Shoe in Money Review

Shoe in Money Review

History of Shoe-Money

Jeremy Schoemaker, known to his many Internet marketing disciples as "Shoe-Money," is a fabulously successful web entrepreneur, founder of ShoeMoney Media and, and co-founder of the eBay affiliate marketing service known as AuctionAds.  He frequently gives informational talks at affiliate and search engine marketing conferences, and is the co-founder of the Elite Retreat, an annual conference for industry experts, along with Lee Dodd.

Schoemaker has a wildly popular blog that may be found at the website, wherein he doles out advice about all things Internet marketing to an audience of over 30,000 eager readers.  According to Slate Magazine, Schoemaker's first real brush with fame was when he posted a photo of himself on his blog holding a Google check for $132,994.97, earned for just one months' worth of clicks in 2008.

Together with Internet marketing wildcatter Peng Joon, of Work From No Home fame - one of the best selling products on ClickBank for several years running -  Schoemaker has developed a program to help potential Internet marketers learn all of the ins and outs of the Internet marketing business.  The program is called Shoe-In-Money.

Schoemaker, who claims to have gone from being over $50,000 in debt, broke and sleeping on a friend's couch in between naps, to making over a million dollars annually in just one year, has developed a "blueprint" to help others follow along the same path to success.  Without any technical skills whatsoever or even so much as a website, he assures us that we can learn to make money online using this blueprint.

The Shoe In Money Blueprint

The Shoe In Money program costs just $47 to start, and consists of seven basic training modules.  By following these modules and this blueprint, an entrepreneur should be able to start making money online by the completion of their online training.

Money Making Basics – Shoe in Money style

The first module in the program is devoted to the basic requirements that need to be met in order to start making money online.  Schoemaker talks about why many affiliate marketers fail and how to avoid those pitfalls, as well as how an entrepreneur can succeed in affiliate marketing without even having a website or a product to sell.

Selling Other People's Products

Selling Other People's Products

Selling Other People's Products goes over methods of selling affiliate products in the most effective ways, and how to stay one step ahead of one's competitors.  Schoemaker presents a few devilishly simple tricks that will help the marketer positively dominate in his or her niche, along with some sneaky techniques that most super affiliates are using to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Captivating Your Audience

Module 3 goes over the importance of creating a good landing page, and how to capture and hold on to an audience's attention.  Schoemaker tells the marketer what kinds of things they can do to differentiate themselves from their competitors, so that customers will remain loyal and interested.

Social Media Domination

In Module 4, Schoemaker with his program shoe in money presents a number of clever secrets around leveraging social media sites to help the marketer create viral campaigns.  Also, learn what autopilot systems to choose when focusing efforts on social media marketing in order to save time and money.

The Art of Persuasion

Learn how to emotionally charge your audience; to captivate them and persuade them to buy your products.  The Shoe in Money program shows ways of creating compelling content that will influence your target audience to buy, buy, buy.

Website Building

Module 6 in Shoe in Money program is all about quick and easy tricks for building a website within just a few minutes, along with integrating widgets and text, and how to capture an audience using Schoemaker's five simple techniques.

In my opinion, a blog like this, is like an ATM and everyone should learn how to create a Blog.

Traffic Tsunami

Module 7 teaches the entrepreneur how to size up the competition, discover how they are driving traffic and how to bring in a constant stream of targeted traffic that can be converted easily to sales.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Like all programs, there are both pros and cons to this course.  Consider all of them carefully before deciding to part with your hard-earned money with the Shoe in Money program

The Good

Money program
  • The Shoe in Money blueprint is exceptionally clear, straightforward and easy to follow, even for complete neophytes to the world of Internet marketing;
  • The Shoe in Money course provides a useful outline or blueprint for success, developed by two well respected Internet entrepreneurs who have been marketing online for over 10 years and are at the top of the Internet marketing food chain;
  • This is a well developed and complete program that covers practically anything a potential Internet marketer would need to know, as far as starting up an online business, developing a website, promoting the business, developing targeted traffic, building a customer base, marketing practices and more;
  • At the low, one time only price of $47, one could argue that it is well worth the price of admission.

The Bad

  • The Shoe in Money program is probably not the best training course for those who have already been in the business for some time.  This is more of a beginner's program, and doesn't offer a lot of unique, advanced tricks and tips for the more experienced Internet marketers. There are definately better programs out there.

The Ugly

Once you begin using the Shoe in Money program, you won't get rich tomorrow, or even the next day, or the next day.  It is a very useful blueprint to help you learn the tricks of the trade of Internet marketing, and provides a lot of helpful knowledge, advice, and even a few shortcuts, but by and large, you still have to put in the blood, sweat and tears to make things happen.  When you get right down to it, there's still no such thing as a free lunch.

My final Thoughts!

In summary, this appears to be an excellent program developed by two virtual giants in the Internet marketing industry that will provide a novice Internet marketer all of the necessary information needed to break into Internet marketing, along with a step by step blueprint for success.

Whether the newbie actually sticks with the program and creates a successful business is dependent upon the character and determination of the individual, as there is still no program that will actually develop and run itself.

Shoe in Money, to me, is a useful program, however it is not indepth enough. What will happen after you go through this program is you will be yearning for more information.

When I think back to the days before I knew anything about making money online, I would have bought the program but then would have had to buy a more advanced program at some point in the future. That is why I don't recommend Shoe in Money. There are better opportunitites out there.

Keep the dream alive!