Is Empower Network Dead

Empower Network

Is Empower Network Dead?

A lot has changed since Posting this below. To stay true to my readings, you can read below, but understand I am no longer promoting and cancelled my membership with Empower Network BUT I am crushing it with Local Mogul Model.

Learn exactly how I am crushing it without:

  1. Cold Calling
  2. Recruiting
  3. Selling
  4. Having Meetings
  5. etc….

The “Original” review below:

Oh, the wondrous question that so many are asking. As I sit here and think how I want to construct this blog post, I sit with an urge to either yell out to everyone in the world or just sit back and keep collecting my commissions weekly from Empower Network.


So many people don’t understand online marketing, and so many people make it so much harder than it really is, and I know this because I was once at that cross roads.

I was at the crossroads of defeat, confusion, frustrated, anxious, depressed and downright done with this online crap, that how I continued to pick myself up from these fetal positions I fell into, makes me proud of myself.

I was at the crossroads of defeat, confusion, frustrated, anxious, depressed and downright done with this online crap, that how I continued to pick myself up from these fetal positions I fell into, makes me proud of myself.

Yes, proud of myself. So what if that sounds selfish, I am proud of myself. I am proud of myself for not giving up. I am proud of myself for not listening to people tell me empower network is dying. I am proud of myself for having faith in the system, and I am proud of myself for being resilient and tough.

Most don’t have what it takes to make it in this business. Not because you can’t, because your not tough enough to stick it out. Your not willing to put in the nights, days and weekends to make this work.

Your not willing to learn, get confused, reach for help and if you can’t find it, figure it out. Most won’t do that. Again, not because they can’t, but because they are not willing to.

I sit here before you, not rich, not broke, but in gratitude for the extra money empower network has put into my pocket.

I sit before you, understanding the very principals of this business, and can teach them as easy as typing an email.

I sit before you, knowing anyone who can work as hard as I do or harder than me, will make a lot of money in this business. Whether it be in empower network, or something else.

I sit before you, with my arms open to accept you into my team, my club, my family.

I sit before you, not 100% happy with how I handled my team so far.

I sit before you, admitting it started to grow too fast, and I wasn’t ready.

I sit before you, telling you I will do better, be more organized, and will make it my priority to help you achieve your dreams.

So is empower network dead?

Hold your horses cowboy, or cowgirl. 🙂

There is a time and place for that answer, and it will be below.

The time now needs to be used for a better understanding of why exactly do you even want to know?

Do you want to know about empower network because you desire the dream that so many people have achieved?

Are you just curious about what it is?

Are you trying to make an informed decision before you jump on board?

Are you searching out bonuses so you can get the most out of the dollars you will spend to get in?

Are you sick of your job?

Are you sick of the lack of money you make?


What is your Why? If you are serious, rise out of your comfort zone and put it in the comments below. You can be anonymous, no worries.

See, I can’t answer this question without going deeper. It’s just not that easy. Your emotional string makes you successful, but it will also make you answer your own questions based on what emotion your looking for.

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say I am not in empower network, and just researching it after watching a sales video. My emotional state is excited, my mind is hesitant especially since I’ve been burned before. Ultimately, your mind will tell you what you want to hear, which in most cases it sounds like this:

Reading a review on how great empower network is –

You – “ Sounds great, but it can’t be my answer.”

Reading a review on how bad empower network is

You – “AHH, good I knew it, now I don’t have to take a risk, get emotionally charged and come crashing down when I get confused and don’t make money!”

Most don’t want to do what it takes to be successful, believe me I know. That was me until I put my “Why” on my computer screen.

See, the answer to what this post is, about you, and what emotional mental state you are in.

Did you just get burned?

Did someone just piss you off?

Did your sponsor do nothing to help?

Did you hate the trainings?

The answer to the question above, is empower network dead, that so many people want to know is this:

Empower Network is what you want it to be.

See, if you never join, it’s dead. Your not in it, your not thinking about it, and you don’t care. It’s dead.

If your in empower network, follow the trainings, study, take action, fail, take more action, research, take action, watch videos, blog, build your blog and drive traffic, then empower network has never been so alive.

The “real” question is, what road will you take?