21st Century E Network Review

Network Review

Yo...yo your boy here...giving you the first 21st Century E Network Review...straight from Wayne, NJ!

OK, so the official launch of 21st Century E Network is November 30th, 2013.

The man, the legend Jaimie McIntyre...not really the man or legend but the guy behind 21st century e network.

What the heck is 21st century e network

21st Century Media + 21st Century Education = 21st century e network

The ultimate goal here is to create bloggers instead of journalists to deliver news, stories, media etc.....(independent news sites) and sell Education Products to the readers who find the affiliate blogs...Here are some of his educational products:

1. Think and Grow Rich (Magazine)

2. Wealth Creator (Magazine)

3. Property...The Next Boom (Magazine)

4. Your Trading Edge (Magazine)

As he stated, journalists are putting out the content, but the media company is reaping the rewards with the ads they are running, so why not allow the bloggers to use THEIR blogging platform (which will be filled with ads) instead of journalists who are just writing for a paycheck....uh...right because us bloggers don't want to make any money either...lol

Mr. McIntyre is trying to make a point that newspapers, for example, are filled with journalists/articles that are being monitored by the politicians so what we are reading is not 100% truth.

In addition, he is trying to sell us on the fact that newspapers make money by selling classified ads, the same way bloggers make money by selling ads...so why not let the public make the CASHOLLA instead of the conglomerates!

As he says, why not let the public go online and publish whatever they want all on one platform...and get rewarded if someone buys some media that will most likely be on their blog....

Hence....their blogging platform.

Sound Familiar...empower....cough...cough 😉

pig-21stcentury e network

If it snorts like a pig and smells like a pig then it is a PIG!! 🙂

The model sounds very similar...which is not a bad thing at all... Since this is a 21st Century E Network review and not a post on my thoughts of empower network....although you can always check out what I mean by checking out my "other blog post"  and what I am doing that is making me nice cash on a daily basis....we need to get back to the facts...
Let's look at 21st Century Media & Jaimie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of over twelve companies (about 100 staff and franchises)that grosses over 40 million dollars per year. Such industries include accounting, education, real estate, trading, rural companies, publishing and TV, recruitment, media and the 21st Century Group which is now the largest education group in Australia

On a side note....the man was almost broke 20 years ago with 150K in debt...(no need for the sob story, we all know everyone has a story)

Approximately 15 years ago he decided that the "old way" of education had to be replaced by the 21st century education....one that taught lessons on how to make money, how to invest, how to trade etc....

He wanted to get rid of the "old" model...you know the one where kids sit in a classroom and listen to a professor who makes no money teaches kids something they will never us....lo


I have to admit, this cat has some pretty amazing mentors....some include Tony Robbins, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jay Abrahams and Richard Branson....to name a few.

21st Century Education was born when he put everything he knew together over the years and turned it into an educational portal....Kind of like internet marketers who take their knowledge, dump it into an eBook or video series and sell it on the web....can't blame the guy to be honest....

Money maker yo!

Currently he is known for reaching over 550,000 people world wide and personally helping thousands achieve financial success...not bad, not bad ;)....

He had other achievements, but I think I have given him enough credit! lhaha

Jaimie McIntyre made it public that he felt Australia needed to improve in 101 ways and actually published a book about that...within his book and the media and his own media outlet people knew he was planning something but didn't know exactly what it was...

21st Century E Network Compensation


Is it an MLM...well what you think??Keep reading....

Here is how 21st Century E network Compensation plan actually works...with an example:

Level 1-4 = 100% Advertising Sales Revenue

You made a sale to Jacqui:

Let's say, Jaquir purchases the $27 per months Level 1, you are going to earn 100% of that each month.

The payments from Jacqui's 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every 5th person she enrolls will go directly to you, that’s 100% advertising sales revenue to you as well. See diagram below for an example.

This method works and is a very very good compensation plan....I see the same compensation in the company I am with now...and it has paid out over 70 million dollars in commissions.

Let's add another layer which can freaking rock it if you can get this going....

Level 5-8 = 70% Advertising Sales Revenue

Levels 5-8 is a whole different level....BIG dogs....70% on $2,997, $9,997, $19,997, $49,997...holllaaaa!!

Damn man, can you imagine??? Let's just see on November 30th, 2013 how this pans out...

21st Century Media Merges with 21st Century Education 

and that folks is 21st Century E network....his media empire brought together with his educational empire equals....


This dude is smart...why not take his media company and use bloggers to get the messages out while also selling my educational tools and wisdom....

Why not create an empower network platform....oh sorry, I mean 🙂 an E network blogging platform that will enable readers all over the web that are searching for something that is included in the educational side of his business or media based...and use their blogs to sell 21st century products...


I think the concept is pretty cool...I really do and yes it will create some buzz and make some people some money...

However, like most will ask...No, I won't be an affiliate, because I learned a long time ago, sticking to one product and putting your energy into that is the only way to succeed with making money online...

Plus, who knows if this will fold or take off!!! Not willing to risk that kind of money! NO WAY!

Keep it real!