Crazy Simple System Review

Simple System Review

Crazy Simple System Review OR

Hold your horses, hold your horses and put that damn credit card away!!

The Crazy Simple System is so cheap that people are just reaching for their credit cards without thinking about what it is they are actually purchasing.

So what is the crazy simple system?

Let's pull back the curtain on the two who started this weird "crazy" stupid simple program. (sorry just being honest)

Who is behind The Crazy Simple System

Tammie Montgomery is a small town gal who at some point lost her job and turned to online marketing. I do see that she is promoting some affiliate programs like Little Ticket to Wealth, EPX Body, Crazy Simple System and at one point empower network, I believe. From her screen shots and videos, she has had some success, and I guess ventured out to find "Eric" who has helped her create TCSS.

Eric AKA "E" Money I have never heard of...even after finding out his real name is Eric Stober, I still couldn't find much on him.


It seems that these two people have worked in the past and if I had to guess, I would say that Tammie Montgomery recruited Eric Stober into one of her MLM companies. I would also guess that maybe Eric had this idea and knew how to promote on Craigslist and Backpage and Boom a product was created.

However, Eric Stober probably needed Tammie's List and brought her in to jump start this business. FYI, there is nothing wrong with this, and that is what internet marketers do, they come together in a Joint Venture.

What is The Crazy Simple System

I'm actually quit embarrassed about this program, because I literally don't have much to review since it is truly simple. However, simple doesn't always mean that it is ethical.

Basically, I pay $20/month in order to sell the same system to allow someone else to sell that same system for $20 and so on and so on.....

Is the program legal

Barely! The Backpage and Craigslist training along with your own website is the "product" that you get for $20 and the monthly residual payment is to allow you to keep the website and the ability to promote and collect your own $20 payments. However, there is no Craigslist training and they should be upfront about that! Below is an ad that is not true!


Tammie is smart, because she is involved with a few MLM companies and she knows if she made this Crazy simple system an MLM, they would shut it down faster than a locomotive.

Would I get involved

I am involved, because in order for me to review it, I have to buy it. 🙂

However, I won't openly promote it as I am able to find all the trainings on Craigslist and BackPage for free on YouTube. I don't need to pay monthly residuals for this.

What about promoting The Crazy Simple System

Why would I try to ask people for $20/month for the ability to have them go through the same revolving door?

I borderline believe it is unethical, although I won't go as far as saying the two people behind it are unethical. Everyone is online trying to make money and if they taught a few people to make some money then they probably helped more than they hurt. $20/month is not a killer, so more power to them for trying to be creative.

I am a true believer in blogging for high ticket items, and I rather make 2-3 sales a month that pay me $3,000 in commissions than trying to make 300-500 sales a month at $20. It takes much less work to sell higher ticket items than it does trying to sell small ticket items.

If you search around the internet, you will start to see the trend of people talking about blogging for High Ticket Products. It takes the same amount of work to make a sale for $1,000 than it does to make a sale for $100. No more work, no more effort.

The Crazy Simple System has not been updated for months and to me this is not a good buy. My #1 Recommended product might surprise some people, but you can check it out if you Click Here.

The product above is a business opportunity but my #1 recommended affiliate marketing product teaches the newbie exactly how the business works. It teaches how to start with nothing and end with a business by end of day1...truly a must have!!

Or if you simply want to pick my brain, leave a comment below and we can chat!!