Baby Keem Net Worth: Learn How He Became a Success

Learn How He Became a Success

Baby Keem is an American rapper who has generated $1 million in net worth. Baby Keem, whose real name is Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr., was born on Oct. 22, 2000, in Carson, Calif. His interest in music started at the age of 8 when he started rapping with his friends.

Baby Keem released his first mixtape titled “First Quarter 2013” at the age of 12 before releasing various other tapes including “Nigga Hunnid,” “The Baby Show” and “Young Niggaz”. Baby Keem also collaborated with other big names such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and more which helped him gain popularity among his fans.


After releasing several tracks under his own name, he took on the Baby Keem moniker in 2018 with the release of his Midnight EP. Baby Keem, who was once homeless at the age of 13 after he left home due to family issues, told DJ Vlad that music saved him from a life on the streets.
After becoming a renowned rapper, Baby Keem started touring across the United States and Canada. Baby Keem, who is considered as one of rap’s youngest stars to achieve such a feat, has become known for his raw lyrics that he delivers through raspy vocals during live performances.

In 2014, BabyKeem released “The Baby Show” mixtape which featured artists Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh and more. Baby Keem was also featured on “First Quarter 2015” along with artists such as Lil Soulja Slim, Meek Mill, Migos and more. Baby Keem’s music has since been released by Quality Control Music which is under the Republic Records label.

The Baby Show” mixtape

The Baby Show mixtape was considered as a favorite by the Rolling Stone magazine. Baby Keem has also been featured on various other tracks such as “Bedtime” that have garnered millions of views online, including over 35 million YouTube views and more than 700 000 Spotify streams.

Baby Keem tours across the country to promote his music as well as working on other projects such as a documentary which he will be featured in titled “From Day One.”

As his influence grew in the world of rap, Baby Keem started working as a music producer. Baby Keem has produced tracks for various artists such as J. Cole, Wale and others, which helped him become one of the youngest producers in history. Baby Keem also started his own record label called Baby Tree Entertainment through which he plans on releasing new music.

Does Baby Keem have any words of advice?

Baby Keem’s advice to aspiring rappers: “Stay focused and work on your craft every day.”