Internet Marketing College with Chris Record

Chris Record and his Internet Marketing College or IMC for short is starting to pick up major buzz over the internet.

With the goal to try and take the “Make Money Online” phrase and wrap it into a “college” type of moto.

The concept is quite wonderful, but the there are some pros and also cons with this approach.

Before I get into the pros and cons, I always want to share what I am doing.

What good would it be to have have thousands of readers a month, and not share my secret to $20K a Month?

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IF you are still here, let’s dive in:

Internet Marketing College – Chris Record’s AIM for Higher Education

First, Chris Record is one of the largest names in the industry.

I remember seeing him first in Dark Posts and other prior online courses and I do have to say that this man obviously knows what he is talking about.

However, I have a slight issue with the way this is being brought to light.

In the end, students of the online game are mostly part time dreamers trying to make a few thousand a month part time and if those individuals would see what I do, they wouldn’t need to be researching the Internet Marketing College.

The $10,000 Price tag is what worries me.

I have known people to spend a lot of money, like their pension savings, to get into the online world, only to realize that it is actually very difficult.

Hence, losing all of their money.

Who is Promoting Internet Marketing College?

Also, the names that are popping up for promoting this high ticket offer worries me, because I know they are going to do major damage.

  1. Jon Penberthy (working with Vick Strizeheus)
  2. Kevin Kinect
  3. Brian Cain
  4. Jim and Anita
  5. Edward Campos
  6. Rodney Estrada
  7. Shaqir Hussein
  8. and a lot more coming on board….

If you look all over the internet right now, all you will see is the promotion of promoting the IMC online opportunity.

You won’t find much about exactly what you are getting in the training’s.

What I do know is the cost is very high, plus there is a monthly cost.

I am all about High Ticket Sales, but not the kind you see floating around the internet.

I tend to steer my energy toward a real business and not one that includes me having to take money from people that I know will not succeed!

This Coaching Group has a Boat Load of Testimonials and is a proven online business Opportunity with 2,000 students.


Let me just show you a video of Chris Record explaining the compensation rather than what it actually is…..

BTW I have the upmost respect for anyone in this industry, but until the shift changes from affiliate to student, I stand by my opinion.

The Affiliate Opportunity – 3 Phase Opportunity (Domino Plan)

  1. Activation – Own the product or do a certain amount of sales to get Activated
  2. Certification – 2 Sales to get certified in which you will earn 20% of those sales. (after is 40%)
    1. 20% will be passed up to that person who referred you.
    2. If a customer decides to promote, then you will also get their 20% for their first 2 sales.
  3. Once Certified – You earn 40% except for every 5th sale you get 20% which you pass up.

In a nutshell, buy the product, pass up the first 2 sales and then every 5th sales. Sale 5,10,15, ect….

Matching Millions

Once you earn $100,000 in commissions then Chris will double that.

So once you hit  $100K you actually get $100K bonus

Once you hit $1,000,000 in commissions Chris will double that too.

So hit $1 million get $1 million bonus.

All I can say is the market is going to flood with affiliates beyond your imagination.

If you are on any marketing list, you will see this internet marketing college being promoted more than any other affiliate program out there.

So, stay focused my friend, because you about to go down the rabbit hole if you end up buying into this.

Pros of IMC

  1. High Quality Training
  2. One stop shop for everything Internet Marketing
  3. Trained by success individuals
  4. Constantly updating
  5. Live Streams or in person
  6. Quarterly classroom environment
  7. Once invested, lifetime access

Cons of IMC

  1. Expensive (maybe worth it)
  2. To much information
  3. Information Overload is almost guaranteed!

The pros out number the cons but I believe the 3 cons above outweigh the pros.

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