Prime My Body Review: An In-Depth Look Into This MLM Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

Prime My Body Review

When it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities, there are a lot of them to choose from. Some are legitimate and some are scams. So, how do you know if health and wellness MLM Prime My Body is a scam or not? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its products and services, how it works, and its compensation plan. We’ll also discuss who started Prime My Body and when, whether the company has been involved in any complaints or lawsuits, and alternatives to Prime My Body.

Who launched Prime My Body and when?

Paul Rogers launched Prime My Body in late 2015. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas and markets its products through independent distributors known as “Consultants.”

Rogers has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Besides being the CEO of Prime My Body, he is CEO of Prime By Body parent company Digital International Media Group. Prior to DIMG and Prime My Body, Rogers held executive positions at health and wellness companies that collectively generated over $1 billion in revenue and over a million affiliates in more than 35 countries.

In starting Prime My Body, Rogers had the idea to create a premium line of health and wellness products that would be supported by an MLM business model. He wanted to develop a product suite with ingredients derived from natural sources that would provide maximum benefits for its users. His aim was also to reward those who joined his company through compensation plans that offered generous bonuses and commissions.

Prime My Body’s mission is to “empower people to live their best life, by providing them with premium products that are backed by science and education.” The company seeks to offer its distributors the opportunity to earn a financially rewarding income while helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

The name “Prime My Body” was chosen because of its focus on helping people prime their bodies for optimal health. The company offers products that help to improve physical and mental wellness, as well as nutritional supplements that aid digestion, joint health, and general vitality. Prime My Body also recommends lifestyle changes such as exercise and proper nutrition to maximize the results of their products.

What products does Prime My Body sell?

Prime My Body offers a wide range of health and wellness products, many infused with CBD or hemp. The company’s product line includes supplements, topical creams and balms, skincare products, oral care products, and pet care items. Prime My Body also offers a variety of essential oils, capsules, liquid supplements and more.

In addition to its own products, Prime My Body also carries a range of third-party items such as fitness equipment and apparel, medical supplies, and athletic nutrition.

Prime My Body product line:

  • Nutritional Supplements: Prime My Body’s nutritional supplements help support digestion, joint health, and general vitality.
  • Topicals: Prime My Body offers a variety of topical creams and balms to promote skin health and soothe sore muscles.
  • Skincare Products: The company’s skincare line includes cleansers, moisturizers, and facial serums to help keep skin looking healthy.
  • Oral Care Items: Prime My Body offers toothpaste, mouthwash, and tongue scrapers for oral hygiene.
  • Pet Care Products: The company carries pet health supplements as well as pet shampoos and sprays to keep pets clean and healthy.
  • Essential Oils: Prime My Body’s essential oil line includes lavender, tea tree, and peppermint oils.
  • Capsules: The company offers a range of capsules to help support the body’s natural healing process.
  • Liquid Supplements: Prime My Body sells liquid supplements designed to help improve energy levels, joint health, and more.
  • Fitness Equipment: Prime My Body carries a selection of gear to help people stay fit and active.
  • Medical Supplies: The company offers items such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters for medical purposes.
  • Athletic Nutrition: Prime My Body carries a range of supplements and nutrition bars to support athletic performance and recovery.

Prime My Body sources its products from suppliers around the world. The company has strict quality control standards that ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used in their formulations. Additionally, Prime My Body is committed to sustainability, and looks for eco-friendly sources of ingredients whenever possible.

How does Prime My Body work?

Prime My Body operates a multi-level marketing (MLM) model. This means that customers can sign up as distributors, and then earn commissions by selling Prime My Body products to their friends, family, and other people in their network.

Distributors are also able to recruit additional team members into the company and can earn bonuses based on their team’s overall performance. Prime My Body provides comprehensive training and support to help distributors become successful in the business.

Prime My Body also offers a variety of incentive programs, such as discounts, rewards, and bonuses for top performers. Distributors are able to track their earnings online, anytime and anywhere.

Prime My Body compensation structure:

  • Direct sales commissions: Distributors can earn a commission on any products they sell to customers.
  • Team commissions: Distributors can also earn money by recruiting additional team members and helping them reach their sales goals.
  • Bonuses and rewards: Prime My Body offers bonuses and rewards for top performers, such as trips, Mercedes cars, and more.
  • Residual income: Distributors can also earn a residual income by building up their team and creating long-term success.
  • Leadership bonuses: Distributors with high-level positions in the company can earn extra bonuses by helping their teams achieve success.

Prime My Body has a ranking system to help recognize distributors for their hard work and success. There are 8 ranks in total, from Associate up to Global Master Ambassador.

Each rank has its own set of qualifications that need to be met before progressing to the next level. The higher the rank, the more bonuses and rewards distributors can earn.

Here are the ranks and how they work:

  • Associate: This is the entry-level rank, which any distributor can achieve after successfully enrolling a new customer or team member.
  • Executive: Distributors need to achieve 5 customers/team members at the Associate level to qualify for this rank.
  • Manager: To reach this rank, distributors must have achieved 3 Executives and 20 personal volume.
  • Regional Manager: Distributors must have achieved 5 Managers and 50 personal volume to qualify for this position.
  • Director: This rank requires 10 Regional Managers, 100 personal volume, and 500 team volume.
  • Regional Director: To achieve this rank, distributors need 15 Directors, 1,000 personal volume, and 2,500 team volume.
  • Vice President: This position requires 20 Regional Directors, 5,000 personal volume, and 10,000 team volume.
  • Global Master Ambassador: The highest rank in the company which requires 25 Vice Presidents, 15,000 personal volume, and 50,000 team volume.

In addition to its direct sales program, Prime My Body also runs an affiliate marketing program. Affiliates get a commission for every product they refer someone to purchase from the Prime My Body website.

How to join Prime My Body as a distributor

In order to become a Prime My Body distributor, you first need to purchase a starter kit. The starter kit includes the necessary materials and information needed to start running your business effectively.

Prime My Body starter kits and cost:

  • Business Builder Kit: This kit contains a 30-day supply of products for personal use, plus promotional materials and business tools. Cost: $140.
  • Executive Builder Kit: The Executive Builder kit includes everything in the Business Builder kit, plus an additional six products from Prime My Body’s product line. Cost: $515.
  • Master Builder Kit: This kit contains the same items as the Executive Builder kit, plus an additional twelve products from Prime My Body’s product line. Cost: $1,050.
How to join Prime My Body as a distributor

Once you sign up for a starter kit and become a distributor, you will receive access to Prime My Body’s online resources. You can use these resources to learn more about the business, manage your team and customers, and track your progress.

Prime My Body provides distributors with a range of support services. From training resources and marketing materials to customer service, the company makes sure that each distributor has access to the tools they need to succeed. The company also offers weekly webinars and live events where you can network with other distributors and learn more about running a successful business.

Is Prime My Body a legitimate MLM?

Yes, Prime My Body is a legitimate MLM company. The company has been around since 2015 and provides its distributors with the necessary tools and resources to help them succeed in their business. It has competitive bonuses and rewards, high-ranking positions, and an affiliate marketing program.

Prime My Body is not a pyramid scheme. Under a pyramid scheme, distributors make money by recruiting more people, without any sales involved. This is not the case with Prime My Body. Distributors must make retail sales in order to earn commissions and bonuses.

How about complaints or lawsuits?

There have been a few complaints or lawsuits against Prime My Body.

  • In 2017, there was a lawsuit filed against Prime My Body claiming that the company had made false and misleading statements about its products. The case was eventually dismissed with prejudice, meaning that it could not be brought back to court.
  • In 2020, there was an FTC complaint about Prime My Body’s promotional materials for its products. The FTC found that the promotional materials contained false and misleading claims about the benefits of its products. The case was eventually settled with no admission of guilt or wrongdoing on Prime My Body’s part, but they agreed to change their promotional materials.

What we like about Prime My Body

  • Competitive commissions, bonuses, and rewards for distributors.
  • High-ranking positions within the company.
  • Affiliate marketing program.
  • Access to online resources and support services.
  • Weekly webinars and live events.

What we don’t like about Prime My Body

  • Complaints or lawsuits from customers or the FTC.
  • Starter kits are expensive.
  • The products may be overpriced.

Are there alternatives to Prime My Body?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Prime My Body. Some other popular MLMs include:

  • Amway: Amway is a multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products.
  • Avon: Avon is a direct seller of beauty and personal care products.
  • Herbalife: Herbalife sells nutritional supplements, energy drinks, and weight loss products.
  • Forever Living: Forever Living is an MLM company that sells health and wellness products.
  • Younique: Younique is a direct seller of beauty and makeup products.
  • Isagenix: Isagenix is an MLM that sells nutritional supplements, weight loss products, and skin care.
  • Nu Skin Enterprises: Nu Skin Enterprises is an MLM that sells health and beauty products.
  • Mary Kay: Mary Kay is a direct seller of skin care, makeup, and fragrances.
  • Scentsy: Scentsy is an MLM company that sells fragrances and home diffusers.

Each of these companies offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks that you may want to consider before making a decision.

Do we recommend Prime My Life?

It depends. Prime My Body is a legitimate MLM company with competitive rewards and bonuses. However, there are some complaints or lawsuits against the company that you need to consider before joining. Additionally, the starter kits can be quite expensive and the products may be overpriced. If these factors don’t bother you and you believe that Prime My Body is the right opportunity for you, then we recommend giving it a try.

Do we recommend Prime My Life

Otherwise, there are many other MLM companies out there that may offer better opportunities for success.

Thorough research is crucial

Before joining any MLM, it’s important to do your research and make sure it’s the right fit for you. It’s also important to understand the risks associated with MLMs. Make sure you are informed about all of the potential pitfalls before investing any time or money in an MLM company.

The most important thing to remember is that success in any MLM requires hard work and dedication. It’s not a get-rich-quick opportunity, so take the time to do your research and talk to people who have experience with the company before joining.

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