Wakaya Perfection MLM Review: What You Need to Know About This Health and Wellness Opportunity

Wakaya Perfection MLM Review

If you’re considering joining a multi-level marketing company, you may be looking at Wakaya Perfection. In this Wakaya Perfection MLM review, we’ll take a close look at the business opportunity and some of the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Wakaya Perfection is a health and wellness MLM that sells products like tea, coffee, spices, and skincare produced from the island of Wakaya, Fiji. There are several things we like about Wakaya Perfection: they have a good product line, their website is informative and user-friendly, and they offer a fairly generous compensation plan. On the downside, there are a few red flags that potential recruits should be aware of: the cost of joining is high, their return policy is strict (only 14 days), and they’ve been involved in some complaints and lawsuits.

Who launched Wakaya Perfection and when?

Wakaya Perfection was co-founded in 2012 by David H. Gilmour and David Roth. The company began on Wakaya Island, Gilmour’s 2,200-acre private paradise in the Fiji archipelago. It was there his team discovered that essential root products grow best in volcanic, nutrient-rich soil, which nourishes the company’s proprietary root stock to produce high-quality powders. Its crops are hand planted and hand harvested using all organic methods, and they are irrigated solely with naturally falling rainwater. Company headquarters are in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Gilmour is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been featured in Forbes magazine, CNNMoney, Entrepreneur magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and other major publications. His business background includes venture capital investments in a wide range of industries, from healthcare and finance to aerospace. In addition to Wakaya Perfection, he is the founder of The Gilmour Group, a private equity firm based in Vancouver, Canada, Barrick Gold and FIJI Water.

Roth has many years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. His impressive history includes stints at some of the largest consumer products companies in the world, such as Procter & Gamble, The Gillette Company, General Mills, and Unilever. He’s also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of several companies, including Simple Human, an innovative kitchen products company.

Gilmour and Roth wanted to create a health and wellness company that was based on their belief that nutrition should be natural, potent, sustainable, and beneficial for the environment. They felt strongly about using only the finest ingredients available and producing products in a way that supports healthy ecosystems. To this end, they use only organic farming techniques on Wakaya Island and are committed to giving back to the local communities.

Wakaya Perfection takes its name from the island of Wakaya, which is where the company sources many of its ingredients. The founders felt that this Fijian paradise was the perfect place to cultivate their organic health and wellness products, so they named their company after it.

What products does Wakaya Perfection sell?

Wakaya Perfection offers a range of health and wellness products that are all sourced from Wakaya Island in Fiji, including teas, coffees, spices, skincare items, and other wellness supplements. Their flagship product is their Turmeric Powder Boost D’OR, a powerful superfood that is said to be high in essential oils, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. Other products include their Organic Kona Coffee and Wakaya-only Sea Salt blend. They also offer the Wakaya Perfection Skin Care line, which features natural skincare items like facial cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and more. They have also recently released a collection of organic essential oil blends, as well as several supplements that are designed to support healthy immunity and energy levels.

Wakaya Perfection product line:

  • Teas: Wakaya Perfection offers a variety of herbal, medicinal teas, including turmeric-ginger, hibiscus and rosehips.
  • Coffees: The company offers organic Kona roast coffee as well as espresso-based drinks.
  • Spices and Seasonings: Wakaya Perfection has several unique spices, spice blends, and seasonings available including Wakaya Turmeric Powder Boost D’OR and Wakaya-only sea salt blend.
  • Skincare: Wakaya Perfection’s skincare line features natural, organic products to help nourish, protect, and revitalize skin. Products include facial cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and more.
  • Wellness Supplements: Wakaya Perfection has an array of wellness supplements designed to support healthy immunity and energy levels. These include probiotics, adaptogens, enzymes, proteins and herbal blends.
  • Essential Oils: Wakaya Perfection also offers a range of organic essential oils, perfect for aromatherapy, massage, and other wellness rituals.
  • Turmeric Powder Boost D’OR: Wakaya Perfection’s flagship product, it is a powerful superfood that is said to be high in essential oils, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.
  • Organic Kona Coffee: Wakaya Perfection’s own organic Kona roast coffee, perfect for espresso-based drinks.
  • Wakaya-Only Sea Salt Blend: A unique blend of sea salt sourced only from the island of Wakaya. It is said to be full of important minerals and nutrients.
  • Wakaya Sea Salt Blend: Wakaya Perfection’s own blend of sea salt, perfect for seasoning and cooking. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Wakaya Perfection’s products are made with organic ingredients and the highest quality standards, so customers can feel good about what they’re buying. They also have a commitment to sustainability, using only renewable energy in their production process and supporting local farmers and businesses.

How does the Wakaya Perfection business model work?

Wakaya Perfection’s business model is driven by multi-level marketing. They rely on a network of independent distributors, who purchase the products at wholesale and sell them directly to customers. The company aims to create a community of health-minded individuals that are passionate about sharing the benefits of their products with others.

Wakaya Perfection also has an online store where customers can purchase products directly from the company or through third-party retailers like Amazon. The company has established relationships with high-end spas and luxury hotels around the world, providing them with Wakaya Perfection products for their customers. They also partner with charities and foundations to help spread their message of health, wellness and sustainability.


Wakaya Perfection distributors earn money by selling the company’s products directly to customers. They can also earn commissions on sales made through their network of other distributors. In addition, they can take advantage of special bonuses and rewards available to active members of the Wakaya Perfection team. Distributors are encouraged to create a business plan, set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Wakaya Perfection has three ranks that distributors can achieve:

  • Direct Selling Commissions: Wakaya Perfection distributors earn money by selling the company’s products directly to customers.
  • Performance and Leadership Bonuses: Active members of the Wakaya Perfection team can take advantage of special bonuses and rewards.
  • Residual Income: Distributors also have the opportunity to earn commissions on sales made through their network of other distributors.
  • Special Offers: Wakaya Perfection offers special promotional pricing and discounts to its distributors, depending on their sales performance.
  • Rewards Program – Distributors can also take advantage of a rewards program that includes trips, gift cards and more.

Wakaya Perfection has three ranks that distributors can achieve:

  • Executive: This is the entry level rank. Distributors must generate $1,000 in sales per month to qualify for this rank.
  • Manager: The manager rank requires a monthly sales volume of $2,500 and an organization size of at least three people.
  • Executive Manager: The executive manager rank requires a monthly sales volume of $5,000 and an organization size of at least five people.

At each rank, distributors have access to increased discounts and bonuses. They are also eligible for incentive trips and other rewards.

How to join Wakaya Perfection as a distributor

To join Wakaya Perfection as a distributor, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. You also need to fill out an application form and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the company’s policies. Once your application is approved, you can start selling Wakaya Perfection products right away.

Wakaya Perfection does have starter kits for distributors. The starter kit includes product samples, sales materials and training resources. All new distributors also receive an online business center with marketing and promotional materials to help them get started.

Starter kits, what they include and cost:

  • Basic starter kit costs $99. Includes product samples, sales materials and training resources; online business center with marketing and promotional materials; full access to the company’s support system.
  • Business builder starter kit costs $499. Includes additional product samples and promotional materials.
  • Deluxe starter kit costs $1,299. Includes more product samples and access to exclusive training resources.

What kind of support does the company offer?

Wakaya Perfection offers comprehensive training and support to distributors. They have an online business center with resources such as marketing materials, webinars and workshops. Distributors also have access to one-on-one coaching from experienced team members and mentors. In addition, the company provides a customer service line for any questions or issues that may arise.

Is Wakaya Perfection a pyramid scheme?

No. Wakaya Perfection is a legitimate direct-selling company and its compensation plan follows the guidelines set out by the Direct Selling Association. The company does not require any fees or investments to become a distributor, nor do they promise unrealistic returns on investment.

Under a pyramid scheme, participants primarily profit from recruiting other people into the scheme. Wakaya Perfection does not incentivize recruitment, but rather rewards distributors for their sales performance and customer career development.

How about complaints or lawsuits?

Wakaya Perfection has been involved in a couple of complaints and lawsuits:

  • In 2019, a former distributor filed a lawsuit claiming the company had breached its contract by not paying commissions as promised. The case was settled out of court with a confidential agreement.
  • In 2020, another former distributor filed a complaint alleging unfair practices and breach of contract. The matter was also settled out of court without any further action taken.

Overall, Wakaya Perfection has a low level of complaints or lawsuits against it. The company is committed to ethical business practices and strives to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

What we like about Wakaya Perfection

  • Wakaya Perfection provides a straightforward compensation plan with clear requirements and incentives.
  • They have good customer support, including one-on-one coaching and training resources.
  • The company offers starter kits at reasonable prices that include product samples, sales materials and more.
  • Wakaya Perfection has proven to be a reliable direct selling company with a low rate of complaints and lawsuits.

What we don’t like about Wakaya Perfection

  • The starter kits may be expensive for some people.
  • The company does not offer any free trial programs or samples to try the products before purchasing them.
  • Some distributors have complained that the customer service line is difficult to reach.

Are there alternatives to Wakaya Perfection?

Yes. There are many other direct selling companies offering similar products and services. Examples include:

  • Amway: a global leader in direct selling, offering a wide variety of health and beauty products.
  • Nu Skin: provides personal care products as well as nutritional supplements and anti-aging treatments.
  • Herbalife: offers nutrition, weight management and energy solutions to help customers reach their goals.
  • LifeVantage: specializes in nutraceuticals, supplements and skincare products.
  • Young Living: provides essential oils and other health and wellness products.
  • Isagenix: offers meal replacement shakes, snacks, bars and nutritional supplements.
  • Arbonne: focuses on personal care, beauty, health and wellness products.

Each of these companies has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to compare them side by side before making a decision. It is also important to do your research and read reviews of each company to get an accurate picture of their products, services, and customer support.

Our verdict

Wakaya Perfection is a legitimate direct selling company with clear requirements and incentives. They offer starter kits at reasonable prices, good customer support, and plenty of training resources. The company has a low rate of complaints and lawsuits and strives to resolve any issues quickly.

Overall, Wakaya Perfection is an excellent choice for those looking to start a direct selling business. However, you should still do your research and compare it to other similar companies before making a final decision.


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