A Review of uThriv – Is this company a legit one or a scam?

Welcome to my uThriv Review!

Major buzz for a while now, so I decided to look into the company and what they offer, to know if they are a legit business or a scam. Chances are you have met a uThriv distributor urging you to join them. I’d advise you to read this review before you decide to join the company or avoid it.

uThriv Review – About the Company

A Review of uThriv

The company was started in May 2014 by its President Joe Tessin. The Georia-based company specializes in health, wellness, and personal development. Joe has been involved in other companies previously, such as VizConnect and ProVisionRX, hence has the experience needed to run the company.

Website: www.uthriv.com

uThriv Reviews -The Products



The company’s flagship product is the +5 water supplement. This is a supplement made of nutrients from fruits and nutrients with no additional water. It can be added to water, yogurt, smoothies or any other beverage of your choice. uThriv claims that the +5 water supplement has an ORAC score (an antioxidants value) of over 53, 000 units in one serving. This, in comparison to the recommended minimum of 3,000 – 5,000 units in one serving, seems healthy.

uThriv Nutritionals

This line of products offers high-end quality nutritional supplements for your everyday use. The supplements are made using pure forms of minerals, vitamins, herbs and so much more. The wide variety of supplements is made to ensure your body receives the specific nutrients that you need.

uThriv thinking products

uThriv offer several products that help in personal development. These are:

  • A personal development subscription
  • Two workshops (differently priced)
  • Power of a Dream (an audio series)


The uSave product line is an in-home energy management product to help decrease energy usage in homes and increase energy efficiency.

How to join uThriv

The basic uThriv membership cost for an affiliate is $79.95. You can choose to sign up with any of the below Team Builder Packs:

  • Starter Team Builder Pack – costs $74.95
  • Basic Team Builder Pack – costs $149.95
  • Preferred Team Builder Pack – costs $249.95
  • Advanced Team Builder Pack – costs $299.95
  • Pro Team Builder Pack – costs $374.95

There are optional packages available, from which an affiliate can choose their preferred one.

  • Basic Product Pack – it costs $199.95 and includes a 30-day supply of the uThriv +5 drink and Power of a Dream.
  • Starter Product Pack – it costs $299.95 and includes a 45-day supply of the uThriv +5 drink, Power of a Dream, and the 4 Keys to Personal Success series.
  • Growth Product Pack – it costs $399.95 and includes a 60-day supply of the uThriv +5 drink and the Personal Growth Pack audios.
  • Builder Product Pack (option 1) – it costs $499.95, and includes a family pack of the uThriv +5 drink, the Personal Growth Pack audios, and two other audio teaching series.
  • Builder Product Pack (option 2) – it costs $499.95 and includes the Power of a Dream series, three samples of the uThriv +5 drink, and uSave energy management package.

Whichever option you choose as an affiliate you will still be subjected to a $19.95 monthly fee.

uThriv Compensation Plan

uThriv affiliates get commissions via a binary compensation structure. Their sales are tracked in a unilevel structure, and they have access to the Leadership Pool Bonus.

Retail Commissions

uThriv affiliates get a 10% commission on the products they sell to retail customers.

Recruitment Commissions

When an affiliate recruits a new member into the company and is put on either side of the recruiter’s binary, they get a commission as long as the recruit purchases a Team Builder Pack. To qualify for this bonus, an affiliate should have purchased a Team Builder Pack themselves.

  • One recruited affiliate leads to a $50 commission
  • The next two recruited affiliates lead to a $250 commission
  • The next two recruited affiliates lead to a $700 commission

Hence if you recruit a total of five affiliates in a week, you get a $1,000 commission. The affiliates also earn a 25% matching bonus on the recruitment commission earned by their personally recruited affiliates.

Residual Bonus

This is a bonus made on product sales outside the joining packs and is paid out in a unilevel binary compensation structure. uThriv pays up to the seventh level. The bonus is paid as a percentage of the sales volume made through each level.

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 5%
  • Level 4 – 5%
  • Level 5 – 5%
  • Level 6 – 5%
  • Level 7 – 10%

Customer Acquisition Bonus Payout

According to uThriv’s website, an affiliate can earn up to $200 in their first 30 days, though there is no further explanation.

2500 Club

This is for the first 2500 affiliates to sign up for uThriv. They get:

  • 5% share in the company’s sales volume
  • Double Team Builder Bonus commission

To stay in the 2500 Club, an affiliate has to make a minimum of 75 PV (Personal Volume) per month.

Leadership Pool Bonus

This consists of 5% of all the company’s Commissionable Volume (CV).

It is paid out to affiliates using shares. An affiliate receives a share each time:

  • They get a $1,000 commission via their binary
  • One of their personally recruited members gets a $1,000 commission via their binary
  • Their downline generates 10,000 CV


While uThriv is not a scam (their products are legit), their website does not offer much information. They do not list the prices of products, the compensation plan is not well explained, and the product descriptions are not detailed; hence a potential new member would have a problem knowing exactly what the products are.

uThriv, as an MLM, focuses more on recruitment commissions than on retail commissions; hence any affiliate would have to work hard not only to sell the products but to recruit people into the company. Their binary compensation plan is almost solely focused on recruitment and not retail.

To maximize on your commissions, you have to have purchased one of the Team Leader Packs, and this may be a problem to a beginner.

If you are not good in MLM recruitment then uThriv is not ideal for you, since that seems to be their area of focus.