TS Life Review: Is This Cosmetics MLM Worth Your Time?

TS Life Review

TS Life is a cosmetics-based MLM that has been around since 2018. The company is based out of the United States and operates in several other countries as well. TS Life is relatively new to the MLM scene, but it has quickly gained a large following. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of TS Life. We will discuss who founded the company, when it was started, what products it sells, how it works, its compensation plan, how to join as a distributor, and whether or not it has been involved in any complaints or lawsuits. We will also share our thoughts on TS Life and give you some alternatives if you’re considering joining this company.

Who started TS Life and when?

TS Life was founded in 2018 by Caius Hale in Ireland. It has since expanded its operations to several other countries, including the United States. U.S. headquarters are in Wilmington, Delaware.

Caius Hale has been a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of several companies including: The Beauty Lounge, a cosmetics and beauty retailer; The Caius Hale Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping children in need; and The Global Business Group, an international business network. He also has extensive experience in MLM and direct sales, having worked in various capacities for some of the largest companies in the industry

Hale started TS Life to provide people with an opportunity to earn additional income and build wealth through selling cosmetics. He wanted to create a way for ordinary people to be their own bosses and have control over their financial destiny.

The company’s name, TS Life, is an acronym for “Time and Space.” This references the idea that MLM gives people the opportunity to create their own schedule and find a balance between work and leisure. It also acknowledges the fact that anyone can join from anywhere in the world. TS Life strives to help its members achieve financial freedom through its products, services, and compensation plans.

What products does TS Life offer?

TS Life offers a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products for both men and women. Its product lineup includes: serums, lotions, creams, cleansers, moisturizers, masks, makeup, fragrances and more.

One of the company’s most popular products is its “Luminous Elixir,” a serum designed to reduce wrinkles and give skin a youthful glow. This product, in particular, has gained widespread popularity due to its visible results and natural ingredients.

Other TS Life products:

  • Serums: Hydra Elixir, Eternal Youth Revitalizer.
  • Cleansers: Brightening Cleanser, Hydrating Cleanser.
  • Moisturizers: Nourishing Moisturizer, Illuminating Moisturizer.
  • Masks: Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, Pore Refining Mask.
  • Makeup: Blush Palette, Lip Crayon.
  • Fragrances: Natural Unisex Fragrance, Citrus Fruity Fragrance.

The company also offers several skincare bundles which include a variety of products from its lineup. These bundles are designed to give customers the best value for their money.

The company sources its products from several different suppliers. All of the ingredients used in its products are carefully selected and tested for quality assurance. Furthermore, all of the products are vegan and free of parabens and other harsh chemicals.

How does TS Life work?

TS Life operates on a multi-level marketing model. This means that members can earn commissions by selling the company’s products and recruiting others to join as distributors. TS Life has a fairly straightforward compensation structure. Distributors can earn commissions from retail sales and recruiting new members. Retail commissions are earned when products are sold directly to customers, while recruitment commissions are earned when new members join the team.

Compensation structure:

  • Retail sales: Distributors earn a 25% commission on all of their retail sales.
  • Team commissions: Distributors also earn additional team commissions when members in their downline make sales. This can range from 5% to 7%.
  • Leadership bonuses: As distributors move up the ranks, they can qualify for higher leadership bonuses. These bonuses range from 3% to 7%.
  • Travel rewards: As distributors increase their sales, they can earn points which they can use to redeem travel rewards. These rewards include discounts on flights and hotel stays.

As distributors advance in the company’s ranks, they also gain access to additional benefits such as mentorship programs and business coaching.

TS Life ranks and how they work:

  • Star Consultant: This is the entry-level rank and requires at least 10 retail customers.
  • Manager: At this level, distributors must have six team members in their downline.
  • Director: In order to advance to this rank, distributors must have three managers in their downline.
  • Executive Director: This is the highest rank and requires three directors in the downline.

How to join TS Life as a distributor

Joining TS Life as a distributor is easy. All you need to do is sign up through the company’s website and purchase a starter kit. The starter kit comes with all of the products, tools, and resources that you need to get started as a distributor. Once your membership has been activated, you’ll be able to start selling and recruiting new distributors.

TS Life starter kits:

  • Basic Starter Kit: This kit comes with five products, marketing materials and resources, access to the company’s online portal, and a discount on future purchases. It costs $49.
  • Deluxe Starter Kit: This kit comes with 10 products, marketing materials and resources, access to the company’s online portal, and a discount on future purchases. It costs $99.
  • Premium Starter Kit: This kit comes with 20 products, marketing materials and resources, access to the company’s online portal, and a discount on future purchases. It costs $199.

Once you’ve purchased your starter kit, you’ll be ready to start your new business. To help you succeed, the company also provides resources such as tutorials and webinars. Additionally, it holds monthly events for its distributors so that they can learn more about the products and network with other members.

Is TS Life a legitimate MLM company?

Is TS Life a legitimate MLM company

Yes, TS Life is a legitimate MLM company. The company has been around since 2018 and is committed to providing its members with quality products and a simple compensation plan. Furthermore, the company is transparent about its operations, and all of its products are carefully tested for quality assurance.

For these reasons, TS Life can be considered a trustworthy MLM opportunity. It is not a pyramid scheme. Under a pyramid scheme, participants only make money off of the recruitment of other members. However, this is not the case with TS Life as it offers its distributors multiple ways to earn income through retail sales and recruiting new members.

Has TS Life been involved in any complaints or lawsuits?

There have been no complaints or lawsuits filed against TS Life. The company has established a good reputation among its members.

What we like about TS Life

  • Simple compensation plan.
  • Quality products.
  • Transparent operations.
  • Multiple ways to earn income.
  • Supportive community of members.
  • Opportunities for mentorship and business coaching.

What we don’t like about TS Life

  • Limited international availability.
  • High cost of starter kits.

Are there alternatives to TS Life?

There are alternatives to TS Life for those looking for an MLM opportunity. Some of the most popular companies include:

  • Avon: Avon is a cosmetics company that offers beauty products, fashion accessories, and home decor.
  • Amway: Amway is a health and wellness MLM company that sells nutritional supplements and other health-related items.
  • Herbalife: Herbalife offers a variety of wellness products such as nutrition shakes, vitamins, and sports nutrition.
  • Mary Kay: Mary Kay is a cosmetics company that sells makeup, skincare products, and fragrances.
  • Arbonne: Arbonne offers a range of skin care, health, and wellness products.
  • Younique: Younique is an MLM company that focuses on selling makeup and beauty products.
  • Nu Skin: Nu Skin is a health and wellness company that specializes in anti-aging products.
  • Isagenix: Isagenix is an MLM company that sells dietary supplements and weight loss programs.
  • Organo Gold: Organo Gold offers coffee, tea, and other beverages that are infused with organic ingredients.
  • LifeVantage: LifeVantage is an MLM company that sells health and wellness products such as supplements, creams, and lotions.

Each company has its own unique products, compensation plans, and rules. Therefore, it is important to research each option in order to choose one that best fits your needs.

Are there any risks associated with joining TS Life?

Yes, as with any MLM opportunity, there are some risks associated with joining TS Life. These include:

  • High start-up costs. The cost of the starter kits can be quite expensive and might not be worth the investment for some people.
  • Lack of guaranteed income. The income potential with TS Life will vary from person to person, so there is no guarantee that you will make any money.
  • Competition. With so many other MLM companies out there, it can be difficult to stand out and build a successful business with TS Life.
  • Incentive-based compensation structure. As with many MLM companies, TS Life has an incentive-based compensation structure, which can make it difficult to maintain long-term success.

Overall, joining TS Life is a personal decision and should be weighed carefully before making any commitments. It is important to research the company thoroughly and understand all of the risks associated with joining.

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