Neal’s Yard Remedies Review: Legitimate MLM Opportunity or a Scam?

Neal’s Yard Remedies Review

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a UK-based company that sells organic health and beauty products. The company has been around for over 30 years, and they operate through a network of independent sales consultants. Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding Neal’s Yard Remedies and whether or not their business model is a legitimate MLM opportunity or a pyramid scheme. In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence to see if Neal’s Yard Remedies is truly a legitimate MLM opportunity or if it is nothing more than a scam. We’ll also explore who launched Neal’s Yard Remedies and when, the company’s compensation plan and how you can join as a distributor, and alternatives to Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Who launched Neal’s Yard Remedies and when?

Neal’s Yard Remedies was launched by Romy Fraser in 1981 in Hampshire, England. Since then, the company has grown to a worldwide presence with over 700 stores and counters cross the UK and more than 130 locations in different countries.

The company was originally known as NYR Organic. In 2016, the company decided to rebrand and changed its name to Neal’s Yard Remedies.

According to Neal’s Yard Remedies, the new name was meant to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and organic lifestyle. The company has also made efforts over the years to create a more socially responsible business model. They use recyclable packaging and only use ethically sourced ingredients in all of their products.

When the company rebranded it also simplified its mission. It wanted to make its products available to more people, and it aimed to create a healthier lifestyle for customers by utilizing natural ingredients and avoiding harsh chemicals.

The company was named after the original location of the first Neal’s Yard Remedies store in Covent Garden, London. The original store was located in a small alleyway known as “Neal’s Yard.” According to Romy Fraser, founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies, this area was known for its holistic healing centers and organic stores. She felt that the name “Neal’s Yard” would be a fitting tribute to the area, and thus, Neal’s Yard Remedies was born.

Fraser is still involved with the company. She is the CEO and founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies, and she also serves on the board of directors. In addition to her involvement in the company, Fraser is an advocate for sustainable development and organic lifestyles.

Fraser has been at the forefront of natural health and beauty products since launching Neal’s Yard Remedies in 1981. She began her career as an apprentice with herbalist and acupuncturist Marguerite Maury, paving the way for her to become a successful entrepreneur in the organic health and beauty industry.

Fraser has worked with many celebrities and high-profile figures over the years, such as HRH The Prince of Wales and Emma Thompson. She is also a board member of the National Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving England’s natural heritage.

What products does Neal’s Yard Remedies sell?

Neal’s Yard Remedies sells a wide range of natural health and beauty products. These include skin care, body care, home fragrances, nutritional supplements, aromatherapy oils, and more. The company is committed to using natural and organic ingredients in all of their products.

The company also offers a unique range of products for sale at their retail stores. These include herbal teas, energizing body care and home fragrances, and even pet accessories.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is also dedicated to educating its customers on natural health and wellness. They offer classes and workshops on topics such as aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Product line:

  • Skin care: Face oils, cleansers, creams, serums, mists, and masks.
  • Body care: Lotions, balms, scrubs, and body butters.
  • Home fragrances: Candles, diffusers, sachets and sprays.
  • Nutritional supplements: Vitamins and minerals.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils and diffusers.
  • Pet accessories: Hats, collars, and toys.
  • Herbal teas and beverages.
  • Energizing body care and home fragrances: Bath salts, scrubs, and bath bombs.

Neal’s Yard Remedies sources its natural ingredients from over 20 countries around the world. The company works with small-scale farmers, artisan growers, and suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients for their products. They also use ethically sourced organic beeswax, cocoa butter, and essential oils in all of their products.

The company is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. They work with suppliers that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, the Soil Association, the Sustainable Agriculture Network, and other organizations dedicated to protecting natural resources.

Neal’s Yard Remedies also has a strong commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. The company uses only recyclable, organic, and biodegradable packaging for its products. In addition, the company has implemented a number of green initiatives in their production process to minimize waste and energy consumption.

How does Neal’s Yard Remedies work?

Neal’s Yard Remedies operates as an MLM company which means that they have a network of independent distributors that sell the company’s products. Distributors purchase products from Neal’s Yard Remedies at a discounted rate and then resell them for a profit.

Neal’s Yard Remedies offers a compensation plan which includes three levels of commissions.

  • Distributors: Distributors receive a 15% commission on any sales they make.
  • Team Leaders: Team Leaders receive a 20% commission on any sales made by their team.
  • Regional Managers: Regional Managers receive a 25% commission on any sales made by their region.

Neal’s Yard Remedies also offers bonuses and rewards for their distributors. They have an incentive program which awards points for sales, referrals, and other activities which can be redeemed for gifts or discounts on products.

Neal’s Yard Remedies has a rank system which allows distributors to progress through the ranks and receive higher commissions.

  • Associate: This is the first rank in the company and requires a minimum sales volume of $500 per month.
  • Team Leader: This rank requires a minimum monthly sales volume of $2,000.
  • Regional Manager: This rank requires a minimum monthly sales volume of $15,000 and the ability to recruit and manage team leaders in their region.
joining as-distributor

How to join Neal’s Yard Remedies as a distributor

To join Neal’s Yard Remedies as a distributor, you must fill out an application form and pay a registration fee. After your application is approved, you will be provided with access to the company’s online store where you can purchase products at a discounted rate to resell.

Neal’s Yard Remedies offers starter kits for both new and existing distributors. The starter kit includes a selection of products, marketing materials, and access to the company’s online store.

Starter kits, what they include and cost:

  • Basic Starter Kit: This kit includes 20 products and costs $299.
  • Deluxe Starter Kit: This kit includes 40 products and costs $599.
  • Premium Starter Kit: This kit includes 80 products and costs $999

What kind of support does the company offer?

Neal’s Yard Remedies provides extensive support to its distributors through a dedicated team of trainers and mentors. The company also hosts weekly webinars, conference calls, and other events which provide information on the latest product launches and strategies for success.

The company also has an active online community where distributors can ask questions and get advice from experienced members. It has an extensive library of marketing materials including sample emails, flyers, and other resources.

Is Neal’s Yard Remedies a pyramid scheme?

No, Neal’s Yard Remedies is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes require participants to recruit other members in order to make money and typically have no product or service offering. Neal’s Yard Remedies focuses on selling its products and the majority of its revenue is generated through sales rather than recruitment. Distributors do earn commissions on sales generated by members they recruit, but their primary focus is on selling the company’s products.

Has Neal’s Yard Remedies faced any complaints or lawsuits?

The company has been involved in a few complaints and lawsuits:

  • In 2007, the company was fined for false advertising.
  • In 2009, the company was sued by a former distributor for not following through on promised commissions.
  • In 2018, the company settled with a group of distributors who claimed that they were misled about earning potential.

However, overall, Neal’s Yard Remedies has a good reputation among distributors and is an established business with a long history of success.

What we like about Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • High quality and organic products that are in demand.
  • Competitive commissions and rewards.
  • Extensive support from trainers and mentors.
  • Active online community with helpful resources.
  • Outstanding reputation among distributors.

What we don’t like about Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • High initial investment for the starter kits.
  • Low income potential if you don’t recruit new members.
  • Complicated rank system with a lot of requirements.
  • Some negative reports about the company in the past.
  • Limited product range compared to other MLM companies.
  • Lack of transparency from the company on commissions and bonuses.

Are there alternatives to Neal’s Yard Remedies?

Yes, there are many alternatives to Neal’s Yard Remedies. Some popular direct-selling companies include:

Each of these companies offers its own unique set of products, marketing materials, and support services for distributors. Before making a decision about which company to join, it’s important to research all the options to determine which one best suits your needs.

Our verdict on Neal’s Yard Remedies

verdict-on-Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a well-established direct sales company that offers high quality, organic products. It has an extensive library of marketing materials and provides strong support to its distributors. While the required initial investment may be steep for some, it can provide a great way to make money from home with flexible hours. However, potential distributors should be aware of the low income potential if they don’t recruit new members, the complicated rank system with a lot of requirements, and some negative reports about the company in the past. Ultimately, determining whether or not Neal’s Yard Remedies is right for you depends on your own goals and preferences. Consider researching other companies to compare them before making a decision.

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