How to make money online fast by teaching how to make money online


How to  make money online fast by teaching how to make money online but…..

I never made money online!

This is exactly what 95% of people online are trying to do when they first start building an online business. They want to know: How to make money online fast, and FAST is all they care about….

The problem is they purchase affiliate products and try to push those affiliate products. HOWEVER, you have no credibility! You never made any money online! Who do you think you are by trying to teach people how to make money online!

HAHA – Come on think about this for a second. John Chow says it the best (click that link and you will definitely fall down the rabbit hole) “I make money online by teaching people to make money online”.

Before you get pissed at me for saying this, understand I am trying to help you by guiding you away from the common pitfalls of trying to get into this affiliate marketing game. So…sit back and relax, take a deep breath and keep reading so you can learn the appropriate action plan for you green entrepreneurs.

Everyone starts from nothing

Before you get your panties all bundled in a knot, please understand everyone who came online started with NOTHING. People like John Chow, David Wood, Russell Brunson, Ewin Chia to name a few. They worked hours upon hours trying to figure out this stuff. Once they figured it out and started making money, they turned around and started teaching people how to make money.

It is an interesting turn of events when that transition takes place. Once you have figured it out, and there is a lot of figuring it out, you can now teach others how to figure it out.

turn of events

I’m going to give you an example of a team member above me in empower network. This 30 year old father of two hated his job and turned to blogging. He struggled for years trying to turn a fitness blog into an income stream but while struggling he taught himself some strategies and spent thousands of dollars learning the tricks and trades.

When he started Empower Network, he started his blog and went after a few big keywords pertaining to making money online niche. He blogged and blogged and blogged. It’s funny because if you look at his Alexa Ranking, you see he went from over 1,000,000 ranking to 26,000 within a few months.

Once his blog got picked up by Google for ONE keyword, it was all over. I think he is at 30K a month. The beauty of non-traditional MLM companies like Empower Network, is his money will continue to grow no matter what.

What is the point Elliot?

Here is what I am trying to drive home to you today. Just like my teammate and myself, you are starting with nothing. No list, blog or even enough knowledge to put up a blog yourself. (For most people, not everyone)

This guy is now teaching others and charging a hefty price for his time. Everyone who lands on his website join him. It is a snow ball effect. In the beginning your conversions are low and as the sales increase your credibility increases and the conversions increase. It is like the old saying goes, the rich just keep on getting richer.

take action

It is the law of the land. You need to just take action and get that ball rolling.

You need to struggle in the beginning, just like my new teammates, and the ones who are consistent will end up on top. The good thing is if you are looking to join Empower Network or just researching it and join through this link, you will get all the training from a 30K a month earner and get all the bonuses he offers in addition to my 1 on 1 support and tutorial videos on request that I do for all my students.

The bonuses are outrageous too.


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