Phil Jackson Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Zen Master’

Phil Jackson Net Worth

Phil Jackson is a basketball icon. Jackson attended college at the University of North Dakota, where he was a standout player for the Fighting Sioux from 1962-1966 before being drafted into the NBA by Cincinnati Royals in 1966. Jackson became one of the most celebrated players in league history and had his number retired by three different teams: New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

After his playing career ended, Jackson was a coach for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. He is responsible for popularizing his teams’ signature triangle offense, which was adopted by many teams throughout professional and collegiate basketball.

Jackson is often called “Zen Master” because of his approach to coaching and life outside the game. He was inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach in 2007 and is considered one of the greatest coaches ever. Phil Jackson net worth was $45 million at last check.

Jackson currently lives on an estate in Playa del Rey, California with his second wife and two children from first marriage (Phil’s son also plays for LA Lakers).

Early life and career as a basketball player

Jackson was born in Deer Lodge, Mont., on Sept. 17, 1945, to Phil and Elisabeth Ramsey Jackson. Phil is the middle child of three – he has a sister named Sally and a brother named Charles Jr. Phil’s father ran unsuccessfully for Congress while Phil was still an infant.

The family moved from Montana to Williston when Phil was a child. He attended high school there and was the state’s top scorer for his team in 1965-66, when he graduated from Williston High School.

University of North Dakota

In 1966, Jackson attended the University of North Dakota on scholarship after being noticed by head coach Bill Fitch. He graduated in 1969 with a B.A. in Physical Education and was drafted into the NBA by the Cincinnati Royals, who later traded him to the New York Knicks for Walt Bellamy (who went on become Rookie of the Year). Jackson played two seasons for New York before being recruited by new Chicago Bulls coach Dick Motta as part of the team’s expansion in 1970.

Jackson went on to win two championships with the Bulls, playing alongside Jerry Sloan and Bob Love from 1971-74. He won his third championship as a player for Los Angeles Lakers in 1972 before being named assistant coach of New York Knicks under Red Holzman. He played some games during that time while simultaneously working as an assistant coach. Jackson was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007 as a player and again in 2010 for his coaching career.

Jackson’s career as a coach

There is no question that Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He was an NBA head coach for 20 seasons, winning championships with the Bulls and Lakers. Jackson led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA world championship titles in 1991-93 and 1996-98 as their head coach (he was an assistant from 1987-88). He coached the Lakers to five championships in 2000-02 and 2009-2010.

Jackson developed his unique coaching style over years of working with great players. He is a Zen master and meditates before big games. He believes strongly in spiritualism, something that helped him connect to Michael Jordan. Jackson is known for bringing a team together and helping players achieve their full potential. His coaching philosophy has won him many admirers over the years.

Jackson’s coaching style has been described as “soothing” by Bill Walton and he is known for his calm demeanor during the game, often playing a role in calming down Michael Jordan (who once punched him). Phil believes that basketball should be played like jazz music: “It’s improvised within the structure of a set piece.”/p<>

Jackson is the only coach to have won championships with three different teams and is one of only three coaches (joining Red Auerbach and Pat Riley) to be named Coach of the Year with different teams. Phil was named NBA coach of the year twice with the Bulls (1995, 1996) and once with Lakers in 2009.


Phil Jackson net worth has been estimated at $45 million, making him one of the highest paid coaches in NBA history.