TikTok Influencer Josh Richards’ Net Worth

If you don’t recognize the name, you might recognize the face behind this popular social media influencer. Josh Richards’ net worth will come as a surprise to you once you learn a little bit more about how he got there and what he does to earn it all.

In this review from IBuyIReview, we’ll go into exactly who Josh Richards is, and how he made his fortune as an influencer online.

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Josh's Early Life

Josh Richards was born in Toronto, Ontario on January 31st, 2002. This not only makes him the youngest person we’ve covered in this blog to date, but it also speaks to the measure of success that he’s managed to make the list as a millionaire barely after he was legally eligible to drink in Canada.

From what information is available about his childhood, he seems to have had a relatively normal boyhood as an older brother to two siblings, Olivia and William.

For his secondary education, he attended a Catholic school in Cobourg, Ontario. His time here was as average as you get in Catholic school, and it wasn’t long before he started uploading videos online in his spare time.

Though there are many rumors that he dropped out of high school to make his videos, he did complete his high school education. It is unknown if Josh intends to go to college or not since he has already found success doing something he enjoys.

In 2017, he uploaded his first image to Instagram, and that’s what started him on a career path to becoming a famous public figure, actor, and model online.

The Rise of a Social Media Career

After Josh uploaded his first image on Instagram in 2017, his popularity on social media started to soar. It wasn't long before he ended up with sponsorship deals and requests from the community. Today, the man has over 7M followers on Instagram alone.

He is also active on the platform TikTok, which was where he got his first major break as an influencer and a rapidly increasing fanbase that grows each day.

Josh quickly realized that there was an opportunity for him to not only upload short videos to the social media platforms, but he could also start a YouTube channel dedicated to his craft.

When he wasn't modeling or acting in a film, he took to YouTube to start creating engaging click-bait videos. A lot of his videos focus on him and his friends' ventures, or about their relationships. His channel is still active, currently having amassed over 2-million subscribers. Each video sees an average of 2-3 thousand views, which is impressive for the type of material the channel produces.

josh richards

Other Business Ventures

Josh Richards isn’t solely a social media influencer. A lot of his fame also comes from his talent as an actor, musician, and model. Initially, a lot of his videos and images online revolved around his desire to make acting and modeling his main career.

His TikTok videos through accounts @joshrichards and @uhhhjosh have collectively earned him his fame, and he is well known for lip-syncing videos, funny skits, and creating weird dance moves (and a few have even trended on the platform.)

His acting appearances include films such as Brother’s Keeper, The Cardinal Sin, and Summertime Dropouts. While he hasn’t appeared in any roles in 2020 or 2021 yet, he doesn’t show any sign of letting go of his dream career of acting.

In 2019, Josh Richards helped found TalentX, a TikTok talent company who has gained a lot of success and backing over the past few years. Their goal is to find and develop rising talent on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

When TikTok was being threatened under ban in the U.S. and India, Josh Richards invested in a similar (and older) app called Triller, and became their Chief Strategy Officer. Triller is largely dedicated to music, letting creators choose a song snippet and record their own videos to go along with it.

Joining and Leaving Sway House

Josh Richards not only joined the Sway House but was a major face of the LA house. (1) This physical collaboration space turned out to be a toxic place for the young celebrity who reportedly let the fame get to him.

As he wrote in a long apology diatribe on Medium, “I allowed the LA partying lifestyle to consume me; and I lost my way for a bit. I forgot why I was here.”

Sway House was a physical home, but it predominantly functioned as a place for TikTokers to collab and build up each other’s fame.

It’s unclear exactly what happened in Josh’s life that made him take an abrupt hiatus, and later leave the Sway House. What is clear, however, is that Sway House is no longer a thing. Whether Josh’s departure had a hand in that, we may never know.

Fortunately, many of the friendships Josh made along the way seems to have made it out of the deal intact. While the Sway House might not have been a wholly positive experience for Josh, it seems he came out of it with a stronger sense of self than he had going in, which is always admirable. Somewhere along those lines, there was an internal struggle he fought and revelations he had about himself.

Josh Richards' Family Life

Josh Richards' Family Life

Josh Richards still maintains close family ties despite his fame, which is heartening. He doesn’t talk too much about his family dynamic, however, he’s especially fond of his two younger siblings, Olivia and William.

Josh Richard's Net Worth

His parents, Derward and Chloe Richards appear to be loving parents who support their son in his social media fame from their home in Canada. His father is a businessman, and his mother stays at home taking care of his two siblings.

It is unclear if Josh is currently dating anyone or what his love life looks like (outside of what he publishes for clickbait on YouTube.) Given how having a social media presence can open your life up to a smattering of critics and ugly PR if you get too public, I don’t blame the guy for wanting to maintain some semblance of privacy in his life.

Josh Richard's Net Worth This Year

As of this year, Josh Richards' net worth spiked to an estimated \$1.5M, making him an enviable salary as a social media influencer. His net worth spiked suddenly, which can be largely attributed to his appearances on TikTok and YouTube.

Before this year, however, Josh Richards was basically nowhere to be seen, so it's an unnerving case to watch:

Did he discover a flash-in-the-pan trend to help skyrocket him to the top?

Furthermore, can he keep his wealth as time goes on?

The question is something that only time will tell as Josh continues to make waves in the music and acting space – or putter out. For his sake, I hope he manages to keep his fame going sustainably, but that's who I am; I want to see everyone achieve and keep their version of success.

For now, however, Josh seems to be enjoying his wealth as a young 20-something, showing up in recent videos in designer clothes and seemingly living the life he wants. Who could blame a guy for that?

How Much Money Does Josh Richards Make on TikTok?

While Josh does make money elsewhere on the internet, his \$1.5-million net worth is largely thanks to TikTok. The sponsorships he receives through TikTok makes up the bulk of his income, earning him a spot as the fifth highest-earning personality on the platform. No confirmed public record has been released on his actual earnings from TikTok, though they may become available in the future, given his relatively recent success.

He also maintains a presence on YouTube and Instagram. It is unconfirmed if he generates income through his position as an investor or CSO in his social networking service Triller. It is also unclear if he takes a salary from TalentX Entertainment.

Other sources of income outside of ventures he is personally committed to may include his roles as an actor, or with music contracts. Josh signed a recording contract with Warner Records in 2020 and has appeared in several films.

Overall, Josh's success seems to just be getting started. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

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