Initials, Inc. Review: Legitimate Fashion & Lifestyle MLM or a Scam?

Initials, Inc. Review

If you’re considering joining Initials, Inc., you may be wondering if it’s a legitimate business opportunity or a scam. This definitive Initials, Inc. review will provide an overview of the company and give you some things to consider before making a decision. Initials, Inc. is a direct sales company that sells monogrammed home and lifestyle products. Representatives earn commissions on their personal sales as well as on the sales of their downline. The company has been in business since 2005 and appears to be legitimate, but there are some things you should know before joining. Keep reading to learn more about this opportunity.

Who launched Initials, Inc. and when?

Initials, Inc. was founded in 2005 by sisters Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall in Clarksville, Georgia, after recognizing a need for fashionable, affordable home accessories that could be personalized with initials or monograms. The company began as a direct sales business focusing on monogrammed home and lifestyle products. The company has since developed into a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity.

Initials, Inc. was founded with the goal of empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs. Through the direct sales model and MLM system, members can earn additional income in their spare time while working from home by offering stylish products that are affordable and easy to sell.

Vickery the CEO of Initials, Inc., has been in direct sales for over 15 years. She is a motivational speaker and an active member of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA). She also serves on the board of directors for the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Hall was the vice president of Initials, Inc. until leaving the company in 2015. She has been in direct sales for over 20 years. She is a sought-after speaker on topics related to direct selling success and entrepreneurship, and she serves as the chairperson of DSWA’s Professional Development Committee. In addition to her role at Initials, Inc., Hall is the president of her own direct sales consulting firm, Dynamic Solutions LLC.

What products does Initials, Inc. sell?

The company’s name is a reference to the personalized monogrammed products that it sells. Initials, Inc. offers a variety of products including bags, wallets, jewelry and home accessories that can be customized with initials or monograms. The company has become known for its stylish designs and on-trend fashion items, as well as its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The company also offers a variety of personal care products such as body washes, lotions and lip balms, as well as home fragrances, candles and diffusers. All of the products are designed with the goal of helping customers express their own personal style in their homes or on the go.

Initials, Inc. product line:

  • Bags: Totes, backpacks, crossbody bags and more.
  • Wallets: Card holders, wristlets and zippered wallets.
  • Jewelry: Monogrammed necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Home accessories: Placemats, coasters, trays and more.
  • Personal care products: Body washes, lotions and lip balms.
  • Home fragrances: Candles, diffusers and sprays.
  • Candles: Wax melts, tins, jars and more.
  • Diffusers: Electric and reed diffusers.
  • Travel accessories: Luggage tags, passport holders and more.
  • Stationery: Note cards, address labels and more.
  • Apparel: Tees, tanks, hoodies and leggings.
  • Kitchen accessories: Aprons, casserole dishes and more.
  • Gifts: Monogrammed mugs and travel tumblers.

Initials, Inc. sources its products from a variety of suppliers, both domestic and international. The company is committed to providing quality products that are stylish, unique and affordable. All of the products meet or exceed industry standards for safety and design excellence. Initials, Inc. is also dedicated to protecting the environment by using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. The company is part of a select group of eco-friendly businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

How does Initials, Inc. work?

Initials, Inc. operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, meaning representatives can earn commissions on both their own personal sales and the sales of their downline. The company offers incentives such as discounts, free products and trips for members who reach certain sales goals throughout the year.


Members of Initials, Inc. can also benefit from the company’s rewards program, which includes cash back on purchases and exclusive offers. The company continually updates its product line to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and home decor. Additionally, members have access to free resources such as sales ideas, marketing materials and training videos

Initials, Inc. compensation structure:

  • Retail Profits: Representatives earn a commission on all products purchased from their personal online store or through their monthly parties.
  • Fast Start Bonus: New representatives who sign up during the “Fast Start” period can earn additional bonuses if they hit certain sales goals in their first 30 days.
  • Leadership Bonuses: Those who promote Initials, Inc. and mentor new representatives can earn additional bonuses based on the success of their downline.
  • Residual Income: As representatives continue to make sales and build their team, they can earn a percentage of the total sales for their entire organization.
  • Incentives: Representatives who reach certain milestones throughout the year are rewarded with special discounts and trips.

Initials, Inc. has a tiered rank system that allows members to earn additional bonuses and rewards as they reach higher levels within the company. Representatives are encouraged to work together to help each other achieve success. As representatives move up in rank, they have access to more exclusive products and incentives.

The ranks and how they work are:

  • Associate: New representatives start off at this rank and can begin making sales right away.
  • Manager: After reaching a certain number of sales, representatives are promoted to the manager level. They receive additional bonuses and discounts on their purchases.
  • Senior Manager: After achieving even more sales, representatives reach the senior manager level. This comes with additional bonuses and even more discounts.
  • Director: Achieving this rank allows representatives to earn the highest commissions on their sales along with exclusive products and trips.

How to join Initials, Inc. as a representative

Any interested individual can join Initials, Inc. as a representative by completing the online registration form on their website. Once registered, representatives can begin making sales right away and reap the rewards of the company’s tiered ranking system.

The company offers a variety of starter kits to help new representatives get started. They come with everything needed to host parties, create an online store and promote Initials, Inc. products.

Starter kits, what they include and cost:

  • Starter Kit 1: $99; includes samples, catalogs, order forms and marketing materials.
  • Starter Kit 2: $199; includes everything from Starter Kit 1 plus a personalized website and free shipping on first orders.
  • Starter Kit 3: $499; includes everything from Starter Kit 2 plus additional products and marketing materials.

What kind of support does Initials, Inc. offer?

Initials, Inc. offers a variety of support resources to help new and existing representatives succeed. They offer free training videos, sales ideas, marketing materials and more to help members maximize their success. The company also provides ongoing mentorship from experienced reps who have achieved higher ranks within the company.

Is Initials, Inc. a pyramid scheme?

No, Initials, Inc. is not a pyramid scheme. Representatives earn commissions on their own sales and the sales of those they have personally enrolled in the program. There are no requirements to purchase products or recruit additional members in order to earn commissions. The company’s compensation plan rewards hard work and dedication by providing bonuses and incentives based on individual and team sales.

Under a pyramid scheme, individuals earn money from those they recruit rather than the sales they make. Initials, Inc.’s compensation plan does not operate in this manner, making it a legitimate direct selling business opportunity.

How about complaints or lawsuits?

Initials, Inc. has been involved in a few complaints and lawsuits:

  • A class action lawsuit was filed against the company in 2019 for allegedly operating a pyramid scheme. The case has since been settled and Initials, Inc. is no longer involved.
  • There have been some complaints about the company’s starter kits being too expensive or not containing enough products. However, these issues have largely been resolved by providing additional discounts and bonuses.
  • There have also been complaints about customer service, but the company has since taken steps to improve its response times and overall quality of service.

What we like about Initials, Inc.

  • High potential for earning commissions.
  • Fair and transparent compensation plan.
  • Variety of support resources to help reps succeed.
  • No requirement to purchase products or recruit additional members in order to earn commission.
  • Strong customer service team that responds quickly to inquiries.

What we don’t like about Initials, Inc.

  • Some starter kits can be expensive.
  • Complaints and lawsuits in past years.
  • Mentoring may not be available to all reps.

Are there alternatives to Initials, Inc.?

Yes, there are other direct selling and multi-level marketing companies that offer similar opportunities to Initials, Inc. Some popular alternatives include:

  • Avon: A well-known cosmetics and beauty brand that offers a wide variety of products.
  • Amway: A leading health, wellness and beauty company with a global reach.
  • Rodan + Fields: An anti-aging skincare company with an established presence in the direct selling industry.
  • Younique: A fast-growing cosmetics brand that offers a range of innovative products.
  • Herbalife: An international nutrition and health company that sells supplements and meal replacement shakes.
  • Mary Kay: A beauty brand specializing in skincare, makeup and fragrances.
  • LuLaRoe: A fashion retailer with a wide selection of styles and sizes.
  • Scentsy: A popular provider of fragrance and home décor products.
  • Stella & Dot: An accessories brand that focuses on fashion jewelry and handbags.
  • Thirty-One Gifts: A direct selling company that specializes in stylish bags, purses and other organizational items.
  • Isagenix: A nutrition company offering meal replacement shakes and supplements.
  • Pruvit: A health and wellness company focused on keto-friendly products.
  • Do TERRA: A leading essential oils provider with a presence in more than 60 countries.
  • Origami Owl: A jewelry company that allows customers to customize their own pieces.
  • Modere: A personal care brand offering natural and safe beauty, wellness and home products.

Each of these companies offers their own unique compensation plan and product selection, so it is important to research each opportunity before deciding which one is right for you.

Our verdict

Initials, Inc. is a legitimate direct selling business opportunity that offers high potential for earning commissions through fair and transparent compensation plans. Despite some complaints and lawsuits in the past, the company has taken steps to improve customer service and support resources.

Overall, Initials, Inc. is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make money from home. However, there are several other direct selling companies that offer similar opportunities and you should research each one before making a decision.

Thorough research is crucial

Here’s what to look for when you’re researching potential multi-level marketing companies to join:

  • Reputation: Check reviews, customer feedback, and BBB ratings to get a better understanding of the company’s reputation.
  • Compensation plans: Familiarize yourself with the company’s compensation structure and make sure it is fair and transparent.
  • Product selection: Research the products offered by the company to ensure you are comfortable selling them.
  • Support resources: Evaluate the support and training available to determine if it will be sufficient for you to reach your goals.
  • Financial stability: Investigate the company’s financials to make sure they are in good standing.

By taking a few extra steps to research the companies you are considering, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the opportunity that best suits your needs. One of your best sources of information is I Buy I Review. Our mission is to provide honest and unbiased reviews of all direct selling companies so that you can make an informed decision and avoid wasting your time and investment.