the official earn with mike review just written 2 days prior to the official launch of this product.

Who are the Internet Marketers Behind Earn with Mike

Winter Valko & Craig Davidson are two partnered up Internet Marketers that are releasing the Earn with Mike product on:

December 16, 2013 @ 9:00AM

soo…you may ask how the heck can I review a product that hasn’t launched…well you are right…

…I have not but I can give you the juicy details of what it is going to be, and then you should bookmark my site since I will be one of the first customers to purchase this product so that I can review it for my readers.

In the prelaunch stage this has done over 750K in sales with an EPC average of around $1.00. (for those of you who care)

This tells me the launch will be pretty big and for good reason.

Give me the low down Elliot…

What is Earn With Mike and what do you get

Earn with mike will be a pool of tools for Business Opportunity seekers or promoters…and that is why I am so excited to see how this pans out. As you may already know, I am committed and succeeding with empower network and it is always my number 1 choice of Home based businesses, so I am hoping the Earn with Mike tool kit will give me some additional arsenal for me to use in my business.

Customizable Squeeze Pages

If you have been involved with a business opportunity then you know you must stand out above the rest just like I have to stand out above the rest in my empower network opportunity. I am hoping earn with mike will give me some great squeeze pages to customize so I can drive traffic to them. I am very excited about that.

Traffic Courses

Being in Empower Network, I don’t think anyone can compare the training within their back office, but I am excited to see if there is other value out there. I never leave any stone unturned and the beauty of the internet, is there are a lot of stones to be turned and sometimes gems are found.

Tools & Resources for Merchant Services

I don’t really care about this, and if I were you I would also not care. I can only really see people who want to create their own products and sell them would need this training. In my business opportunity they handle the merchant services….and I’ll be damned if I ever have to create my own product….nah…I’ll pass!!

Email Marketing Training

Again, I will look forward to this as it is always necessary to continue to educate yourself. I pretty much know a lot about email marketing and especially aweber, but sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics….sometimes the little things we forget about and need a refresher course.

JV & Affiliate Training

The Joint Venture training should be interesting but again I don’t have a 50-100K person list so nobody will want to do a joint venture with me and probably not you..:)…but I’ll watch the affiliate training..that should be interesting.

& Much much more

We’ll have to wait and see…..what much much more means!

Earn with Mike Scam & why I am not “that guy”

Watch out for reviews that either claim it is a scam…a lot of times these reviews will yell scam and then point you to their product….which I understand…

Earn with Mike


With me, you already know my product of choice but some people just don’t want to join and that is cool….so what my site does is still give an earn with mike review which is full of honesty without saying everything is a rip off and everything is a scam just to get you to join me on my other business opportunity.

To me that is classless….by doing that, I would be doing a disservice to you, because these products might actually work for you and who am I to tell you otherwise.

Now of course if earn with mike is a scam, well then I’ll tell you, and I have enough experience in this industry to know the difference…

Got me?….Coolio!

My Final Thoughts about the earn with mike big launch

I think it will be big and I see that a lot of marketers will be promoting it. From the feel, it seems this might be a good product to purchase, but we need to see how much the cost will be…..

I highly suggest  you put your name and email address ———-> over on my side bar so you will be one of the first people to hear about earn with mike product and for other reasons you can find here and also….

….if you will buy through me (if I will even be promoting it) you will get a bunch of bonuses that nobody else will be able to offer you…and that includes my one on one support with that product.

I look forward to the launch and will be uploading a video soon….