Younique Products: Everything You Need to Know

Younique Products

Younique is a multi-level marketing company that sells beauty products. It uses network marketing to sell the product, which means it has a team of people who market for them and get paid commissions on sales.

The question is: Are their products any good? Are they worth the pricetag? Do Younique makeup products contain toxic ingredients? I’ll explore these questions and more in this article.

What is Younique?

Younique uses network marketing to sell beauty products, mainly makeup. The name “Younique” is an intentional misspelling of the word “unique.”

You can buy Younique products on their website and through third party sellers.

Younique has been criticized for the way they sell products, since it’s a multilevel marketing company instead of just selling to stores or other businesses that get customers.

They also don’t release any sales information so it’s hard to say how successful Younique is. Their products are also expensive and have been criticized for being made with cheap ingredients.

A lot of the reviews say that you’re wasting your money on this brand since it’s overpriced compared to high-quality makeup brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills or Makeup Revolution.

Their products are also criticized for being too sparkly and not user-friendly, since they’re mainly marketed to girls in their teens.

Many Younique reviews on Facebook all have the same complaints: that it’s overpriced makeup with no sales information or high quality ingredients. The most common complaint is that the products are not what they’re advertised to be.

People complain about how their face is irritated, how it doesn’t last long and more.

The company also has a lot of negative reviews on Yelp for being overpriced and having poor customer service when there’s an issue with the product. The prices of these makeup kits range from $40 to over $200 each.

Their customer service is also a major reason for the negativity, as it’s been said that the company refuses to do anything about an order issue unless you’re willing to pay more for shipping and handling costs.

History of Younique

The company was founded in 2012 by Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft who are husband and wife.

In the last year, they’ve increased their sales upwards of 20% annually.

However, it’s been said that this success is due to aggressive recruiting and not because people genuinely love the products.

It might be true that customers are drawn to the lower priced, high quality products and that Younique has a loyal customer base.

But it’s also clear that many customers have had bad experiences with the company.

What products does Younique sell?

Younique sells a variety of beauty products such as makeup, perfume and skin care.

Makeup is Younique’s main product with the most revenue coming from their mascara line. In 2018 they had over $250 million in sales which was an increase of 20% from 2017. They also have three different lines that are sold by Younique: a line for the everyday woman, one that is more natural and organic-based with products under $40 per item, and another high end luxury makeup

Makeup kits range from $40 to over $200 each.

Specific Younique products are:

The Eye Product:

Black Liquid Liner, Dual Ended Brush w/ liquid liner & eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Palette in “Tea Party” (contains five shadows), The 24-Hour Shadow Primer.

Face Product:

Foundation Stick and Foundation Powder with Spf 18.


Lipstick in “Mauve” and LipSurgence Natural Gloss.

For a full list of Younique products, visit or

What is the most popular Younique product?

The most popular Younique product is the Eye Product.

Black Liquid Liner, Dual Ended Brush w/ liquid liner & eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Palette in “Tea Party” (contains five shadows), The 24-Hour Shadow Primer.

These are all products the company says give your face and eyes a more dramatic look.

What are the ingredients in Younique makeup?

Younique makeup

Younique products contain natural and organic materials. The foundation is oil-free, non-comedogenic, and is made with a light formula that moisturizes your skin. The makeup contains no parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

The ingredients in the eye shadow are: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI7789l), Iron Oxide Red/Brown (CI77491).

Are products sold by Younique cruelty-free and vegan?

Products sold by Younique are not tested on animals, and are never made with animal-derived ingredients.

The makeup is also vegan because it contains no parabens or other synthetic preservatives that could contain animal products.

Younique’s eyelashes use mink fur as the base for their false lashes, which can be a problem for vegans.

Where are Younique products made?

Younique products are manufactured in a variety of countries including: Ecuador, Honduras, China and the United States.

The makeup is made up of natural ingredients that come from all over the world.

You can take a look at their website to find out more about each product’s country-of-origin.

What is special about Younique products?

Younique products are special because they are made up of natural ingredients that come from all over the world.

The eye shadows, for example, use a blend of minerals and pigment to create an array of colors without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives. These products are also paraben free and cruelty-free which means no animal testing was done in production. Younique uses the highest quality ingredients to make their makeup.

In addition, all the mineral color pigments used in these products have been approved by FDA so they are safe for use on the skin.

Is Younique worth the pricetag?

This is a question that many people ask. Younique says it offers high quality products and they are priced accordingly. The company offers different pricetags for their makeup depending on the range of colors you want to purchase. For example, if all we wanted was black eyeliners then it would cost us about $60-$70 but if we wanted a range of colors, say blues and greens for example then it would cost us about $120-$140.

The price of makeup can be a big turn-off for people, but you get what you pay for when it comes to beauty products. The quality is not always reflected in the cost of these products and it’s important to do your research before picking one type over another.

Younique is a Kosher company and the ingredients are always disclosed on their site, so you know exactly what’s in each product before buying it.

You might be asking yourself if Younique makeup is any good.

Yes! All of the ingredients are natural so they don’t clog pores or irritate skin at all. They also have a variety of colors for every skin tone to ensure they’ll find something that suits them, which is great because their products work best with people who are using the same types of shades on their face as Younique has in stock.

Is Younique considered to be high-end makeup?

It depends. Younique is a multi-level marketing company, so the products are affordable to most people’s budgets and come with great customer service in case anything ever goes wrong.

Younique makeup has an average price of $25 for one lipstick or liquid foundation package, which may be more than some other brands but it’s worth the price.

Plus, their makeup is of a higher quality than other brands in terms of pigment and staying power.

Even though Younique foundation can cost about $75 for one package, it’s still affordable because you’re getting more bang for your buck with all-day performance without any need for touchups. And since the foundation is all-natural, it’s safe to use on your skin for an extended period of time.

Younique makeup comes in a variety of shades and are made with cruelty free animal byproducts that meet vegan standards. It also does not contain any parabens or sulfates so if you have sensitive skin then this might be the makeup for you.

Younique products are made with a variety of natural ingredients that include jojoba oil, shea butter, and mango seed extract to name just a few. They also don’t test on animals so if you have any ethical qualms about the company’s morals then this might be something worth looking into before investing in their products.

How does Younique work as an MLM company?

Younique products are available through network marketing that is associated with direct sales. This means that people who sell Younique on their own and recruit other sellers to help them grow their business will get commission for selling the product themselves as well as from those they have recruited.

One thing to note about MLMs is that they are only successful if there is a constant flow of new recruits. This means it will be difficult to make any money upfront and you’ll need a lot of volume in order to get anywhere with the company.

Is Younique a controversial company in the world of multli-level marketing?

multli-level marketing

Since Younique is a multi-level marketing company, it is controversial. There are many people who think that their products aren't worth what they're marketed for and others feel like the money spent on them would be better off going to something else. Others still believe that you can make really good money from this company, but there are a lot of different opinions on the matter and it is hard to find out what people in general really think.

Is Younique a pyramid scheme?

No, Younique is not a pyramid scheme. They do offer compensation for referrals and sales, but this is in line with how other multi-level marketing companies operate.

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